I'm a little teapot....

short and stout,
here is my handle,
here is my spout.

well, actually, this is not a teapot, but a teacup.
(with a baby in it)

This teacup is actually a planter! ha ha!
(That I purchased at Wal-Mart when Kate was a few months old after seeing this idea posted online. I thought it was HYSTERICAL, so I had to indulge)

Kevin thinks these pictures are ridiculous.
(So do I, but they make me laugh, and I hope they make you laugh too!)

(circa May 2007)

Claire is NOT amused....


  1. The look on Claire's face is priceless.

  2. i thought you returned that thing? and i think those pics count as matching shirts....


  3. Those are adorable.. I love Claire's face

  4. Aww poor Claire!! So cute though! I remember that pic of Kate, those pics of babies in platers were all the rage on BBC back in the day!!

  5. they will love you for these one day - probably when they see them on the slideshows at their weddings... oh what fun that will be! i think it's a very good thing they are both girls - a son would have looked pretty silly in a teacup!

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