Pinterest Test Kitchen {Christmas Edition}

Anyone else shocked that it is December 1st?!?!
That snuck up on me....fast!
Since Thanksgiving is over, that means is it Officially Christmas Season!
This week has been full of Christmas crafting & baking, so here are 3 easy projects I pinned & made!

Pinterest Project #1
Snow Globe Gift Card Holder
Here is what you need:
- Empty jar & lid (or mason jar)
- gift card
-tiny ornaments (or other embellishments)
- glue gun

Step 1: Take your lid & get ready to add ribbon to it.
(I used an old fudge jar & it had writing on it, so I wanted to cover it up. If you use a mason jar you won't need to do that)

Once your finish your lid, now it is time to glue the gift card to the lid using your glue gun.

Put on your lid (make sure it is screwed on tightly so it doesn't leak) and flip it over.
And, there you have it! A Snow Globe Gift holder!
This was super easy & took less than 15 minutes to make.
Such a fun way to give a gift card.
It won't damage the gift card
(I wouldn't keep it in the jar for more than 3 days)
Also, next time I am going to use a larger jar, like a spaghetti sauce jar because the gift card looked very magnified/distorted in my fudge jar.
(The reason I didn't use a mason jar is because I wanted to make sure the jar didn't leak when you flipped it over. Sometimes you can't get that tight of a seal on a mason jar lid.)

Pinterest Project #2
Wrap Christmas books for each day of Advent
I pinned this idea a few months ago & couldn't wait to do it for my girls.
We actually have a lot of Christmas books. 14 of them!
I individually wrapped each book & the idea is that on each night of Advent the girls will get to unwrap a book for us to read. (Kate will unwrap on odd days because her birth year is odd & Claire will unwrap on even days because her birth year is even)
I put all the wrapped books in a basket under our tree. The girls are so excited about unwrapping the first book tonight.
Because I only had 14 books, last night I ordered a few more books from Scholastic because I get a teacher discount & books were only $3. I also wrapped up one of the girls picture bibles and on the night they unwrap the Bible, we will read about the birth of Baby Jesus. (I think I will save that one for December 24th). Also, I am going to check out some more Christmas books from the library & wrap those up later this week so that we have 24 books.

Pinterest Project #3
Brownie Christmas Trees
Here is what you need:
Box of Brownie Mix, Green frosting, sprinkles, candy canes.

Make Brownies according to package directions.
I normally make my brownies in a 8x8 or 9x9 pan because I like them thick, but for this project, I made them in a 9x13 so that I could get more brownies.

After my brownies cooled for a couple hours, I cut a triangle out of paper to use as my tree template.
I then cut out triangle brownies.
Get your decorations ready:
You could use sprinkles, m&m's, or whatever!
Use your green frosting to decorate, add some sprinkles & break off some candy cane as your trunk. And, there you have it, a Festive Treat!
Here are some of the other ones we made:

A 9x13 dish would make 8 brownie Christmas trees (we only made 6 because we may or may not have been snacking on the other 2....)
This was another fun & very easy Pinterest Project!
Yeah for 3 Pinterest Sucesses this month!

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  1. Love the book wrapping idea! so fun! now I just need to round some up ...

  2. I was going to wrap our books but Ivy was sad that she couldn't read her books! So we just put them in a basket under the tree so we can snuggle up and read them anytime.

  3. the snow globe gift card turned out INCREDIBLY. i need to figure out who to give a gift card to just so i can do that. :)

    and the books for advent is BRILLIANT. how exciting is that! :) love it.

  4. i love the book idea! that is my kind of advent. :)

  5. Thank you for the simple reminder about the Pinterest Test Kitchen! I've seen the link up before (probably from you!) and am finally joining in, too! I love your snow globes!

  6. the snow globe - awesome. i am totally going to use that this season. so easy and cute.

    i always set our books out but haven't wrapped them. i counted today and we have 21 books. i was surprised. landon gets a book each year for christmas from his godparents. so cool to see the book evolution over the years. we are heading to the scholastic warehouse sale in two weeks so i plan to pick up a few more if i find some good ones.

    the tree brownies are super cute! i bet the girls loved making them.

  7. The odd days and even days thing is so totally you, Mrs. Larson. :)

  8. Mmmm, those brownie trees look amazing!! So festive & cute. :)

  9. The Christmas tree brownie idea is so cute! I'll definitely be saving that one to use sometime. :)

  10. The snow globe is awesome! Great ideas! I'm planning on making the Martha Stewart snow globes... I just have to get the glycerine.

  11. GURL. the snow globe??? DYING. and i bet the girls had so much fun with the trees.

    miss you.

  12. Hi Mel,
    cute brownie trees, bet the girls loved making those.

    just read your xmas tree post, and felt the exact same way!! we walked into sams club, first tree we saw, grabbed a pizza to go for dinner, a bag of cuties and that was that. i was so bummed. not the "experience" that played out in my mind. ahh well.

    can't wait to read your post for nancy's christmas is_________ this week! :)

  13. I am currently hosting a party called "50+ Ways to Deck the Halls with Glitter". I would love for you to link up the snowglobe project! It turned out fabulous!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

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