Meeting Bakerella

This afternoon, the one and only Bakerella was at our local Williams-Sonoma for a book signing of her cookbook, Cake Pops. As soon as her book signing dates were released & I found out she was going to be in our area, I knew I had to go! I love Bakerella!
So, this afternoon, my friend Becky and I ventured out with the crowds to meet Bakerella and have her sign our cookbooks!
Becky & I waiting in line:
We arrived about 40 minutes early & were given numbers 33 & 34. I was happy we were near the front! While in line, we ran into my friend Heather. (but, we never got a picture!)
They also served us delicious Pumpkin Bars while we waited in line...they were SO good! 

They let us into the store & Bakerella did a 15 minute Question & Answer time for all of us to ask cake pop and other baking related questions.
I have only attempted Cake Pops once, and they were SO good! They didn't look as pretty as Bakerella's but I am anxious to try them out again with the tip & pointers she gave us during her presentation!
After the Q & A, we were sent back outside to line up in our number order and they let us back into the store 10 at a time to get our books signed by Bakerella.

Becky & I anxiously waiting to get our books signed!
We were so excited!
(I had a dream about the book signing last night. Yes, I am a dork!)

Here is Becky, Bakerella & I:

Bakerella & I:
Picture of Bakerella signing my book:
(Thanks Becky for the picture!)

And, my signed book:

Bakerella was so incredibly sweet & very humble! Love her!
It was such a fun afternoon meeting her and listening more about her delicious cake pops!


  1. I'm going to have to see if she's coming to Texas. I'm a huge fan. That's so cool that you got to meet her.

  2. Hilarious. My post is almost the exact same. I guess because we basically had the same experience! :) Fun day. Love ya!

  3. Oooh how fun! I want to meet Pioneer Woman. It'd be fun to actually "meet" you one day too. :)

  4. I saw her this week on Wednesday in Seattle! I need to go post about it! It was so much fun :)

  5. SO envious!! :) You should pass on your tips that she gave. Jimmy got me the book for my birthday, and I haven't tried them yet with the book, but I did last fall and they were a huge flop.

  6. I am so super envious! I wanted to go so bad!!!! How fun! Did you also know that Ree Drummond from thepioneer woman and Alice from Savory Sweet life are in San Francisco? A ton of my fav bloggers are all visiting our area!

  7. LUCKY!!! I so wanted to go.....but it just wasn't in the cards. Glad you got to meet her...GREAT pics! :)

  8. Ah, man! Wish I would've known, I would have loved to go with you! My brother-in-law and I made cake pops for Adriana's Pinkalicious party this summer-they were so yummy and the hit of all of the treats we had!

  9. So jealous! I wish she had come close to me! Would have loved to meet her.

  10. oh my gosh I can't wait to meet her at the end of this month!! i put her on the calender too as soon as I saw she would be in Dallas.

    I have two questions for you:
    1. Would it be better to get a book before I go? Or do they have books there at the signing and is it easy to purchase on?

    2. I have been wondering how early i should go? Do you think like 45- min to an hour before would be plenty of time? I would rather get there early and not have to stand in line as long..

    Loved reading this post! Makes me really excited!


  11. That is awesome! I made her cake pops for Mason's birthday in January and everyone loooved them. Amazingly delicious. You should really make some more and share those tips she gave you... :)

  12. Isn't it funny to think that she started just like you and I as little bloggers? And then she transformed, with one great little concept, into this mega-star who people stand in line to see and is recognizable to so many! Crazy! That's really cool that you got to meet her.

  13. I love making cupcake pops... even though mine never turn out as cute as hers either.
    This post made me even more excited to see her when she makes a stop in Dallas :)

    Looks like you enjoyed it a lot!

  14. i wish i was there!
    that looks like fun and i need that book!
    i hope she comes to kansas. :)

  15. Hi Mel! So great to meet and hang out with you in line at the Bakerella book signing! So much fun! :)


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