Farmers Market

Nothing says summer like the local Farmers Market.

Even though it's Labor Day weekend & school started 2 weeks ago, it still feels like summer when you are at the Farmers Market!
Lucky for us, our Farmers Market is open all year round, so we can get locally grown & organic foods at our disposal!
Claire loves people watching at the Farmers Market (I love the free samples!)
There are so many good things to choose from. I only allow myself to spend $20 each time I go.
I have to carefully decide what I am going to get! There are SO many delicious foods to chose from, like.........
Beautiful Flowers:
Love these sunflowers!
Aren't they just gorgeous?
Fun Balloon Animals:Strawberries (they were so sweet!)
Heirloom Tomatoes:
This is what we ended up getting....
Yummy Peaches (to put on vanilla ice cream!)
And, Kate conned me into buying these overpriced blueberries:They gave her 1 to sample...And then I think she ended up stealing about 10 more "samples"
Trying to steal another blueberry:Will you PLEASE buy me these blueberries (the small container was $6...ouch!)I give in & buy her a container.Colorful Peppers:The color of the peppers is so much deeper than the ones at the store!Fresh Basil:The peppers & basil are to use in one of my favorite recipes. I will post it after I make it!


  1. We also love going to the local Farmer's Market. Gorgeous pictures of all the fruits & veggies. Love all the bright colors.

  2. We are so alike... I do the exact same thing, budget $20 for the farmers market. I would have totally given in on those blueberries too-- they look so yummy!

    How much do you LOVE that Maclaren stroller? I never thought I would get so excited over a stroller, hahaha. Claire is such a little cutie!

  3. We got a ton of blueberries from Safeway earlier in the summer because they were $8 for 5 pounds! I canned some and froze some. Emilia ate about 5 pounds in 3 days. :)



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