Kate's Preschool Christmas Program

Yesterday was Kate's preschool Christmas program & Christmas party.
I took the day off work so that I could be a part of it!

Kate was so excited to wear a fancy dress to preschool!
We gave each one of her teachers a jar of our Homemade Strawberry Jam.
I created these cute sticker labels to stick on the jam jars:
But, because you need to store this jam in the fridge or freezer, the sticker labels wouldn't stick (Fail!) So, luckily I had cardstock on hand, & just stuck the labels on either side of the cardstock.
I thought they turned out cute:
The Christmas Program was held in the Sanctuary with all of the 3 year old classes.
Here is Kate proceeding down the isle. She was SO excited to see us.
(She wore last year's Christmas dress! Glad it still fits!)
All of the kids sat up on the stage at once. It was so cute.
This picture cracks me up...Before the performance began, all of the mom (including me) ran up to take pictures of all the kids. It was the Mamarazzi at it's finest.
Can you see Kate? She is in the middle of the top row:
The performance consisted of the kids singing us several songs including the ABC's, "Jingle Bells", "1, 2, 3 , Jesus Loves Me" & "We wish you a Merry Christmas".
In between one of the songs, Kate shouted out "Hi Mommy!" I couldn't believe it because there were over 100 people there & she is usually shy!
Here is Kate with her 2 buddies, Maddie & Nicole walking back down the aisle. Kate had a smile on her face the entire time. I was so proud of her. She LOVED it. After the performance, she told me, "I LOVE being on stage!"
After all the songs, the kids walked back to their classrooms and we met them there for the Christmas Party.
After cookies & punch, the teachers gave each child an ornament for their Christmas tree.
Then, the teachers called up each child to get the present they made for us.
They even made the wrapping paper. We let Kate open the present for us.
She made us a plate! Kate says it is a picture of herself.
She was so proud!
Kate & Nicole (who was being silly & making funny faces)
Maddie, Kate & Nicole.
Love these girls & love their moms!
After the Christmas party, Kate and I did some Christmas shopping (just the 2 of us) & then we went to get lunch...Pink Bagels, of course.
It was such a fun day and I loved having special 1 on 1 time with Kate!


  1. so, so cute! the girls have their tomorrow night and mara is finally fever free!!! so, i am hoping it will last that way.

    again, kate looks so cute...and i am looking for one more holiday outfit. one dress is just not enough for me!

  2. oh my...this makes me SO excited for when my girls have school things! where does Kate go to school? We want to send Charley to pre-school next year, but haven't found one we love yet. Is it at a church? Love your stickers and would have loved to get some to put on gifts this year - do you do those? Like a Merry Chrismas Love, Charley and Andie or something like that? or Merry Christmas Love, Santa?? I wish I could get some quick!

  3. Adorable! My girl had that same xmas dress I think last year.

  4. That jam looks delicious and the tags are so cute. Merry Christmas!

  5. So Cute!! I love her little dress! :)

  6. Too cute in so many ways! Love the tags on the jam! My mom used to give people her blueberry peach jelly and it was so good! Love that your daughter loved the stage and yelled hi to you! How sweet! And that plate is adorable. Glad it was a fun day!

  7. So cute! You can see in her face how proud she was. Adorable.

  8. Kate is so going to be an actress! Shy in person+a ham on stage=actress in the making :) P.S. Please tell Santa I would love your jam (hint, hint)! I may even have one of your jars from years past! ;)

  9. I want to put Mason in preschool JUST for this! So dang cute. :)

  10. so cute! and i love those plates! we made one for the grandparent gift this year at MOPS and we did natalie's handprints. i love that we'll have that to treasure. my parents still use the ones we made as kids. such a great memory!!

  11. oh and that jelly looks amazing. i want some right now!!

  12. How fun! We have Kyleigh's Christmas Program tomorrow night. I just finished up Reindeer Cookies for the party after!

    And I love that just the two of you went out. I am a big advocate of mommy/daughter dates. I actually just blogged about it!


  13. The jam is a great gift idea! And that plate is a keeper! Nothing like preschool gifts to warm a heart.



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