Candle the Elf

We started a new Christmas Tradition this year.
Last year, the day after Christmas, I bought the Elf on Shelf book because it was on major sale.
I thought the idea looked cute & was excited to use it this year.

Every year, I give the girls a pair of new Christmas pajamas for them to wear during the month of December (and Christmas Eve night, of course!) But, this year, they got more than just matching pajamas!

On Sunday, this is what the girls saw when we got home from Uncle Jeff's birthday lunch:
I put a bow around their new Christmas pj's, wrapped 2 presents, had a note from the Elf, and of course, had the Elf sitting among the gifts:
They untied the pj's (matching, of course!)
They are Carter's. Aren't they cute?!?!
We read them the note & then they got to open the 2 presents.
The first present was from Santa saying that they had been good all year & it was the Disney Princess Christmas DVD (Kate always sees the previews of it on her Cinderella DVD & asks for it everytime she sees the preview. I found it for cheap on Ebay!)

Claire was excited also, but not as much as Kate.Then they opened the 2nd wrapped gift, which was the Elf on the Shelf Book!
Kevin read them the book which they weren't too excited about. ha!
What they were excited about was that at the end of the book, you get to name your Elf.
Kate chose the name....she said, His name is CANDLE!
Candle the Elf may or may not have been sitting next to a candle when she named him (see picture above) Way to be creative, Kate! haha!
Then it was time to give Candle his final hugs & then they are not allowed to touch him ever again (says the book)
We placed Candle in a special spot for the day, our Christmas Tree!
Then, every morning, the girls wake up & run downstairs to see where Candle is hiding in our house!
Monday morning, Candle was sitting on top of the Fridge.
Claire spotted him first:
Tuesday, Candle was on the bookshelf above the TV.
On Wednesday, Kate spotted Candle in our shutters!
On Thursday, Candle was climbing up the light fixture above the kitchen table.
This morning, Candle was in my flower arrangement on our wine rack.
(It should be noted that Candle wasn't moved until 4 am this morning. Claire woke up crying & as I got up to get her, Kevin reminded me to go move Candle since we forgot the night before.)

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?
We are not really mentioning that the Elf is watching them to report back to Santa, we are mostly having fun trying to find him each morning.

It has been a fun new Christmas Tradition!
Can't wait to see where Candle ends up tomorrow morning....I hope I don't forget to move him again!


  1. I've seen other people do that-- but I like your twist on it. I think it would be fun to find him every day too! Maybe Matt and I could switch off hiding him next year... :)

  2. We don't have the Elf on the Shelf, but I am thinking about getting it for next year...I think the girls would love it!

    I love see where you put him...so cute!

  3. That is too cute and your pictures are GORGEOUS!!

  4. What a sweet tradition! I'll have to remember that for when my girls are older.

  5. Rupert is our elf and you have given me some great placement ideas for him. He fell over on top of our fridge today and I went to prop him back up. Cooper yelled, "NO! You are not supposed to touch him or he will go back and tell Santa!" Ha!

  6. Ninny Muggins is our elf, he has brought sibling rivalry to an end for the time being....I love him.

  7. Did the girls know that this elf is really just Wolfie dressed up?

  8. This is the first year that I've heard of the Elf on the Shelf. I saw one of my friends post it on her facebook status. I googled it and learned what it was. I think my boys would love it. I wish I could find it on sale. Maybe we'll start the tradition next year. I love the idea of moving him from place to place. The name she chose made me laugh. Too cute!

  9. We love our Elf on the shelf too! Although I nearly had a heart attach the other day, I went to take him out for the season and found an empty box! Luckily, I later remembered it was my parents' box, they packed their elf and book in their suitcase. Ours was safely packed with our Christmas stuff. I seriously thought there had been an elf-napping, it was not a good scene. But "Soucie" is safe and sound and will be making his debut for the year tomorrow.

  10. Funny you should mention the Elf on the Shelf. I had never heard of it until today! My friend Dana posted about on FB, and how her kids got scared of it in the middle of the night! Ha! I didn't even know what it looked like or what it was exactly, until I saw Candle.
    Too funny!

  11. I love your idea with the Jammies! So fun!!

    I have wanted to do the elf on a shelf, but I can't get my husband on board. Boo!

    This post is adorable! Love your blog Mel!

  12. We love Elf on the Shelf, too!! I've had to set an alarm on my iphone for every night at 10pm, though, because our elf is notorious for forgetting to move around the house. :)


  13. My little one is only 14 months, so we still have another year to decide. My husband thinks it's a little creepy, but I might be able to convince him to do the whole elf think minus the reporting back to Santa like you mentioned. Glad the girls are loving it!

  14. We started the Elf on the Shelf this year too! Ours is named Elvis. We thought it would help remind the kids to behave better. Not so much. I think I'm enjoying it the most. I get to hide him every night and then see their reactions every morning when they find him.

  15. Love it Mel! We actually just started this tradition this year in our home too. My 17 year old step daughter named ours Relf and now my 2 year old goes around looking for him every morning and calling his name (another name that was not the most original!) Enjoy :)

  16. What a fun tradition! Love his name :) Super cute pajamas too!

  17. This is a fun tradition! I've heard of the book but never seen what you actually do with it. My daughter has those same pajamas and they are SO soft! :)

  18. We just got ours the other day! :) His name is Murray. Like in "Murray Christmas"? My daughter is a hoot!

  19. Either "Elf on the Shelf" wasn't around 10yrs ago, or I was oblivious to him. My daughter just turned 16 and she's our only child, so no "Elf on the Shelf" for us. But I do enjoy hearing about my friends kids and their Elves. :o)

    This is a great tradition for you to start!



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