Loving Lately // September 2017

It's time for another round of Loving Lately!
I've done this once a month since January & they have a color theme.
January was gray, February was pink, March was green , April was  yellow/gold, May was coral, June was Aqua/Turquoise and July was white,  August was Black & White, mostly black & white stripes...and September is Olive Green/Army Green! I am all about this color, especially in the Fall! Today is the first day of Fall, so HAPPY FALL!

Here is this month's Loving Lately....
//  ONE  // 
This is my go-to jacket in the Fall.

The color is perfect & neutral and goes with everything!
I got it HERE, but you can also get it HERE if you want other colors.
I wore this jacket when we were in Chicago in May and it is the perfect jacket to travel with!
That was such a fun trip...I want to go back to Chicago!

// TWO //
I am loving this vest! Perfect for Fall & adding a cute layer to your outfit!
 I got it last Fall and wear it often! The vest also comes in grey.
This is one of my favorite fall outfits with this vest:
  Shirt // Vest  // Jeans // Booties

// THREE //
More olive green clothing items...this shirt!
I wore it 2 years ago for our family photos:
It comes in several colors and is currently 30% off and you can get it for under $30.

// FOUR //
Love this jacket, it is a hoodie material & is really soft and warm.
 It is from Evy's Tree & I got it last Fall. They don't have it anymore, but they release new hoodies all the time. I have several of their hoodies, follow them on IG to stay up to date with all their new releases!
Most of their hoodies you can dress them up or dress it down.
I wore it wine tasting in Sonoma with some girls from my R+F team & we did a cave tasting & it was perfect!
I paired with a black tank top, these jeans & these leopard flats!
Side note....these leopard flats are the best and under $20!! I've had them for years!
Comfy & cute :)

// FIVE //
Final piece of olive green clothing that I am loving...these pants!

I got them in my Stitch Fix and they are so great!
You can also get the pants HERE.

If you haven't done a Stitch Fix I highly recommend it! Fall is my favorite time to get them because Fall clothes are my favorite!

I wore them yesterday with this shirt and  the leopard flats!

I told you I am loving olive green lately....what I love about olive green is that it goes with everything.
It is a neutral color in my opinion :)

// SIX //
Today is the first day of Fall..yeah!! Loving the cooler temps we had this week.
Not loving the fact that it is going to be 90 next week. BOO!!!!
Cooler weather means I start making soup at least once a week for dinner.

 We had a chili cook off on Saturday & I made White Chicken Chili
 {Recipe HERE}

During the Fall/Winter, I make a batch of Grammy's Split Pea Soup almost weekly for my lunches:

Recipe {HERE}

Even the food I am loving right now is olive green! LOL!

// SEVEN //
Need a planner for 2018? All Erin Condren planners are on sale for 25% off today!!!
I am loving this one...it is grayish/olive green.
Click HERE to see all the planners!
So many cute designs. This is my 5th year getting one, they are the best & on sale today for 25% off!

// EIGHT //
I am loving using Cactus/Succulents as decorations on my classroom window sill!
The 2 mini ones were bridal shower favors and the larger one is from my neighbor.
 She gave it to us as a "housewarming present" from when we had neighborhood party when our outdoor kitchen/bar was finished.

// NINE //
Speaking of the outdoor kitchen/bar area, now that we have an larger outdoor entertaining space (with a TV) the neighborhood guys have been coming over to watch baseball games and football games out there. An easy snack that Kevin is loving to serve is these olives from Trader Joe's:

They are Jalapeno stuffed olives & all the guys are LOVING them!
I am loving that I just have to open a jar & put them in a bowl. Easy!
Perfect "bar" snack along with a bowl of chips or a bowl of almonds/cashews!

// TEN //
I am LOVING this book! I just started it this week.
Have you read it?
And, the cover is olive green :)
I want to see the movie, but I won't see a movie unless I read the book first....anyone else do that?

So, there you have it....some lovely olive green things I have been Loving Lately.
What have you been Loving Lately? 

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  1. Sometimes I'll watch a movie based on a book and that will inspire me to actually read the book. It's always interesting to see which is better, though I think the book usually wins out.


  2. Loving all your olive green clothing picks for this month! I want that jacket!!! How does the sizing run?

  3. I usually choose books over movies....however, The Zookeepers Wife (in my opinion) was a let down - I thought it was so boring. The movie, however, was fantastic and brought me to tears twice!! Skip the book on this one and go straight to the movie!!

  4. After reading zookeeper wife I wanted to read a couple more WW2 books. Hiding place by Corrie Ten Boom and the orphans tale by Pam Jenoff so far. Amazing how each story across Europe was impacted.

  5. Read Code Name Verity. Awesome WW2 book.

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