My Favorite Things Party!

On Tuesday night, I hosted a My Favorite Things Party with some of my close friends from church. I saw the idea to have a Favorite Things Party on Pinterest & knew I had to have one.
Here is my version of a Favorite Things Party!
I mailed out these invites to the girls:
I printed them on brown paper & tied bakers string around them (to play off the words to the song....Brown Paper Packages tied up with string...These are a few of My Favorite Things)
The invite stated to bring 3 of your favorite thing costing that costs $10 or less.
I have seen Favorite Things Parties where you bring 5 of something costing $5 or less, but because our party was small (only 6 of us) we did 3 presents.

Here are some snapshots of the party!
I made a veggie tree that I saw on Pinterest:
The PW's Artichoke Dip (and fun red & green toritalla chips!) and Bruschetta:
Brie with Apples, Pecans & Dried Cranberry chutney. SO good.
Cheese Plater:
Egg Rolls:
I had little frames up with some of the words to the My Favorite Things Song.
Drinks (including a pitcher of Becky's cosmos!)
And, of course....The Dessert Table!
(Yes, I know there were only 6 girls at this party, but I can't help myself...I love making Desserts & having Dessert Tables!)
Another frame with words from the song..."Cream Colored Ponies & Crisp Apple Strudels"
So, of course, I had to make mini apple pie bites (aka: apple strudels)
Chocoalte Dipped Strawberries:
Red Velvet Cakeballs:
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream:
And, I had some roses in vases because of "Raindrops on Roses...."
I know. I am crazy. Embrace the crazy.
Susan & Becky:
Bridgette & Nicole:
Here is picture of all the presents:
I did a "theme" for my present. My theme was "Girls Night In" I had a bottle of one of my favorite Wines (Cameron Hughes 273) a copy of one of my favorite movies... 27 dresses ($4 on sale!) and a bag of 100 calorie microwave popcorn). Mine cost a little more than $10, but that is okay, because it is my party, I can do what I want ;)
I made 3 name "tags" for each person at the party & then we each drew 3 names to give our 3 presents to.
Once everyone picked 3 names we went around & each person said what they brought & why it was one of their Favorite Things. And then they gave out their gifts!
Kelly was the first to hand out her gifts. She brought her favorite breakfast bar & a bottle of Cupcake Chardonnay (great minds think alike!)
Susan's gift was handmade. It was a wine bottles & beer bottles spray painted with chalk board paint. Each person got 3 bottles & chalk. Such a cute idea!
Here is what I got. My friend Nicole's favorite mascara, Becky's gift of 2 journals, her favorite pen & some of her husband's home roasted coffee. Score!!
And, I got Bridgette's gift which is her favorite hand lotion from Restoration Hardware.
At the end of the night, I had everyone put their name back in the bowl so I could pick a winner of the Bonus Bag/Swag Bag!
I had another little bag of a few more of my favorite things to give out to 1 lucky friend.
That bag included:
A Diet Coke
A Starbucks Gift Card
A Bag of Trader Joe's Chocolate Kettle Corn
A bag of Trader Joe's Peppermint Pretzel Slims
& Glad To-Go Tupperware (which have the dip container attached. Genius!)

Group shot of all of us:
(Thanks for the photo, Becky!)

It was such a FUN night.
It was so great to have a smaller party so that you could have good conversation with each person. It was a much needed Girls Night with some of my favorite people!
We are definitley going to make this an annual thing!
Can't wait for next years party...I am already brainstorming what to bring!


  1. This is such an awesome idea! Your presentation is amazing and sooo cute. I love everyone's favorite things. So much fun!

  2. Can you please move to the South so I can hire you to do all my upcoming parties? You just have a knack for details! I love it!

  3. Such a great idea to host a favorite things party! Looks like a blast!

  4. This looks like a total blast!
    I would love a party like this...
    with you!

  5. We are doing one of these parties for Valentine's Day at my house!! Thanks for the great suggestions. What a fun party!!!! XO KJ

  6. I love the idea of a favorite things party! I may have to throw one for my girlfriends next year. :) And all the desserts look amazing!!

  7. So creative! I always get the best ideas from you!

  8. Can I come next year. I love the brown paper and I adore that song. The whole thing is just too cute :)

  9. I want to be on that invite for next year!:) I love this idea and theme...from one of MY favorite movies.
    We started hosting a couples Christmas party a few years ago. Im kicking myself that I was having too much fun to bring out the camera this year:) It included a dessert buffet, fellowship, games and singing Christmas carols. Theres nothing better than getting to just relax with friends.
    Merry Christmas Mel!

  10. this is such a fun idea and takes the whole list of favorite things to a new level. love it! wish i was there!!!

  11. You are a seriously amazing party planner. I LOVE this party even more than the others I've seen featured on your blog because it was a favorite things party with some of your favorite people! What a special idea! I may borrow it someday!

  12. Ahh! Love this! Save all the cards--can I use them next year? Totally want to do that with my group of college girlfriends! So cute! Favorite things is on the radio right now ;)

  13. Love this idea!!! Gonna do it one day. xo,e

  14. Great idea. I will do this next year!

  15. Great idea. I will do this next year!

  16. What a fabulous party idea! I'm going to have to try it out! You throw some amazing parties! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  17. Mel, this is so fun!!! We used to do a Favorite things session in my old MOPS group, but I never thought of doing a party. So clever. I may have to do this in 2012. How fun. I hope you are enjoying your holiday with your precious family.

  18. I love this idea. Need to get my act together next year and try it. So cute!

  19. Love the bonus swag bag! Such a fun party, right? Mmm... Cupcake wine...

  20. As always, you've thought of every detail. I TOTALLY embrace your crazy! I just pinned this so I remember to copy you next year. I will copy every detail. :)

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