Back to School Resolutions

School is in full swing.
3 days down, 183 to go!
This week I started my 8th year of teaching Middle School Math!
I forgot how exhausting the first week of school is.
We are so lazy & relaxed all summer, that I was a little shell shocked going back to school last week!
So far the first week has been good. Tiring, but good.
It feels nice to bet back into a routine again.

A new school year is like a new calendar year.
A fresh start. New Beginnings.
I was one of those kids growing up who LOVED the start of school.
I loved going back to school shopping for new clothes and for new school supplies.
Heck, I still love doing that!
So, I thought I would write down my Back to School Resolutions to keep myself more accountable and, because who doesn't love a list?
2011 Back to School Resolutions
  1. Be in bed at 10:30 each night (as I type this at midnight. ha!)
  2. Lay out my outfit & jewelry each night so that the mornings aren't so rushed.
  3. Make & pack my lunch the night before.
  4. Make coffee & use the automatic timer in the morning (Kevin always does this, thank you Kevin!)
  5. Don't hit snooze 5 times before I get up in the morning.
  6. Leave for school by 7:40 am
  7. Meal plan on Sundays so that I have our dinners figured out for the week.
  8. Pack the girls clothes/backpacks each night before bed.
  9. On Sundays, I want to finish laundry & house cleaning for the week so that I start the week with a clean house.
  10. Have a good attitude!!! (I had some tough students last year & I had a super bad attitude toward the end of the year and would bring home that bad attitude. Not this year!)

As a working mom with 2 little girls & a side business of photography & Etsy shop, I need to keep myself organized so that our home can run as smoothly as possible, but trust me, things get crazy at times!

I pretty much have the same Back to School Resolutions every year, let's see how long they last this year!
Anyone else have Back to School Resolutions?


  1. Ditto! As I comment at 3 in the morning (randomly woke up and can't sleep!)! I think we should add a monthly or every other wine night, yes? It will be good for the stay positive all year one-for real! :)

  2. Looks like a great list. We are doing a school schedule for the first time this year, starting in a week. Nervous and sad, but excited for Avery.

  3. Today is my first day back: ( I had a really rough group last year too so can totally relate with the bad attitude--I'm going to try to do laundry throughout the week so it's done by Sunday. I would like to get a little exercise in the mornings as well. . .that's a bit of a stretch for me though. I think key is planning ahead and sticking to your evening before prep. We can do this!! Have a great week!

  4. mine is NO MORE SNOOZE BUTTON! Seriously, that darn button gets me in so much trouble! So I bought an iPod alarm clock and it sits in the loft. its LOUD so I have to get up and leave my room then pass the stairs to turn it off and by that point i force myself down the stairs lol. Its worked so far! I havent hit snooze once this school year and I am the queen of the snooze button.

  5. I don't usually make a list but I need to. I am always so much more relaxed when the things are ready the night before. That's key for me...one that I hope to keep up all year. Hope you have a great year :)

  6. stay on top of the kids' art work/projects/work they bring home from school so I don't have to put it ALL in the portfolio at the end of the school year.

    Go to bed earlier (10:00) and wake-up earlier (6:30-7:00).

    Spend more quality time with Nicole while Tyler is at school (games, reading, playing). Last year of preschool :(

  7. mine:
    Don't procrastinate on grading so that I don't have to spend a Sunday evening grading 90 essays.
    Keep my work desk clean.

  8. I definitely share some of these resolutions for the new school year. Even though I'm sure our home life is much less stressful than yours because we don't have kids, I will feel so much better each week if I have the kitchen stocked, meals planned, and a clean house by the end of each Sunday.
    I hope you have a great second week!

  9. these are great! we haven't experienced school yet-elijah isn't even three yet. BUT i know a list like this will benefit us greatly.
    so thankful to have you and your wisdom to guide me:)

  10. I am definitely in "back to school" mode, even though I'm at work and not at school so your post has come at just the right time!

    I don't have kids yet but my resolutions are very similar to you - get to bed at a decent hour, don't hit snooze, attempt to eat breakfast before I run out the door, and set out my clothes the night before! Although I'm attempting to keep the house tidy throughout the week as I have a tendency to let it go to rack and ruin through the week and spend the weekend cleaning!

    Good luck with your second week back! x

  11. You've been on my heart all week! Praying that this is a GOOD school year, full of unexpected blessings and grace each day. You are an INCREDIBLE person and such a light in that school. I'm so grateful that my kids will have teachers like you in the public school system. Love, hugs, and prayers for you my friend!!!

  12. Every Sunday night, we clean up bedrooms and the playroom so we can start the week fresh. It makes Mondays much brighter!

  13. good list. Hope your school year goes smoothly

  14. Love this! I need a resolution list as well -- my husband broke his ankle over the weekend which increases my plate ten fold. Maybe a resolution list will help me stay on top of it all.

    Jenny Collier

  15. NEWEST FOLLOWER! YESSSS! :) Love love love your blog!!! :)

  16. A lot of those are my resolutions too! I teach a 4/5 combo in Pleasanton. We can do it! BTW, I am a friend of Heather Giustino's and she introduced me to your blog. Love it!

  17. Visiting from Kelly's Korner! Love your list...sounds a lot like mine!! Hope your year is still going strong:)



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