The 2011 Summer List

Summer has officially begun & I am LOVING it.
As soon as the weekend began, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.
No school for 2.5 months. Hooray!

I love the lazy days of summer.
This summer I was very intentional about our schedule. It is very un-scheduled.
We have a couple trips planned, but day to day is very wide open (besides swim lessons).
I kept it unscheduled on purpose...I want to have the freedom and flexibility of having lots of hang out time with the girls & with friends. Impromptu playdates & pool parties? Bring them on!

We made a Summer List last year and I plan on making one every summer!
It makes me be a little more intentional with our summer and I love lists....it feels SO good to cross things off lists!
Kate's excitement when I told her I didn't have to go to work for over 2 months!
Kate and I made the Summer List again this year while Claire was napping.
Claire + Sharpies = Not a good idea.
We came up with some fun ideas for this summer.
Check it out:
Can't wait to get some of these crossed off!
My personal favorites that she added are:
- Help Claire share
- Teach Claire the ABC's

When Claire woke up we asked her what she wanted to put on the summer list.
Claire's Summer List:
1. Go to Mimi's
2. Go to Grandma's
3. Go Swimming
4. Meet Belle

I think Summer 2011 is going to be a good one!


  1. Oh those are fun sharpies! Love the list and all of the memories to be made this summer!

  2. I love that you involve your girls in making the list! How fun! And the item to help her sister share is too precious :)

  3. Love it! It's even more cute to read the additions for her sister

  4. Disney World has 2 really cool water parks. Although Typhoon Lagoon is more kid-friendly.

  5. Oh man how I love Sharpies!!! Your list is great this year and you are going to have some fun times, that's for sure! My friend's son told her just the other day that work is awful (because she works daily) and is the worst thing ever invented...lol. Enjoy your non-working days soaking up the sun and those sweet girls.

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  7. you have a lot of the same stuff we have on our list! i love the chance to visit daddy at work in the summer and meet him for lunch. the kids think that is the greatest! love the "meet belle" too. sounds like a lot of memories and fun!

  8. I love your lists, I think we'll do that on Thursday when I'm finally done with work!

  9. your list looks like lots of fun...awww Summer is the best.

  10. Love this idea! Going to make one of these with my family this week!

  11. great list! we need to make one still...we have just been so busy!

  12. I LOVE lists and I LOVE summer! Making a list of fun things to do is such a good idea. We just came home from our vacation and now the relaxing begins. I should get Will to help me make a list of summer fun. Enjoy your summer, I know I will :)

  13. This is such a cute idea! I love it. What a great document to keep for years to come as well...one day you all will enjoy looking back on all of these fun things you did.

  14. I love the "help claire share" ! Too cute! Happy Summertime!

  15. oh dear. we have the same rainbows sharpies over here and they are on my summer list. to throw out. if they're not fighting over them, the little one is writing on our fireplace, table, carpet, etc. aghhhh!!

    "help claire share..." ha!

  16. Your summer list looks perfect!!! Can't wait to see pics of all of the fun things you'll do with Kate and Claire.

  17. That is SO random... swim leessons and plant flowers were our 1 and 2 also! We also have a bunch of the same others on our list. Except DIsney World. Jerks. Can't wait for our playdate next week!



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