Before & After: The Bedrooms

One of the "fun" things about moving to a new "old" house is all the "projects" that we get to work on. Almost every weekend, we work on some sort of house project. This past weekend was no exception. We worked on new baseboards in the guest room. The baseboards in the guest room, Kate's room and Claire's room were about 30 years old and only about 1/2 inch high. We finally put in the new 4 inch baseboards in the guest room and it looks SO much better. Wow!

So, I thought I would share some Before & After pictures of the Guest Room, Kate's Room & Claire's Room. We still have a few things we want to finish in these rooms, but for the most part, they are done!

Here is the Before of the Guest Room
We were NOT a fan of this color.....it was a gray/navy/purple color.
It was really, really dark.
Here is the AFTER:
We painted it Fig Cookie (Kelly Moore)
And, here are the new baseboards:
This dresser used to be in Kate's room at our old house, but because the bedrooms are smaller in this house, I had to put it in the guest room.
I got this bedding at Target! I LOVE it!
The only thing left we have to do in the Guest Room is add crown molding, hopefully next year!

Here is Kate's room BEFORE:
It was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bright yellow.
We had the whole house painted before we moved in (the woman who lived here before smoked inside the house & the house reeked). Before we moved in, I just decided to paint it the same color as her old room (a buttery yellow color)
I wanted to make the transition from our old house to our new house smooth for Kate, that is why I painted it the same color as her old room (and plus, all of bedding matched it)
I didn't even think of asking Kate what color she wanted her new bedroom....but I should have.
The very first day we moved in, she told me she wanted a purple room, not the color of her old room. DOH!
Kate has asked me at least once a week for the past few months if we can paint her room purple.
If you know me, you know I am NOT a fan of the color purple (but, it is Kate's favorite color)
Kate told us that she is going to ask her Grandma to paint her room for her birthday.
And, I am going to let her. *sigh*
We are going to paint it a light lavender, to make the very small amount of lavender she has in her bedding. Can you see that small lavender stripe?
I think the lavender will still look okay with her bedding & all her pink accents in her room.
(Kate is the only one who has a walk in closet...lucky!)
So, this January, I will show you Kate's new lavender room (and we are going to wait to put her new baseboards in at that time...and possibly her crown molding)
UPDATE on 1/19/11 : Here is Kate's new purple room

Here is the BEFORE of Claire's room:
And, here is the AFTER:
I love this paint color! I tested out so many different pink colors and I am really happy with how it turned out!
View of her dresser:
(Here is Claire's room at our old house.)

We are going to put Claire's new baseboards this weekend or next.

UPDATE on 4/16/11: Here is Claire's new bedroom with her Big Girl Bed.

So, that is the tour of 3 of the bedrooms at our new house.
We haven't done anything to the Master Bedroom or Office yet. It is going to require punching out walls & putting up new walls. Hopefully next summer we will start that project!

P.S Does anyone have a good shade of lavender paint they they recommend?


  1. Lovely rooms! I think decorating kids' rooms is alot of fun. Oh, and I love the plantation shutters!

  2. Looks great! It is amazing what paint can do!

  3. Very cute rooms. Love the way the tall baseboards make the paint color pop on the walls!

  4. Cute!! Love the colors. Avery wants her room purple as well...ugh.


  5. I think the purple will look cute. I had a purple room as a little girl and I loved it! Plus it will look cute for her as she grows older.

  6. The rooms look great! I love the new thick baseboards - a project we need to do as well! The clean colors, crisp molding and shutters look so good together!

  7. Love your Target bedding! Girls rooms are so much fun. Lacey has a twin bed under windows with plantation shutters also! The set-up is very similar. Do you use a bedrail for Kate? I'm trying to decide if Lacey can go without it. She did fine on vacation but I'm just not sure...

  8. can you pretty, pretty please come decorate my house?? I'll do all the work!

  9. so pretty!! a little "purple tip"- if you go with a more grayish-purple it will seem softer and not "so purple"...(my older daughter had a purple room in our old house)

  10. They all look great!!! I wish we were allowed to paint at our place, it's amazing what a difference it makes.

  11. Looks so good. I just love the girls rooms. The wall color is perfect!

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  13. I totally have a gallon of lavender for you to take home, I can bring it to school! It doesn't have a name because I guess I had something color matched. It's Behr and it has the color code, so you could always go to Home Depot or have it matched at Kelley Moore (we use them too now). It's the color in my bathroom (which will not be that color when we remodel, it was just a temporary color when we were the renters). Anyway, it's SUPER light and would probably be a great color for Kate's room! You can try it anyway :)

  14. What great transformations! I love the Target bedding!

  15. It looks great :) I have Fig Cookie in my house too! :)

  16. oh my gosh it all looks AMAZING!! i love the girls rooms! great job!

  17. all of the rooms look great! you are so right about the molding, what a dramatic difference!

  18. FUN! We are doing the same exact thing over here!!!! Love the colors you chose..and funny...that odd bright yellow that turns green at night was in our home too! We went with HUSH from Benjamin Moore...love how the home comes together, finally feeling like your own.

    Thanks for sharing! Looks great!

  19. Love all your colors! We have the same Pottery Barn-ish style. :)

    I can't believe I didn't see the upstairs when I was there. Nice job on the baseboards, they look awesome!

  20. Both rooms are lovely!! Can I come to your house to take a nap???!!!

  21. Hi! You visited my blog and asked for the name of the paint color used in her room. It's called Pansy Potpourri by Kelly Moore.
    I love your girls' rooms! They are too precious, just like your girls!

  22. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your rooms! They are fantastic! I hope you can find your "perfect" purple! ;o)

    Thank you so much for you super-sweet comment on my blog! I hope you stop by again!


    Robin :o)

  23. Such beautiful, cheery rooms. I love that slate blue bedding. So girly!


  24. Hi I love your girls' rooms. What is the paint color that you describe as "butter yellow color." That is a great gender neutral color for a nursery.

  25. Love the wall color and bedding in the guest room. The girls rooms are so cute. You did a great job.

  26. Beautiful room! I love the bedding in both the girl's spaces. Looks great! Stopping over from Kelly's Korner. have a great weekend!



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