3 Princesses {and a Prince} Playdate

We love our weekly playdates with Maddie & Samuel!
Yesterday, all the girls dressed up princess skirts.
(By the way, Kevin has said for the past 2 years that the word "princess" is banned from our house but the reality is we have 2 girls and the word princess is going to get used!)
It was impossible to get them to pose all together, but I got some cute individual ones of them on their own!

Maddie is hysterical! Love this girl!



How cute is Samuel?!?! Such a handsome guy!
Not only is he handsome, he is one of the most mellow babies ever!
Kate was done with her skirt after about 5 minutes & decided to go on a horsey ride!
Giddy up!
Kate LOVES Samuel & talks about him all the time:
Thanks for another fun playdate, it is always a highlight of our week!


  1. Wow, Princ@$$ should never be spelled out, it is just like any other swear word. Sheesh what type of blog is this?

  2. The cutest kids. Ever. (not that I'm at all biased).



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