Father's Day Weekend Re-Cap

Father's Day weekend didn't go originally as planned...
But, we came up with new plans as the weekend unfolded. When you have kids, you learn that flexibility is key!
Saturday morning, Kevin went on an early morning mountain bike ride with his buddy, Mark.
Kate made him a card with her watercolors.
Then, the girls and I went to a local donut shop so that Kev would have donuts (his favorite) and coffee when he arrived home from his ride!

While we ate our donuts, Claire was just hanging out under the dining room table.
The rest of the afternoon was a little crazy. Since Thursday, Kate had been not feeling well. She lost her apptetite & she had an on & off temperature (mostly it occurred at night & in the middle of the night). On Saturday afternoon, I went to change her and I noticed she had broken out in a rash.
So, off we went to the doctor's! Two hours later, we learned Kate had strep! I felt awful. She had been telling me since Thursday that she "can't eat", I assumed it was a tummy ache. Now it makes sense that her throat was hurting & it hurt her throat to eat food. Poor baby! They prescribed her the z-pack. This is Kate before taking her antibiotic:
Here is Kate 12 hours later! What a difference! I was amazed at how quickly it worked! (This was Kate's first time taking medicine and let me tell you, she does NOT like it. I literally have to pin her down & squirt the medicine in her mouth.)
Originally we were going to go on my parents boat on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day. But because Kate had strep, we made a Plan B.

We skipped church (bringing a kid with strep to the church nursery is NOT cool!!)
Instead, we walked downtown since the Fine Arts & Craft Fair was going on! It was fun, the weather was great and we ran into friends (Hi Caryn!)

Kate talked about her balloon the entire time! It was good for all of us to get some fresh air!
There were street muralists on one of the side streets, it was SO neat.
The pictures dont even do it justice.

After the girls nap, we met up with my parents & sisters to play a little bocce ball (my dad LOVES bocce ball!)
Kate got in on the action also!
My sisters and I lost to my parents & Kevin.
(we were too focused on eating cheese & crackers and drinking wine. And, I ran into friends here also, Hi Kim!!!)
Our dad, Jimmy!
After Bocce ball, we went back to my parents for dinner and coconut creme pie, Jimmy's favorite!
We had a nice weekend celebrating 2 amazing men! I am one of the lucky ones. I have an awesome dad & I married a man who is a wonderful dad! I am so blessed.
(We will celebrate Kevin's dad next weekend, his parents are on a cruise in Mexico! )

And, to cap off the weekend, I was tagged by an old youth group/high school friend Sarah
with the Honest Scrap Award. ( Actually, I was tagged LAST weekend, but I am a little slow...)
I'm now to list 10 things about myself that are true and that most people don't know and then tag another blogger. It's sort of like an award chain letter, I guess!
So, instead of listing just 10 things about myself, I am going be lazy & link you to my 111 Random Things about Mel post.
Now, I have to pass this award on to another blogger. I am passing it to Wendy (aka Totally Desperate Mom). Wendy and my hubby Kevin went to middle school & high school & youth group together. (I went to the same schools as them, just a few years behind....) Wendy is funny & entertaining (she was a childhood actress!) Her blog is one of the first blogs I started reading a couple years ago & it prompted me to start my own blog!

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