The Return of Candle the Elf

Last year was our first year with Candle, our Elf on the Shelf.
This year Candle came back to our house on the first Sunday of Advent.
Candle showed up sitting with his name sake, a candle.
Like last year, Candle brought the girls their Christmas jammies (so that they can wear them all Christmas season)
Candle also left the girls a note reminding them that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Candle brought them a present in addition to their jammies.
The Little People Nativity Set!
We do Elf on the Shelf slightly different in our house. Our elf does not "watch" the girls and report back to Santa. That is just not our style. Our Elf just likes to move around each night & the girls look forward to finding his new hiding spots. It is the first thing they do each morning.
Here is what Candle has been up to the past few weeks:
Hanging with our Nativity Set on Day 3 & actually on a shelf on Day 4.
China Hutch on Day 5 & a Kleenex box on Day 6.
On Day 7, Candle wrote "Good Morning Kate & Claire" on their bathroom mirror.
Snow Angel on Day 8.
Turned the milk pink on Day 9 & in the mini-Kitchen tree on Day 10.
Dressed up in Claire's bathing suit on Day 11 & slid down the banister on Day 12.
Sleeping in the doll house on Day 13 & De-faced pictures on Day 14.
The rest of the photos he defaced that Day in the hallway:
(The girls thought this was the funniest thing ever)

Day 15 he hung out on the Advent Calendar & went for a joy ride in the Barbie car on Day 16.
Hung out in a stocking on Day 17 & brought the girls more Christmas books on Day 18
Was in the mixer on Day 19 & in the Christmas tree on Day 20.
Hid in their cupboard on Day 21 & in a vase on Day 22.
On Day 23, Candle was reading about Jesus' birth the girls favorite stuffed animals.
And, tomorrow is Day 24 of Candle's Adventures...I am glad he only has a few more days to hide this year because I am running out of ideas!
Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?
It has been a fun little tradition for our family the past 2 Christmas seasons!


  1. okay, you've just inspired me to go move my elf to a different spot! Murray ended up on the tree, again, because mommy isn't very creative these days!

  2. great ideas. I may have to steal some for the few remaining days. That is a good idea bringing their jammies so they can wear them all month.

  3. We do, and Rupert fell out of a stocking yesterday! Cue Panic. Alexa said, "Don't touch him, he will lose his magic!" So I used the stocking to scoop him up and lay him on the mantle. Thank goodness Coop was at school! :D

  4. Ha! Actually, you just gave ME more ideas! Sparky barely made it to his new location this morning! I actually distracted them by looking at pictures of candle. Thanks, Candle! :)

  5. Such cute ideas! Thank you!
    "Storage" loses his creativity at this time of year! Sometimes he doesn't even get moved until we are scurrying around before this kids get up in the morning;)

  6. This is our first year with our elf, Ernie. The kids love finding him in different spots. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  7. I love that he brought their christmas jammies and the LP nativity...i'm totally doing that next year for my girlies! we have Geoffrey and he is such a crazy elf...looks like candle has gotten mischievous as well:)

  8. mkay. seriously this is the most perfect description of how i want to do this with my kids. i don't want to take away from Jesus but i don't want to be a party pooper either. is it weird if i print this post out? haha.

  9. Great tradition!!! I love the way you dress the girls!!!

  10. Omg... I think that's the funniest thing ever, lol! I like your spin on Elf on the Shelf. :)

    The mischief is so much fun!!!

  11. love it. maybe we'll find an elf next year;) totally hope he turns our milk pink, too!

    merry christmas! xo

  12. Wow- your elf works way better than ours. I think we got a defective one. He forgot to move several times.



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