Super Sunday.

We had been looking forward to Superbowl Sunday for the past 2 weeks.
Well, actually...we had been looking foward to Superbowl Sunday since February 1995, which was the last time the 49ers were in the Superbowl. 18 years ago. I was in high school, that was over half my life ago. 
It's so fun when your team is in the Superbowl. Growing up as a 49ers fan, we were lucky because in the 80's the 49ers won a lot of Superbowls.

Sunday felt like Christmas morning, I was SO excited.
I spent most of the day in bed with a fever (I know, ugh)
But, I got to do my favorite thing before the game starts....watch the hours & hours of pre-game coverage. I LOVE watching the pre-game & hearing all the heart warming stories about certain players, etc. I get all emotional watching it. Yes, I am a weird one.

I painted my nails red in honor of the Niners.
Then, I looked at the name of the color & it was called Raven Red. What?!?!
Normally, we go to a Superbowl Party to watch the Superbowl, but because our team was in it this year, Kevin and I decided not to go to a party, but rather watch at home by ourselves.
 We wanted to watch it at home because if we went to someone else's house, we would have to keep an eye on our kids, be in a crowded family room and not be able to fully focus on the game.
Also, since I am nursing Luke,  I would have had to go into another room, miss some of the game, etc.

 By watching it our house, our girls could watch with us, play in their rooms, or play outside.
 And, watching it at home meant we would have control over the remote & able to pause the TV during the commericials.
(Can someone tell me WHY the commercials are SO un-family friendly? Ugh. I would like to be able to watch Football without having inappropriate commercials. After the first commercial break we paused the TV as soon as the game went to commercials.)
 So, even though we love parties, we decided to be selfish and watch it by ourselves. 
But, that didn't stop me from creating a little party atmosphere for us :)
Of course, since it's the Superbowl, its the one time a year that I make Queso.
And, you have to have Guacamole & Salsa. 
I decided to have "themes" with the food.
I bought Maryland Crab Cakes

(since the Baltimore Ravens are from Maryland)
I had Egg Rolls (since San Francisco is known for it's China Town) 
I also had Cajun Style Jambalaya (because the Superbowl was in New Orleans & they are known for their Cajun food & Jambalaya ) served in Sourdough Bread Bowls (San Fransisco is famous for Sourdough)

Red & White m&m's:
 And, of course, Red Velvet mini bundt cakes, because? Why not?

The game started off ROUGH. 
We were feeling pretty bummed at halftime.

What is going on with our Niners?!?

Even more so when the Ravens come out in the 2nd half with a touchdown from the kick return.
Then the power went out. Things were crazy.
49ers were coming back.
We were stress eating.
It was intense.
A few blown calls & some bad plays by the Niners & the game was over. 
 We have never lost in a Superbowl.

Our Super Sunday was Super Sad.

Kevin & I went to bed grumpy.
We had the sads.
I was really hoping they would win because how cool would it be to have your baseball team win the World Series and your football team win the Super Bowl in the same year?

 At least it was an exciting ending.
Congrats to the Ravens.
Maybe next year, Niners fans.

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  1. Those Red Velvet mini bundt cakes look AMAZING! RV is my favorite.

    And yes those Super Bowl commercials are so un-family friendly. Smh.

  2. I love Nothing Bundt Cakes! My favorite flavor is lemon. We were rooting for the Niners too. We have a high school class mate that plays for them.

  3. Luke is absolutely gorgeous! In trying to persuade my husband for baby #2, I've shown him a cute picture of Luke more than once. My goodness. Sorry about the 49ers. Living in Ohio, we will likely never find ourselves in the SB!

  4. Mel, your family is just so precious! Luke and his football binki is adorable! Sorry for the loss :(

  5. its a rough life being a sports fan.

  6. That's how we do superbowl parties too...only if its a "meaningless" game. :)

    I was shocked by the commercials this year...I was thinking it was because for the first time I was watching it with my 10 yo SON. I will def be switching channels next year.

    Little Luke is just precious!!

  7. Mel,

    We had the same experience with the commercials... some of them were ridiculously bad. John turned to me at one point and said, "no one should ever buy a domain from GoDaddy. EVER." The commercials I loved most this year were the touching, heartfelt ones from Dodge, Jeep and Budweiser. The rest were a bit blah, or really inappropriate.

  8. Having lived in the Bay Area my entire life and watching the Niners win throughout the 80's as well, I agree it was a bummer that they lost this weekend :( But on the bright side, the Sharks are doing AWESOME and we still have a chance at the Stanley Cup!!

  9. Seriously, I wish I could have been invited to your Super Bowl party. All of that food looks delicious. What a bummer that the 49ers didn't pull through.

    Stopping by from the blog hop.

  10. Luke's 49ers outfit and football paci are so cute!
    I love those red mini bundts & red/white M&Ms.
    It was definitely a sad loss!

  11. So sad your team lost :(
    We watched when we could, but gee the commericals and half time program were definitely rated R.
    We had to change channels a lot too to protect the littles eyes and ears.
    That Lukey is so adorable!!!!

  12. Mel, I found your blog through The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife's GFC Blog Hop. I am your newest follower. A follow back to Carole's Chatter would be fantastic. Hope you are having a good week.

  13. so fun! We actually go to a small gathering at my parents' house instead of any big party with friends because we actually enjoy watching the game!

  14. oh what a fun party...so sorry they lost. luke is absolutely adorable decked out in his 49er's gear :-)

  15. I love the little party atmosphere you created with your family! Nothing Bundt cakes are the bomb dot com!! You have a beautiful family :)

  16. Mel, I have been a silent reader for over a year now and I just have to tell you how much I love your blog. You are so crafty and your recipes are awesome.

    My second boy and Luke are a week apart. It's been amazing to follow along your journey to baby number 3 and seeing how well you are handling things. Just keep doing what you do.

    PS - you have such a beautiful family

  17. bummer that your team didn't win it this year but it looks like you guys watched in style!! love your little party set up and Luke was too cute w/ his football binky!! =)

  18. YOU ARE TOO MUCH FUN!!!!! :):)

    and I agree about the commercials! WHAT in the WORLD?!!? :/



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