And, just like that....It's over.

It's over.
I want to cry.
Instead I will drink wine.

This summer FLEW by.
It went WAY, WAY, WAY too fast.

Last summer ROCKED.
Probably the best summer ever.
(I think it was the excitement of being in our new house, having a pool & fun neighbors)
(Kate reviewing our Summer List)

This summer was a good summer, but not as good as last year.
I don't know why. I can't really put my finger on it.
This summer started off with a bang & we went on the Disney Cruise/Disney World which was probably the best vacation I have ever been on (besides our Honeymoon)

But after that, the summer was pretty uneventful.
The only "activity" we had was Kate's swimming 3 times a week.
Swim lessons weren't until noon, so we had really lazy, slow mornings & stayed in our jammies until 10 everyday. It was great!
Other than that, we just kind of hung out and summer just seemed to pass us by.

And, for the past 3 weeks, Kevin has been so busy at work & has been working 15 hour days.
He is exhausted & I am exhausted. Not a relaxing way to end summer. Oh well, that is how it goes sometimes. Just thankful for his job & that they are busy!

Although, I am ready to get back into a routine again.
I think the girls are ready to get back into a routine also...they keep asking when school starts. ha! They have played really well together this summer, but they have also bickered/whined a lot this summer.

Here is how we did with our 2011 Summer List.
We had 33 items on our summer list and we crossed 25 out of 33.
Not too bad!
Here are the 8 items we did not accomplish:
1. Lunch at Daddy's office (poor guy was so busy, he didn't have time to take a lunch!)
2. Kate learn to ride a bike without training wheels (she is good on the balance bike, but still needs training wheels)
3. Watch a movie at night on the lawn (2nd summer in a row we failed to do this!)
4. Go to the Farmers Market (I cannot believe I haven't gone this summer!!! Because we have our own garden, I haven't needed to go, but I need to go soon because I just love going to the Farmers Market!)
5. Help Jimmy make ice cream (we ate the ice cream, but didn't help make it!)
6. Donuts with Daddy (techincally Kate doesn't start school for 2 weeks, so this will probably get done by then)
7. Feed the Ducks
8. Pick fresh fruit

Here were my highlights of Summer 2011:
1. Disney Cruise & Disney World
2. Kate learning how to swim
3. Claire getting much better with sharing
4. Hosting the annual 4th of July Party for the first time!

Kate's Favorites:
1. Disney Cruise/Disney World
2. Going to the Fair
3. Going out to Breakfast with Daddy

Claire's Favorites:
1. Meeting Belle
2. Disney Cruise
3. Going to Lake Tahoe

So, just like, Summer's Over.
And, I am sad.
Really, really, really sad.
I am SO not ready for school to start.
My classroom is ready & all my materials & lessons are ready to go, but mentally I am not ready.
I was at school most of last week and all day today.
Tomorrow is a Teacher Inservice & students come on Wednesday.
So long summer, see you again in 9 months!


  1. I hope you have a fantastic school year!!! (Livie and Lauren are LOVING their new book. I can see why it's your girls' favortie!!!)

  2. Sorry you're so sad to see summer go - hopefully you'll have a great start to your year to help you feel better about being back!

  3. My inservice day was Friday and our first day was today. Its been a long road for me to get to where I am...being OK with no longer being a stay at home mommy. God is good and I can finally say Im happy for the (school)year to begin!

  4. I think you should post a classroom tour. I just love teacher posts!

  5. Wait...Claire said that Tahoe was a summer high-light? I'm pretty sure I remember her saying on a daily basis that she wanted to go home. Haha. Happy 'Go Back To Work'!

  6. I'm going to get my room ready tom. Kids come next Tuesday--I am sad that summer has come and gone. I hope it comes back quickly: )

  7. I'm sad it's over too. We missed a few on our bucket list as well, but did make chocolate chocolate chip cake yesterday just in time to check it off!
    Let's play next week.

  8. I totally agree! WHY was this the fastest summer ever??? I'm mad about that. And does that mean we're just getting old? (I think time travels quicker the older you get. So sad!) We can't seem to manage the "Lunch with Dad" on the Summer List either, two years running.

  9. 9 months till next summer!!! i could have a baby by then (that is if i could have a baby, and i can't. phew!)

    i'm bummed summer is over too. this summer was good for us, but yes, "just like that it's over."

    we didn't finish everything on our summer fun list either, BUT technically it's still summer till sept 21st, until then i'm squeezing every bit of summer out of summer that i can.

  10. We had a pretty good summer...though it was so stinkin hot! Sounds like you all had a wonderful summer and that you had your own farmer's market right in your backyard!!! Now onto fun Fall activities :)

  11. I am so sad about summer ending too. I had so much fun with the kids this summer!!

    Sound like you guys had a great summer for sure :)

  12. I liked how honest this post was! Every summer can't be the best summer but it is still the best time of the year. You guys did great on your list! I'm jealous of the Disney cruise but we live about 8 hours from DW so I can't complain. Good luck with the new school year. I hope everyone settles into the new routine okay!

    Our summer was very similar to yours- lots of swimming & pajamas. I give it a B+. I'm sad it is over but Lacey is really excited about pre-k so I can't be too upset. :)

  13. Good luck getting back into the groove!
    We knocked off all but 5 things off our summer list. Not bad. There's always next summer! :)

  14. Hopefully you'll have a great start to your year to help you feel better about being back!



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