10 on 10 :: August 2011

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
Here is a snapshot of our day:
One of the things I love about summer is lazy mornings at home. Pancakes for Breakfast.
Less than 2 weeks of summer. *tear*
Beauty & The Beast on Disney Channel this morning.
As usual, Claire wears her Belle dress.
Kate really, really, really wants to learn how to read. So, we have been "practicing" reading.
Every morning we go out to the garden to check on the status of our watermelon that started growing last week. It doubles in size almost every day!
I have these old school roller skates that I got in college at a thrift store (I think). Kate has been begging me to roller skate, so I obliged. She took this picture.
This weeks tomato harvest from our garden. Yay!
Claire's birthday party is less than a month away, and I got the invites printed, picked up and today I addressed them. Here is a sneak peek. I LOVE how they turned out. It is so fun when I have a vision of something & it turns out just how I wanted it!
And, here is our play area. AKA, "The Play Pit". I need to clean out the toys, STAT.
Did you know today is National S'mores Day? It's true. I read it on the internet :)
At the store, I picked up some goodies for S'mores to make after dinner.
Love these new S'mores marshmallows!!
(And, I use Reeses PB cups to make S'mores. Recipe here)

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Hope you had a great 10th!

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  1. love those invites, WOW!
    hooray for your garden!
    those tomatoes are beautiful xo

  2. I'm going to start setting a google calendar reminder about the 10th every month! I always forget until I read yours!

  3. Our summer vacation is over in TX {tear}. We had teacher invservice/professional development this week and next. I miss summer and relaxing mornings already. Your garden is doing awesome! Mine died in this extreme heat and drought :( I'll have to try again next year. Can't wait to see photos from Claire's party. It's going to be super cute judging by the invites!

  4. The sneak peak invitations look great! And darn, now I want a smores! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

  5. great set, love the roller skates...so jealous! : )

  6. Fun day! Your girls will probably never grow out of watching Disney movies--I watched Beauty and the Beast last night. (And I'm 22!) Lol.

  7. love those skates ... but did your ankles hurt after?!

  8. Love the old school skates. Styling!

  9. beauty and the beast was on at our house this morning, too. : )

    and those old-fashioned roller skates are absolutely CUTE.

  10. We totally watched Beauty and the Beast this morning too! Yay for babysitters!

  11. Love the roller-skates! so fun that you skated for her.

  12. The skates are great! All of these shots just scream summer. :)

  13. -Jealous that you have 2 weeks, my brain is mush from scheduling!
    -Claire Belle, meet Anna Aurora...they should hang out more often!
    -LOVE the invites...makes me excited for family pics :)
    -Totally need to set my calendar (like mentioned above) for 10 on 10...love your posts
    -Jealous of your tomatoes-yummy!
    -Kate has mad camera skillz :)

  14. Those invitations look great, and smores, have to make do here in Australia we can't get grahm crackers. Your Summer vegies are wonderful.

  15. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite as a girl too. I wish I had a Belle dress to dance in while I watch it :)

  16. Hi Mel! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your photos-- especially the watermelon (so exciting to watch things growing!), the skates (cute!), and the Disney princess watching the Disney movie. As for the pickles, I have a great canning book called the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, and it has lots of great recipes and tips for the first-time pickle maker. You can do it!

  17. Every. Single. Month. I. Forget. {true story}

  18. I bet if Kate really wants to read she could. EmmyKate started reading last year and she was only 4. She just needed that extra little push from her teacher and she was off and running with it.

  19. Mel -
    Have you tried BOB books or the Biscuit the Dog books.
    My niece LOVES Biscuit the Dog books and has been reading them since she was almost 3 (close to turning 4).
    The Biscuit the Dog books start with one syllable words and usually a sentence is repeated with just one word in it changing.
    Good luck Kate!

  20. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in s'mores...Genius! I must give it a try.

  21. Love your pictures.

    We had S'mores yesterday too! And your pancakes look so good, what a happy day for you!

  22. today is national s'more day!!! do i have all the fix'n? can i whip one (2) up!?!

    your invites look adorable.

    boo that summer is over in 2 weeks.

    those skates are awesome. i got rollerskates (not blades) for my 34th birthday...cuz that's how i roll.

  23. HOW did I not know it was
    National S'mores Day??!?
    That's tragic.

    {love the invites!!!}


  24. I hope if I have girls one day they watch princess movies dressed like a princess! :-)

  25. um hi. those skates are awesome.
    who knew you were so hip?



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