Christmas Crafting + Baking Extravaganza

Merry Christmas Eve!
What a wonderful Christmas week we had!
The girls and I were busy each day making a Christmas Craft & a Christmas Treat.
I did this last year with them & couldn't wait to do it again.
Kate asked me all last week when we could make our Christmas crafts & treats, I couldn't believe she remembered it from last year!
 I declared Monday Pajama Day.We made felt Christmas tree ornaments from a kit I bought at Michael's.
I think they turned out cute! And, it was only $1 for the kit!
I made them Christmas-y by adding red & green frosting on top.
On Tuesday, our craft/treat was white chocolate dipped snowman pretzels.
I dipped the pretzels the night before & added the mini chocolate chips.
Then, the girls were ready to decorate them.
We added a gum drop & gummy peach-o or apple-o for the hat.
A sour string & fruit roll up was the scarf.
Didn't they turn out cute?
The girls had a lot of fun making these!

Tuesday's craft was making a wooden Santa & Nutcracker. Also courtesy's of Michael's.
Kate picked Santa, which left Claire with the Nutcracker.
Their finished masterpieces on the mantle.
We also made Red Velvet Cake Balls .
Finished Schweaty Balls. I mean Cake Balls.
This next cookie/treat I found on Julie's blog & she found it here.
Kate helped make the peanut butter sandwiches
I dunked them in the chocolate & the girls did the sprinkles.
These were our favorite treats we made. Seriously good.
Treats ready to be packaged up to give to friends.
I got these cute boxes at Michael's & then made the sticker labels.
We made pretzel hugs that I found here.
These were SO easy to make & the girls were extremely helpful.
Our craft for the day was these adorable handprint snowmen ornament that I found on Meg's blog. (She has the best craft ideas ever!)
Kate was really into these (after I convinced her it was okay for me to paint her hand)
Here is Kate's inspecting her ornament:
Kate's on the tree:
And Claire's:
Then last night, on the Eve of Christmas Eve we went to dinner as a family & then drove around looking at Christmas lights. One family had an SF Giants display. Loved it!
There is one house that we call the Clark Griswold house. It is amazing!
So many lights...I don't even want to know what their electricity bill is for the month of December!
Which brings us to today...Christmas Eve!
The Advent Calendar (made by my mother in law) is decorated.
From our family to yours....we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow what a fun week you and your girls had. What a special time.

  2. so fun!! Love how the pretzel snowmen came out. Adorable idea!

  3. We're friends, right? Cuz I will just be on my porch waiting for my delivery of goods. Oh my word. Deliciousness.

  4. Merry Christmas! Your treats and crafts look awesome! Such a good mama!

  5. wow you all have been busy!! so much fun! love the snowmen! cute! merry christmas!

  6. I was so looking around town to find a house like that tonshow the kids and couldn't! You'll have to let me know where it is for next year. We did find one here in Erik's parents neighborhood, very similar-will have to get a shot tomorrow night! Merry Christmas!

  7. Fun! We have the identical advent tree calendar...

    But i am declaring fraud on the "Kate and Claire" christmas tree ornaments. No way they made those... Either that or my kids are retarded.

    Hope you guys had a great xmas!


  8. I loved seeing all of your christmas crafts and baking, I also looked back at last years. I hope I can do some fun things next year.

  9. WOW, Mel you and the girls have been busy. It looks like so much fun and I can't wait until next year to do some of these fun things. I wish we would have had more time to do them this year.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    PS: LOVE the cupcake PJs...where did you get them? The girls would love them.

  10. Thanks Everyone!
    Brian- the christmas tree ornaments were a kit from Michaels. All the girls had to do was glue on the star, tinsel & rinestone ornaments. Super easy (besides all the glue that they got all over their hands)

  11. p.s. Melissa - Claire's cupcake pj's are hand me down's from Kate circa 2008.

  12. Schweaty Balls-- SO funny that I'm not the only person who thinks of that when I make cake balls. :P

    I really want to try the pretel hugs. So easy and I bet they are really good! That seriously was a baking extravaganza. I'm coming over...

  13. So much fun! Your pretzel snowmen are adorable and I will be checking out those cookie dough balls!! Looks like you had so much fun with your girls!

  14. Mel, I am LOVING those pretzel snowment!!! What a cute idea!!! Your girls are lucky indeed to have a such a fun and creative Mama! P.S. Santa brought me a new Canon Rebel T1i! Can you recommend any good photography books for me?

  15. What a great week you had! Love all the activities. I also did some crafting and cooking with my daughter last week. And like your girls, she pretty much lived in her jammies.

  16. lots of yummy goodies!!! thanks for all the great, easy ideas! and that griswold house is amazing!! i love when people do that bc i never would but i love to enjoy it!!

  17. SO FUN!!
    We did a lot of crafting and baking this season and although it was messy it was a lot of fun :)
    I'm in love with the pretzel snowmen..and I wanted to try the snowman Christmas balls from Meg's too (I think my kids are too young though).
    Love your pics and crafty's!! :)



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