Insta Re-Cap

Here is what we have been up to the past week, via Instagram pics.
Last weekend we had a 4 day weekend for Presidents Day.
I decided to take advantage of the time off & take the girls to the movies!
It was Claire's 1st time to the movies & Kate's 2nd time.
(Last year, I took Kate to see Tangled. It was a bust & we left after 30 minutes. You can read about it here).
They were SO excited!
We saw Beauty & The Beast in 3D.
(And my girls consumed more popcorn than I thought possible)
The girls loved it & we stayed for the whole thing!
It was a girls outing, my sisters came with us. My girls are so lucky to have Aunties who love them so much!
We finished the 5th & Final Season of Friday Night Lights.
I cried. And cried some more. And then that night I had a dream about the show. Obsessed much? Yes, I am. Can't believe it's over :(
Pancakes for breakfast...I love slow mornings.
Rebecca & Jason brought us back some cookies from Apple Farm in San Luis Obisipo.
That was a FUN surprise! Yum.
It was a big week...I had my first Starbucks of 2012.
And, I went to Target for the first time this year.
I have saved so much money! Seriously!
I needed new sunglasses (I lost my other ones). Holla for $6 Target sunglasses on clearance!
I needed sunglasses because because the weather has been in the 70's all week! Spring is coming and we never had winter this year in California!
Our pool is taunting me...I am dreaming of summer:
Kate was proud of her artwork she made in school:
We got the girls Lady & The Tramp, they love it!
This weekend I cleaned out my clothes, closet & drawers for my 40 Bags in 40 Days Lent challenge. I have 3 big bags of clothes to donate. I am so disgusted with myself & how much "stuff" I have. Ugh.
I needed a treat to get me through all that cleaning...See's candy to the rescue. Saving the best one for last. Bordeaux. Yum.
Tonight, I made my soup recipe for this Wednesday's Soup Link Up!
It was so good. Can't wait to share it with you. We give it 2 thumbs up!
Hope you had a great weekend!
Hope to see on Wednesday for Soup's On!


  1. What's your Instagram name? I'd love to follow you!

  2. I know I see these pics on insta but they are still super fun to look at!!! We are in the middle of season 5...I'm getting sad.

  3. wow, first time at sbux and target in 2012! impressed. you have got to be ROLLING IN the $$$ simply from avoiding those two places.

    thankfully i live a good distance from a target and a sbux, and with the price of gas, they won't be seeing me any time soon.

    good job on the bags!! i'm a purger. wasn't always, but about the time my kids hit your girls' ages, i began purging and have been purging ever since. what helps is asking myself 'will my kids want this, or want to deal with this (my things) when they are grown?' the answer is almost always "no."
    feeling freedom from things owning me is good. happy freedom to you!

  4. Your first trip to Target this year WOW!! I feel like I am there once a week...I think they know me when I walk in!!

  5. Love it. I gave up facebook for Lent and am loveing IG. I would love to follow you. Request sent.
    I have not been to Target since before my babies were born. I AM HAVING WITHDRAWS!!! I would LOVE nothing more than to wander the alies with popcorn and Diet Coke and to fill my cart with useless junk.

  6. Two months into 2012 and that was your first Starbucks AND Target?! Impressive!

  7. looks like a good week.
    love the princess dresses...I miss those days...

  8. Love your photos..like always and just cooked my soup for your link up party!

  9. It seems it was a great week.

    Your girls are such beauties!! :)

    Pancakes looks yummy!

    And I have a few bags of clothes to donate, too. :/ I will. Soon, I hope.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I am a new reader. My daughter (almost 14 months) has breath holding spells too -- although she doesn't pass out (yet). At first, they thought they were seizures -- SCARY! Anyway, thanks for posting about it and I will be following so I can know what to expect as we learn how to appropriately respond.

    P.S. We loved Friday Night Lights too. So good. If you are looking to find a "new" show, I would highly recommend Downton Abbey. Completely different from FNL but it is a great character study just like FNL.



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