First Week of Summer!

Here is our first week of summer, Instagram style!


I got the girls a "Hooray It's Summer!" presents
New sand buckets, pool toys, chalk & a new book.
(The reason behind the present? Working Mom guilt.)
Drinking copious amounts of this everyday:
June 14th - Happy Flag Day!

"Swim Team"
A year ago were supposed to go to U2, but Bono had back surgery, so it was postponed until a year later. We went last week & it was awesome!

Chipolte. Yum. Yum.
Summer has finally arrived in Nor Cal...we are in the 90's! Yeah!

That means swimming time!
And, Sparkly Flip Flops!
($5 at Target. Win.)

Sparkly hair:
Mocha Coconut Frapachino.
3 words: Go drink one.

Dalila's in my yard.

Summer means Cherries!

We love summer!


  1. Great photos (especially the one of the cherries!) The donuts and coffee both look SOOOO yummy. Happy Summer!

  2. Theres so much fun stuff going on in these photos I dont know what to comment on!
    Love your polka dotted mug, the cherries, the mom guilt gifts and the sparkly flip flops. Looks like you're off to a great start:)

  3. so much fun. don't you love summer??? i love the photo with the temp outside and the sleeping beauty in the backseat. i miss those day! happy summer to you. now, i need a donut! :)

  4. Cute Mel!
    And yeah, the mocha coconut frapp, oh I love love it. But the other day I swang by starbucks to get one and saw that a grande has 420 calories!!! So I went with the tall for only 310. But still, it's a treat. WIsh they were NO calories. lol
    Enjoy your summer break!

  5. Looks like an amazing first week! Love the cherries, makes me want some! :)

  6. Such a fun post!! Love all the pictures! I love the flag one!

  7. Mocha coconut frappucinos are my FAVORITE. Yum. All your pics look fantastic especially that sparkly hair! ;)

  8. Yay Insta Friday! :)

    Love all the swimming, and the sparkles, and the coffee (THAT is how you have so much energy all the time).

    I'm not a chocolate person, so I get the coffee frappaccino with coconut... mmm...

  9. Oh my goodness...I LOVE the mocha coconut frap...I blogged about it too, a few weeks ago :)

    Here's to a Happy Summer!!!

  10. I found you from Life Rearranged. :) Your family is beautiful, and your blog is, too. :) Enjoyed reading your last few posts!

    And, I was a full-time high school Spanish teacher before kids --so, seriously, CONGRATS on summer vacation. :) enjoy it!!

  11. WOW! Summer is just arriving!?! It has been HOT here for so long now! I wish for the cooler air in Nroth Carolina! That beginning of summer gift is such a sweet idea.

  12. It looks like you guys had a great week!

  13. donuts, cherries and the mocha coconut frappe.


  14. Looks like such a fun week! Love the sparkly hair & flip-flops. :)



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