World Series? Check.

I did it.
I bought a ticket to the World Series for last night's game.
And, I am SO glad I did!

This was on my Bucket List:
Go to a World Series game that the Giants are playing in.

I regretted that I didn't go when they were in the 2002 World Series.
I didn't want to regret this either.
I mean, what if they don't go to the World Series again?
You only live once, right?
On Wednesday night, our Small Group watched the first World Series game together.
I kept saying how I wish I was going to a game.
Then, my friends Dan & Jackie (who are in our small group) told me that they bought tickets & were going to Thursday's game.
They told me to come with them.
So, we went online to check out ticket prices on Stub Hub. They weren't AS expensive as they were on Saturday, and I was able to get a seat (instead of standing room)
Kevin gave me the go ahead and said I could buy the ticket. So, I did.
I wanted to buy one for him to go also, but he said no, he would rather spend the money on skiing this winter!
I had a mini-panic attack after I bought my ticket, but I was still SO excited.
So, yesterday afternoon, Dan, Jackie & I went to game 2 of the World Series.

To put it simply: IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

I didn't bring my good camera, so the pictures aren't perfect. But, last night, it wasn't about the pictures....it was about the World Series, Baby!!!

We got there 2 hours before the game started, so we walked around the Ball Park so we could soak in all the sights & sounds of the day!
AT&T Park is right on the water.
This is McCovey Cove, behind the right field fence.
All the people in the boats wait for homeruns to fly out of the park into the water.
During the Barry Bonds era, McCovey Cove was even more packed than this:
View of the Bay Bridge:
The Ball Park was electric, inside and out!
Black & Orange EVERYWHERE.
As soon as we walked into the Ball Park, I literally had tears in my eyes because I couldn't believe that I was at a World Series game.
(Yes, I am overly emotional...blaming it on PMS. ha!)
They gave us these orange fan towels to wave during the game.
It is the most expensive towel I own. hahaha!
Everyone in the crowd waving their towels:
Lady Antebellum sang the Star Spangled Banner (and I got teary eyed...again)
The flag shaped as the USA:
Then fireworks went off & 4 fighter jets did a flyover. Can you say chills (and tears)?!?!
Then the game began!
Cheers to the World Series & crossing off an item on my Bucket List:
We hung out by Dan's dad's seats (which were on the third base line) until the 2nd inning. We had to leave when the seat owners arrived.
Then we went up to the 3rd deck, where our seats were.
Also known as the nose bleed section!
Jackie & I had fun posing for pictures. Dan was a good sport taking our picture :)
The Giants hit a homer in the 5th to make it 1-0. I was excited!
I love Dan & Jackie and we all had SO much fun together, like we always do!
(Dan & I have been friends since middle school, we used to toliet paper each other's houses with our friends)
Every ball park has a signature food item. At AT&T Park, it is the Garlic Fries. This was our snack during the 7th inning stretch. YUM!
It was a beautiful night at the Ball Park:
There was a 40% chance of rain....but it was cloudy. Not a drop of rain!
There were some celebrity sightings at the game that they would announce on the Big Screen:
Joe Montana (former San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame Quarterback)
Actor Rob Schneider:
Musician Steven Perry, singer in the band Journey:
It was a close game until the 8th inning, and then the Texas pitchers had a melt down & threw 13 balls in a row. No strikes. Walked in a couple runs.
(sorry to all my readers who are Texas fans...that was rough)
We scored 7 runs in the 8th inning and went on to win 9-0.
This guy was going crazy. He was awesome.
Now batting....Nate Scheirholtz (we went to the same high school & I met him last year at our high school Hall of Fame dinner)
Yay! Giants Win!
We had so much fun!
The crowd going wild after the game, 2 down, 2 to go!
Fireworks going off celebrating the Giants win!
Outside the park, the palm trees were lit up orange for the Giants!
People everywhere, cheering & dancing!
I cheered so much last night at the game that when I woke up this morning, I had lost my voice!
It was such a fun night & a once in a life time experience!
It wasn't the smartest financial decision I have ever made, but it was worth every penny.
I would do it again in a heartbeat!
(except that I wish Kevin would have come also!)
But, I am so extremely thankful & grateful that I was able to go!

Let's go GIANTS!!!


  1. So awesome!!! Glad you got to experience that. We tried to get tix when the Rockies were in the World Series (2007, I think) and could NOT believe how expensive the tickets were nor how quickly they were snapped up. We'll try again if they ever end up in the WS again though!

  2. Melons... I am SO GLAD you decided to go after all. I am very happy for you. You look great in orange by the way! Love ya buddy

  3. NO.



    I am so jealous I could cry!!! Your pictures are awesome, as always. What an incredible experience!

    (Side note, the celebrity Matt most resembles: Cody Ross. Giants #13-- watch for him tomorrow. :)

  4. What a fun experience!!!I bet you will never forget that game. Great pictures. I felt like I was there too.

  5. Oh yea, I always get teary at during the national anthem too! How neat that it was Lady A. We are seeing them in concert tomorrow night!!

  6. Glad you were able to go!!
    What a great game, too!

    Yay Giants!


  7. I am also so glad you went....sometimes you have to live a little and pay the bill later, right?

    I got chills reading your post!

  8. Looks like an amazing fun time!!
    It had to be so exciting to be there when they had won one and were on to their second win! (sad for my rangers)

    Great pictures.

    That stadium looks like it is in a fantastically gorgeous local. Everytime they'd pan out from the stadium on tv, I thought wow it's so pretty.

    So happy for you, that you had the chance to go!!

  9. Awesome awesome awesome.

    You can not put a price on bucket list items!

  10. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I got chills reading this post! I am so happy for you... it looks like an amazing experience!!

  11. So awesome! I'm so Jealous! Good for you for splurging!

  12. I'm SO jealous!! How lucky you are. I can only imagine how much fun you must have had! Can't wait for tomorrow's game. Fear the beard (:

  13. I can smell the garlic fries from here. Yay for you!

  14. Now I am jealous!! My parents went to Wednesdays game but I was cruising (rough I know) but seriously how exciting. I went to the first home game against the
    Phillies and it was so exciting. I imagine the world series was even better. Glad you crossed that off your bucket list. So fun!

  15. that's so awesome that you got to go!

    p.s. go Rangers =p

  16. Very cool! Watched the game on tv while holding my sweet baby nephew! You guys are good - giving us Ranger fans some serious concern! :)

  17. How cool!!!! I love your blog and your photography! I am your newest follower!

  18. Seeing your game pics gave me chills! What an amazing experience.
    So great to "meet" another Giants fan and local!

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