Soup's On!

We have had an unusually warm winter here in Northern California.
In fact, I wouldn't even call it winter.
It has been in the mid 70's all week! It has only rained a few times since November.
While this has been great, I have actually missed colder weather.
I don't think I have even worn a jacket yet!
We need rain desperately! Keep the drought away!
But, the good news is that we are supposed to get rain a few days next week!
When it rains, I am all about cozy comport food, like soup!
I have 2 main soup recipes that I usually make:
Taco Soup
Chicken Tortilla Soup
I have really missed having soup this winter & there is a new recipe that I have been wanting to make & I can't wait to make it next week & share it with you guys! It involves bacon. YES.

So, in honor of this "possible" rain and my new soup recipe, I thought it would be fun to do a soup linky!
(Like I have done in the past with Crocktober & The Cookie Exchange)

So, next Wednesday on February 29, 2012 {LEAP DAY}, come link up your favorite soup recipes & check out other recipes!

Soup will be On our stove & dinner table next week! Will it be on yours?

Grab a button here or on the side bar!

I just love getting recipe ideas from YOU guys!
I can't wait to see what you link up!


  1. we always have snow or ice at least ONE day a year during the winter! But nope, not this year. 70 degrees here, too!

  2. I love soup and have not been happy w/ how warm this winter has been! Can't wait to see the recipe w/ bacon..yum!

  3. We love your taco soup here and I even have it down to have one day next week!

  4. Our weather has been unseasonal as well. Usually we're buried in snowstorms by now(if not a few). We've had hardly any snow at all and when we do get some it melts the next day! So strange for New York State

  5. can you post an alcoholic linky?
    we woke to lots of snow yesterday and today it is freezing and windy
    kids have been sick
    and nick out of town
    and well, soup is nice
    but I need something stronger

    although a margarita with that chicken tortilla soup might do the trick....

  6. It has been down right HOT here in Texas, although I won't complain, it has made for great outdoor fun for my girls' and I.
    We love soup, can't wait!



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