It has been a good ride for this infant seat.
It brought both my babies home from the hospital.


and then Claire:
I remember getting it as a gift for one of my baby showers when I was preggo with Kate.
Everyone at the shower said,
"You will only use that infant seat for the first 4-5 months"

Ha! They were SO wrong!
I used it with Kate for 13 MONTHS! (She didn't out grow it until then!)

I used it with Claire until a few days ago! (1 year)

Props to the Graco Snugride for carting my girls around for 25 months & for making a product that held up with that much use!

Thank you for 2 years of service & the wonderful memories. You will be missed.

Claire is now in her big girl carseat.
Can I just tell you how much I am loving the pink car seat!?! The infant seat was neutral & boring because we didn't find out what we were having.
And, since we needed 2 new carseats (one for each car) I got 2 new pink ones for my car & Kevin has the 2 grey ones we got when I was preggo with Kate (there was NO way he was allowing pink car seats in his car)
If you know me, you know I LOVE pink & I LOVE having things match!


  1. congratulations miss claire!!!

  2. You looked so good after having Kate! (Note to self: bring a black sweat suit to the hospital after having the next baby...)

  3. wow I cant believe your kids hung out in the infant seat so long lol. Hunter was past the weight max at 4 months old, that sucked!

    LOVE those britax covers, they are so cute.

  4. Aw! That's sentimental huh? I used the same infant seat for both of my girls too and just recentley retired it. My 11 mo. old is big so we switched her a while back.

    Their matching pink seats are adorable!! We have the Britax Decathalon and it's pink as well ;)

  5. Colin was moved to his big seat last week...lol



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