Instant Pot Baked Chicken Tacos

As you know, I am pretty obsessed with my Instant Pot.
I use it at least once a week and I am always trying new recipes to make.
Last week, I wanted to make baked chicken tacos and decided to make the mixture in my Instant Pot.
They were delicious, so I knew I had to share them here with you!
Like the majority of my recipes, they are super easy to make!
Here is what you need:
- 2 lb bag of Frozen Chicken Breasts
- 1 packet of taco seasoning
- 2 cans of Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes, drained
- 1 can of Green Chilies, drained
- 1 can of diced jalapenos (optional), drained
- 1 can of Refried Beans
- Tortillas (I use flour, you could use corn)
- Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese (or Monterrey Jack Cheese if you don't want it as spicy)

Drain your diced tomatoes, green chilies & diced jalapenos.
Put the frozen chicken breasts, taco seasoning, drained diced tomatoes, green chilies & jalapenos in your Instant Pot.

Give it a big stir:
Then put the lid on your Instant Pot turn the knob to SEALING:

 Turn to high on manual setting and cook for 20 minute:
When it is done cooking, let it naturally release pressure for 10 minutes. Then you can manually let it out & it will look like this:
Take out the chicken breasts & shred them in a bowl:
They will be falling apart & so easy to shred.
Before you put them back in the Instant Pot, strain the liquid tomato/green chili/jalapeno mixture that is in the Instant Pot.
The chicken is really watery as it cooks, so that is why there is so much liquid in the Instant Pot. You don't want that liquid in your tacos because then they will get soggy! Then I also strained the Chicken like this for  couple minutes:
After you get rid of all the excess liquid, combine everything together in a bowl or back in your Instant Pot liner:
Your chicken filling is ready to go! Now it's time to make the tacos.
I spread a bit of refried beans on the tortillas:
Then I add a large scoop of the chicken mixture to the tortillas & place them in a 9x13 pan:
 I add a generous handful of pepper jack cheese to each one (or montery jack if you want them less spicy)
 I am able to fit 8 tacos in my 9x13 pan. You will still have almost half your chicken mixture left, so I either freeze it or put it in the fridge and use it later in the week.
Bake (uncovered) for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.
 The cheese will be nice & melted and the tortillas will have a slight crunch.
 Then I sprinkle with some chopped cilantro (from my garden!)
Like I mentioned earlier, the chicken filling makes a lot. If you don't want to make Baked Tacos with the rest of the filing, you can use it as a filling for regular tacos, burritos, chicken taco rice & bean bowl or a chicken taco salad.
The chicken mixture is so full of flavor!
I am not usually a big fan of refried beans, but it just works for these Baked Tacos. You could always use pinto or black beans if you prefer.
When you serve them, add sour cream, salsa, guacamole, sliced Jalapenos, shredded lettuce, or any of your favorite taco toppings!
If you don't have an Instant Pot yet (Seriously...what are you waiting for...go buy one!!)
You can make this mixture in your Crock Pot....follow the directions, but cook on low for 5-6 hours or on high for 3-4 hours.
We devoured these & hope you love them as much as we do!


  1. These look amazing! We love your spicy shredded pork tacos, can't wait to try these!

  2. WAIT, didn't you miss the liquid you added to the pot and ingredients??? what did you use? without the liquid you burn the pot and it cannot come to pressure. i'm confused.

  3. Yes! Bring on the Instant Pot recipes! These look delicious!

  4. Thank you for your IP recipes. Please keep them coming! This one is cooking right now!

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