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Can you believe it is December 16th?!?!
Not only does that mean December is half over, it also means that I am officially on Christmas Break! Can I get an Amen?!?!
2 and half glorious weeks off. Wooo-hoooo!!!
And, it means that Christmas is in 9 days!
Are you ready? I am!!!

Here is a snapshot of our December so far:

It started off rough. A marine from our town was killed in Afghanistan protecting his unit. He is a true Hero. I knew him...I taught his younger brother & I work with his uncle. Our town had a police/military procession when his body was brought home. I brought the girls downtown to pay respects as the procession drove through the downtown. It was one of the most heart wrenching, impactful things I have ever experienced. American flags EVERYWHERE. People lining the streets and it was SILENT as the procession came by. Heart breaking.
This really hit home to me. I have always respected and admired Military families, but this has brought it to a whole new level. THANK YOU to all of you out there who are Military families. The sacrifices you make for our country & our freedom are amazing. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you & God Bless you.

Moving on to more shallow things that pale in comparison to that.
Candle the Elf made his appearance again this year. More on him & his antics later!
I had a Friends marathon with my 15 year old & 18 year old nieces. We are watching them from the beginning, in order ( I have all 10 seasons!) I love Friends!
We had our court Christmas Party. Have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors?!?!
We also had Kevin's work party. Love an excuse to dress up!
I painted my nails for all the parties. I normally paint my nails with clear nail polish. I am so boring. But, I decided to be sassy for the holidays & paint them a color!
Our next door neighbor is a retired firefighter, so every year, our HOA has him dress up as Santa and the Fire Department brings a Fire Truck down our street to pick him up & take him to the clubhouse. It is so fun!
Earlier this year, Claire did a photo shoot for Le Top Children's clothing.
A few weeks ago, I got an email from Le Top & the collection had been launched.
This picture was in my email:
Here is the Frosty Days collection:
Starbucks Peppermint Mochas in the red cup, FTW.
I went to a baby shower for my dear friend & her miracle baby.
I made her an important dates print!
This year, I had a helper with my Christmas cards. Kate stuffed all the cards & envelopes!
She sat with me at the table for over an hour & stuffed almost 200 cards while I addressed them.
What was Claire doing while Kate & I were doing the cards? Putting an entire box of band aids on her legs. That girl loves band aids.
Kate had her Christmas Program this week. It was so cute!
She made us a plate for Christmas. I love it!
When I was making my glitter clothespins, someone (Claire) grabbed the glitter & dumped it all over the couch. Luckily her blanket was there to catch most of it.
Chinese food for dinner one night. It was one of those weeks!
So far, we have raised almost $2,000 for the Project 320 well. So awesome!
Can you spare a few dollars to help change the lives of a village in Africa?
$10 will provide one person with water for 10 years.
And, you can win prizes while donating. Be sure and check out the Project 320 Blog!
To those who have already donated...THANK YOU!
There are only 10 entries in my bundle so far....good chances to win a $50 Target card & Party Pack! Click to Enter HERE!
Picture of some presents from my students! Fun perk of being a teacher!
Hooray for Starbucks gift cards, I got a few of those!

So, I have this problem. I am obsessed with the cheesy Lifetime/Hallmark/ABC family Christmas movies. I have over 20 movies on my DVR. I can't wait to watch them over Break!
I plan on watching the movies & doing a lot of this the next 2 weeks:
Jammies. Hot Coco. Cheesy Movies. Love it.
All while admiring the decorations in my house.
I love the way our house feels at Christmas time.
Hope you have a great weekend and great last week of the Advent Season!

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  1. I love how "Candle" is sitting in his namesake! Your little one makes an adorable model for Le Top! No wonder they chose her. How did you score that gig, by the way? Merry Christmas to you and your family (:

  2. I LOVE those lifetime cheesy movies too, they're just uplifting good fun!

    Merry Christmas, hope your vacation and family time is fabulous!

  3. I'm a teacher too and just got out for break as well. And I'm with you on the teacher gifts too, definitely a perk of the job. Fun post, I always enjoy reading your recap posts!

  4. Oh my goodness...the band aid picture has me cracking up!

    Enjoy your Christmas vacation :)

  5. I have been watching all the cheesy Christmas movies too! I love them. :)

    Enjoy your break! Mine starts next week and I can't wait!!

  6. My husband and I are both Marines (a military family) and I'd like to say thank you for your kinds words. We don't hear things like that often. Happy Holidays.



  7. So jealous you are on vacation--one week still to go for me: ( Love that dates print like you will never know--love showing my room and highlighting my blog friend's creation: ) Thank you again. You look like you are having an enjoyable month--keep it going: )

  8. It's always sad to lose another Marine. We see a LOT of it around here, with hubby being Active Duty...he's the "lucky" one who gets to notify the families of deaths. HeartWRENCHING! I don't know how people do it without faith in God!!

  9. I just commented to my husband at the beginning of the month how I hadn't painted my fingernails in years. I always have painted toe nails, but I leave my fingers naked. Right after I said that I decided to go for it and paint my fingernails. I felt so snazzy (at least for 24 hours until they started chipping!).

    Oh, and I'm on a Friends kick, too. I've been catching it on late night TV. It comes on at midnight when I should be in bed, but I have enjoyed watching it anyway. Now I need to get my hands on whole seasons.

    I'd love if you'd join my linky party on Monday! http://from-my-life.blogspot.com/2011/12/gather-round-your-tree.html

  10. Any houses for sale on your street yet? :)

    SO jealous of your Friends marathon. And winter break.

    Have fun!

  11. movies, cocoa, and jammies? Sounds like a great Christmas vacation to me!

  12. I love cheesy holiday movies...snuggled up with hot chocolate just makes them that much better! ;)

  13. I laughed so hard at the band aid picture (we call them "plasters") My boy is OBSESSED with plasters, the more the better. So glad he's not alone with this issue, ha!!



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