Lake Tahoe 2011

Every summer we head up to Tahoe for a week with my parents & sisters.
This year, Kevin had to work, so it was a girls trip + my Dad. Poor Guy!
Here are some scenes from our week via instagram.
I love being up in the mountains...it is so peaceful & relaxing.
(Well, it should be peaceful & relaxing, but my girls don't sleep well on vacation & this was no exception...they didn't fall asleep until 11pm each night. Doh!)
Loved watching the boats on the lake:
The girls love playing in the sand.
And, the biggest dandelion I have ever seen.
Reading material for the week. Love her books!
We had sloooooow mornings drinking coffee:
And, special breakfasts like Monkey Bread.
And, Auntie Bots trying to beat my score in Fruit Ninja. Love that game!!
Our favorite coffee shop that we went to every day for Happy Hour #1.
Happy Hour #1 is Iced Coffee in the afternoon for our caffeine fix. And, they have pellet ice (also known as rabbit poo ice) That is the BEST!
Happy Hour #2 was around 6pm when we headed back down to the Lake and had appetizers & wine.
We enjoyed our wine while the girls enjoyed $1 Sno-Cones! What a deal!
Love the view of the lake with the sun slowly setting.
The 2nd day into our trip, one of my tires was low & we would fill it up and the air wouldn't hold.
Since Kevin wasn't there, I was very thankful my dad was there to help me out.
Jimmy to the rescue! Turns out there was a "nail" in my tire, so we had to get it patched.
Well, it wasn't a nail, it was a snow chain link & it took 2 tire guys to pull out & patch it. Check out the size of the link:
One day, we headed to Kings Beach which is where we grew up vacationing in Tahoe when we were kids.
Lake Tahoe is breath-takingly beautiful. If you have never been, you should go!
In Kings Beach, we headed to the best soft serve ice cream place on the lake (in my opinion)
Gotta love chocolate dipped cones!
Being on vacation is a great excuse to eat junky food, right.
A tri-tip sanwhich, chips & a beer for lunch? Why not? I'm on vacation!
Snacking on my favorite candy? Why not? I'm on vacation!
Trying out a new Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Why not? I'm on vacation!
(This ice cream had chocolate covered potato chips in it...interesting)
I don't know about you, but I never eat Ben & Jerry's in a bowl, I always just eat it straight from the carton with a spoon. It tastes better that way.

One of the days we drove around Lake Tahoe to South Shore.
Drove by Squaw Valley:
Such beautiful sights.
Claire "relaxing"
On the way back, we pulled over to look at Emerald Bay. It is gorgeous.
Pictures don't even do it justice.
It was a fun trip (despite my children not sleeping).
It is always good to get away & have a change of scenery and enjoy Tahoe.
We were happy to be home & are soaking in the last few weeks of summer!
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  1. great pics! chocolate dipped cones in tahoe taste better than any other place in the country. we lived off those as kids in the summertime. and i love your 500 happy hours. why not? it's vacation!

    see you tuesday!

  2. not that i didn't already want to visit there... now i really must get there! beautiful! looks like a blast, and the sno-cone deal is tempting:)

    happy friday! xo

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  4. Looks like a fabulous vacay! Ben and Jerry's was made to eat out of the carton.

  5. I grew up going to Tahoe too! SO bummed we didn't make it this yr, so are my boys!
    I agree it is absolutely, breathtaking! I took it for granted going there whenever I wanted to (we were only 45mins from Incline Village). When we were there last summer I was in awe :)

  6. Glad ya got to have a great trip to the lake! Too bad your hubs was working. We leave in 9 days to go to bass lake. my girls never sleep good on vacay either, so i'm a little nervous about that.
    that pic of your iced coffee made me want one really bad!!

  7. I just love all of Jodi Picoult's novels! I'm glad you guys had fun!

  8. We're moving form CA to GA later in the summer and one of the things I'll miss most is TAHOE! So many great memories there...as a kid, as a teen, and as an adult with my own family. Luckily, we'll be living 10 miles away from the biggest lake in GA...but it won't be the same. My hubby and I will probabaly retire in Tahoe...in 25 years or so.

  9. looks like a wonderful trip, so jealous! We didn't get away anywhere this summer :(

  10. Looks like you had fun! Piccoult is one of my favorites too. Good taste:)

  11. I want to go to Tahoe so badly!!!!
    Killing me with the killer vacay pics. Love, love, love.

  12. Awesome pics. We have only been o Tahoe in the winter to ski - it looks just as amazing in the summer from the looks of your pics. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hey,
    I put up a post about your giveaway...if you can link to this post, that would be great!



  14. great pics...looks like you had a blast.

  15. Beautiful pictures! Looks like Tahoe is amazing! Wish I lived on that side of the country so I could vacation there!

  16. i love seeing your lake tahoe trip in pictures every year!! looks like you had a great time.

  17. I always love seeing your Lake Tahoe posts.. It looks SO pretty there! And that picture of the ice cream dipped in chocolate? Enough to make me drool for days! ;) Yum!

    Question for you: How do you use instagram without an Iphone? I thought it was only for that phone.. Just got an android phone for my Birthday and was wondering if it's a possibility to get it?

  18. these pics are FABULOUS.

    so much good stuff in them.

    love the double happy hour.

    jodi picoult has the best books.

    and chocolate dipped cones....im jeal! :)

    yum! excited to see you tomorrow!

  19. I love the instagram pics!! Looks like you all had a great time. :)

  20. Eeek! I was just telling my husband that I want to go back to Lake Tahoe and go camping again. This clinched it for me. That ice cream looks awesome!



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