Sunday Sweethearts

We had a great Sunday!
Yes, I am well aware that it is now Tuesday. I wrote this on Sunday, but blogger was being lame-o and I couldn't upload pictures, and the whole point was to post pictures! I didn't have time Monday!
It started off with church & Kate was moved up into the Yellow Room which means no more nursery! It is totally structured & I was so excited for her to move up. Especially since a few weeks ago when I picked the girls up from the nursery the Nursery director told me that they had to separate Kate from Claire because Kate kept trying to pick up Claire or sit on her. That was a proud moment for me (please note the sarcasm).
Kate LOVED the Yellow Room & kept talking about what she did in Sunday School. I already knew what she did because I ended up helping in her class this morning, but I still had fun listening to her recollection of it. She likes her new "school". One of my former youth group students (Hi Britt, I know you are reading ;) came to church with us today since she moved back after graduating college. It has been fun to re-connect with her again!
After church I FINALLY took some pictures of the girls since I have been too busy this week to take any pictures at all. It was great having my camera back in my hands. I swear my camera is like another body part to me, so the fact that I hadn't picked it up in a week truly felt like part of me was missing.
The girls were in such a good mood after church & when I asked Kate if she wanted me to take some pictures she responded with, "Yes! Come on everybody, Let's go outside for pictures!". Man, I love that girl!
Kate wanted to "pose" against the tree.
Naptime was unfortunately short, but they both woke up in great moods. We had NO tears today from either girl (well, except from Kate for a few minutes on the way home from church when Kevin put her in her car seat & her head hit the roof of the car), they both ate great meals, they played together well, Kate pooped in the potty (twice), we worked in the yard while the girls played in the yard and we just had a fun family day.
Love those big teeth!
After bath time & after I put Claire down for bed, Kevin and I were putting Kate's pj's on her. When her pj's were on, she looked up at us and said, "I love you guys, let's all hug". And she wrapped her arms around both of us and said, "You're the BEST!"
Moments like that just melt my heart and make all the tougher moments & 2 year old sassy-ness & attitude SO worth it!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Your girls are just adorable :)

  2. Don't you LOVE great Sundays like that? Sunday is absolutely my favorite day of the week and Sunday afternoons are the best. :)

    That picture of you and Kate at the end of the post is absolutely gorgeous!



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