7 years

August 24, 2002
One of the best days of my life!
We dated for 5 months, got engaged on February 15th (yes, the day AFTER Valentines Day, Kevin doesn't like Hallmark Holidays) and 6 months later tied the knot
in front of 250 of our closest family & friends!
Me & my bridesmaids:I had 2 Maids of Honor, both my sisters!
Kevin & his groomsmen:
Our wedding party:
We look so young!
I love you, Kevin! Thanks for being an amazing husband & father.
I am beyond blessed!

Thanks for an amazing 7 years of marriage and for "not getting sick of" me yet ;)
And, this post wouldn't be complete without wishing my parents,
Happy 35th Anniversary!
Yes, we got married the same day as my parents. It happened to be a coincidence. August 24th was one of the only dates left in summer that we could get married (since we had such a short engagement), so we booked it!
Jimmy & Mimi: August 24, 1974


  1. Congats!!!

    You guys are adorable :)

    And the same color scheme as your parents!!

    Maybe one of your girls will make it a third generation tradition and get married the same day :)

  2. Happy anniversary! That photo of your parents made me laugh out loud. Mine got married in 1979 and that veil and tux are identical.

    Here's to a bunch more years to come!

  3. happy anniversary!! great pics! how fast does time fly??? enjoy celebrating today : )

  4. Koo-Koo Ka-Choo! We have the same anniversary as MY parents, July 1st! Yet another thing in common. Awesome.

    Happy, Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! Here's to many more happy years.

  5. Yes, you were a lovely bride, no denying that....but motherhood is so becoming on you. You are far more beautiful now then you have ever been.

    Happy 7 years and 700 more to come!

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