Jimmy's Homemade Ice Cream

Every year on the 3rd of July, my dad (Jimmy) makes homemade ice cream for the 4th of July Sausage Fest. Seriously, it is the BEST ice cream in the entire world.
It is not good for you, at all, but hey, it's only once a year, right?!?
I have been meaning to post this since the beginning of July, but I totally forgot about it until a few days ago when I was organizing my pictures. Oops!
So, here you go Jimmy's Homemade Ice Cream!
This is what you need:
All the ingredients above are for the "base" or if you wanted to make vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla is boring to our family, so we always make at least 2 flavors.
We ALWAYS make Cookies & Cream. It is hands down, THE BEST. So, grab a pack of these:
The other flavor we make is either Butterfinger or Reeces Peanut Butter Cup. I like Reeces SO much, but this year, Butterfinger was Jimmy's pick (that is his favorite)
This year, Jimmy decided to try out a new flavor. He decided to make a batch of Peppermint ice cream! We added these to the base:
Jimmy's recipe was adapted from this cookbook:
Here are the steps & ingredients for EACH batch in Jimmy "language"
I have deciphered it for you, because Jimmy talk is hard to understand!
(We made 3 batches, so we did these steps 3 times)
1 1/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2.5 cups milk
7.5 egg yolks, beaten
2.5 tablespoons vanilla
4 cups whipping cream

Step 1: Add sugar, salt, milk to a saucepan & cook over medium heat:
Step 2: Beat the egg yolks:

Step 3: Add the egg yolks to the salt/sugar/milk mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until heat bubbles appear around edge of pan (about 10 minutes).
Step 4: Take mixture off the stove and cool to room temperature. We made an ice bath for it, like this:
Then we placed the saucepan in the ice bath for 10 minutes:
Step 5: Stir in vanilla to the cooled mixutre:
Step 6: Stir in the cream to the mixture:
Step 7: Strain the mixture into the ice cream canister (so that you don't get any clumps)
Step 8: Prepare your toppings! For the Cookies & Cream & Butterfinger, we crushed about 2 cups worth. We put them in a ziplock bag and used a rolling pin to crush them.
Step 9: Mix in half of the topping (about 1 cup) and then put in the ice cream maker spindle!
Now it's time for the ice cream maker!
Here is what you need for that:
Ice, Rock Salt & an Ice Cream Maker!
Step 10: Place can into wooden barrel. Alternate layers of rock salt & ice until you reach the top of the barrel:

Step 11: Plug in the Ice Cream Maker & let it do it's job!
Step 12: About 10 minutes in, check on your ice cream & then add the last 1 cup of topping:
Step 13: Plug the machine back in & let it continue churning. The machine will automatically stop when the ice cream is done!
This is what you will see:
Step 14: Take your ice cream from the canister & put it into tupperware.
We use these:
Remove the ice cream maker spindle:
And, pour into the tupperware!
One Batch of ice cream fits perfectly into 1 Large Ziploc Brand container:
That is what the Cookies & Cream looks like! It is AMAZING! The BEST Ice Cream EVER!
If you were to make more than 1 batch, then you would just make the "base" and then add whatever toppings or flavor you want. One batch makes a ton, but since we were making this for a large crowd at a party, we made 3 batches.
Here is what the Butterfinger looks like:

Here is the peppermint:
Note: We added 2 cups of crushed starmints & it wasn't minty enough, so you could always add a little peppermint extract.
The ice cream is really soft once you take it out of the maker, so we freeze our ice cream in the containers for a few hours to harden it up.
Step 15: Enjoy!!!!
Kate is a fan!
Jimmy's ice cream isn't hard to make. It takes a little bit of time, but it is WORTH it!
You can also make an extra batch to put in pint or quart tubs & store them in the freezer and give them away to friends
for their birthday. It is also the perfect dessert to bring to a friend with a meal after they have a new baby! You can't go wrong with homemade ice cream!


  1. That post makes me want to purchase an ice cream maker... off to craigslist now...

  2. Looks YUMMY! Though I must contend that the BEST is from moo creamery ;)

  3. We made homemade ice cream TONIGHT and I wish I'd read your 4th of July post before now! So...we have a very old ice cream freezer. (Got it 20 years ago as a wedding gift!) It's only a 2 quart. Do you think your ice cream recipe would work or would I have to adjust it? Because I STILL have 1.5 coolers of ice from July 4 and I'm thinking we're making ice cream again tomorrow!

  4. Yum! I just found an ice cream maker at a yard sale today and am certainly going to try this out in it! Thanks!


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