School's Out for Summer!

{Sing with me!}
School's out for Summer! School's out Forever!

Well, maybe not
forever, but for 72 glorious days!

We have a lot of fun things planned this summer...
play dates
park dates
music class
farmer's market
drinking wine in the backyard on warm summer nights
BBQ's (lots of them, we are going to 3 this weekend!)
pebble beach & carmel
two trips to Tahoe
visiting Great Grammy
seeing Wicked
Claire's dedication
hanging out with friends
wine tasting
walks downtown for coffee
potty training (wish me luck, any tips?)

phew...I'm getting tired just thinking about it. I might just have to lounge around in my pj's on many some of these summer days.

Most of all, I am excited I get to spend my days with these 2 cuties:

I leave you with one of my favorite sayings.....

Top 3 Reasons to be a Teacher :
1. June
2. July
3. August

And, to those who are wondering, I look forward to summer SO much more as a teacher than I did when I was a student!
Horray for Summer!


  1. Makes me REALLY want to be a teacher, I miss summer vacation!!!!

  2. Maybe this is why I am not a math teacher, but I totally don't follow...where will you be for 102 days...do I not know about something?????

  3. thank you kristin...that was a typo! it should have been 72 days, I fixed it :) I have no idea why I typed 102...I wish!!!



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