Here we go again!

Last year, my friend Julie came up with an amazing idea.
A goal to raise $5,000 with the organization charity:water and build a well in Africa.
Her vision was to have Bloggers & Crafters help raise this money by raffling off donated homemade items.
Because of her vision, Project 320 was born.

Julie enlisted the help of myself, Erin, Heather G, Heather M and Marta to help organize Project 320. We spent a weekend last December gathering all the homemade items and putting bundles together.

Guess what?
We didn't raise $5,000....we raised over $10,000...enough money for TWO villages to have wells and access to clean water.
God is Good and does more that we could have ever asked!
Right now, those TWO wells are being built in Ethiopia because of the money that was raised last year. They should be completed next year.

We want to raise money for another well this year!
We know that through God, anything is possible!
By joining our hearts, our talents, our passions, we can do infinitely more than we could ever dare to ask or hope.
Want to join in and help us this year?
Leave me a comment!

Or, email us at:
project320blog {@} gmail.com

And, Be sure to check out the Project 320 blog.

Here we go again.....Let's build another well!


  1. I won one of the prize boxes last year and still have lots of goodies to be used from it. I would love to donate some hair bows and bibs! Let me know where to send them!

  2. So glad you guys are doing this again! Such an awesome cause!

  3. This is awesome :-) headed over there right now!!

  4. I love this! So glad you guys are so dedicated to this! I will for sure do my part! Loved it last year!!

  5. I would love to be a part of this! I just blogged about it yesterday, but haven't emailed anyone yet to say I want to participate. I love what God is doing with your vision! Please let me know what I can do to be involved! :)



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