Are you ready for some Football?!?!

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It's that time of the year, people!!!!

I Love, Love, Love Football!
I like the NFL (Go 49ers!)
But, I like college football SO much more!
College football officially kicked off this weekend & CU played today!
When I was being recruited for college soccer, one of the top 3 requirements I had was that the school had to be a big football school. Yes, I know that seems shallow, but at the time, I was 17. (I am ashamed to admit academics was not on my top 3 requirements for college. But, it was #4 or #5, I promise! )

Anyways, I knew I wanted a school that had a big athletic department with all the traditions that comes along with college football. I am happy to say that I found that when I went to Colorado. My final 2 choices were Colorado and Cal Berkeley, and to this day I have absolutely no regrets about my college choice. Sure, Cal may be more "prestigious" in terms of academics, but the memories & people I met at Colorado surpass all that! I loved Colorado so much, I named my dog after the town (Boulder).
Here it is, the University of Colorado & the town of Boulder. It is even more beautiful in person!
Kevin's college didn't have a football team, (oh, the horror!!) so he was never into college football until he met me. He is officially a Colorado fan & that means we are raising the girls to be CU fans also!
This weekend, was the annual state rivalry game, Colorado verses Colorado State (BOO!!) It is also the weekend of the annual Colorado Women's Soccer team Reunion. We didn't make it this year, but I hope to go next year. We took Kate 2 years ago & it was SO fun! I went to pretty much every home game when I was in college, even when it snowed!
My friend Marisa sent Kate the CU cheerleading outfit last year & it finally fits! So cute! Kate loves it. She was running around saying, "Go Buffs!". She even watched the game a little bit. At first she kept saying, "Go Giants" but I had to remind her that we were watching football, not baseball.
Kate watching Ralpie the Buffalo run the field:
Another name for this post could have been, "Are you ready to start walking?!?"
During the middle of the game, guess who decided to take a bunch of steps for the first time? 3 or 4 steps, then plop. She did this about 20 times tonight.
Go Claire! She was probably trying to run out of the room so she wouldn't have to watch the football game anymore, Colorado did not play well & we lost.
NFL starts next weekend, maybe the Niners will finally have a good year......
A girl can dream, right?


  1. GO Buffs! And, way to go Claire!

  2. I went to my first legitimate (as in, not Sac State) college football game last year in Washington-- Cal vs. WA State-- and had so much fun! We can't wait to go to the Cal vs. WA State game here this year.

    And here's to hoping the Niners have any sort of decent year!!! Yes, a girl can dream... *sigh*

    WAY TO GO Claire!

  3. That looks great on her! :) I am glad it finally fits her.

    WTG Claire! Does she want to come show Tristan how to walk. He did take 2 steps in the trailer over the weekend but would rather scoot still.

  4. The girls loook so cute in their Colorado gear. I'm happy that Colorado is going to be part of the PAC 10 (PAC 12?) now!

  5. How funny you went to CU!! My husband and I are both proud CSU Rams but he is currently getting his PhD at CU right now and everyone calls us traitors for moving to Boulder. I have to admit, it IS a beautiful school and campus

  6. What nice memories of your college days! And your daughters make the cutest cheerleaders!


  7. I was soooo proud to see a fellow Buffalo on Kelly's Korner today!!! Go BUFFS! :) Love love love the cheerleading outfit!!!

  8. GO BUFFS!! I'm a CU alum as well and my husband is a grad assistant coach for the football team. Love your little cheerleaders in training :)

  9. FIGHT CU DOWN THE FIELD...It is great to meet other BUFF grads. I played soccer at CU under Bill. I love all your kids CU gear, I cannot wait to dress my kids up in little Buff outfits, however I have some competition from my future who went to VT and is a big Hokie fan. Anyways great to meet you and your blog.



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