Loving Lately // February 2017

It's time for another round of Loving Lately!
I did this last month & it was fun, so here is this month's Loving Lately!

// ONE //
I am loving these 2 nail polish colors. They have been on rotation the past few weeks, perfect for February!
Berry            //         Pink

This is my favorite type of nail polish because if you use the base coat & top coat, I have found that it doesn't chip for about a week!!!
I have now have about 10 colors, but it comes in 65 different colors! I am telling you, this nail polish is the best!

// TWO //
I love my sisters! It was my younger sister's birthday last week, so we had a girls dinner over the weekend.
So thankful to have sisters that are 2 of my best friends.

// THREE //
I know I talk about this a lot, but I am LOVING Lash boost
(see my lashes in the above photo...LOVE!)
When you buy Lash boost & a regimen bundle, you can get up to 30% off! This is an amazing deal that R+F is offering this month!
 If you want to love your lashes and have longer, fuller, darker looking lashes and great skin,  I would love to get you started!

What is your biggest skin concern? I'm here to help! We have products for all skin types.

I am so thankful for the R+F products....our Reverse regimen got rid of my pregnancy melasma that I had with all 3 pregnancies.

Take THIS quick 5 questionnaire to find out what is best for your skin!

All new preferred customers this month get $20 cash back and  a FREE essentials item (body sunscreen, body lotion, gauze pads or lip shield)

Like all of our products, this bundle comes with a 60 day empty bottle 100% money back guarantee!

Email me with questions or to place your order:

 // FOUR //
Speaking of lashes....I am loving this mascara
I just started using it a few weeks ago and I am loving it!
You can get it HERE.

// FIVE //
Forget roses.....give me all the Pink Tulips!
Love this time of year when tulips are in bloom!

// SIX //
Chocolate dipped strawberries with sprinkles? Love them!
These were the goodies I made for my Valentines....I love adding sprinkles to everything!

// SEVEN //
Our school auction is next month and it's a Kentucky Derby Theme.
How fun is that?
I love the Kentucky Derby! Here are some dresses that I am looking at.....
I love stripes:

This Solid Pink is cute:

How fun is this one? LOVE it!

Not sure if I am a floral person, but it is Kentucky Derby-ish.

I like this one, but not sure about the belt:

Love this color blocking, it would be fun with a big pink hat!
 Which one is your favorite?
// EIGHT //
This long wear Lip Gloss is my all time Favorite. I LOVE them. These are my 2 favorite colors:

Last summer, the girl at the MAC counter told me they were discontinuing it, so I stocked up...but now I am almost out of my last tube & it is discontinued, so now I need suggestions on what long lasting lip glosses you recommend!

// NINE //
You guys....we got a Roomba for Christmas.
It's amazing. Like really amazing. I am in LOVE with it.
 We have named our Roomba...the name is "Ralphie" after the University of Colorado buffalo mascot. It only seems fitting since our dog's name is Boulder & Ralphie does a great job vacuuming up all that dog hair!
The Roombais everything and more. And it's $75 off now!
It runs everyday for an hour when we are at work & school.
What I really love is that my kids know they have to keep their bedroom  floors picked up so that Ralphie doesn't ruin any of their toys.
So, it's a win-win.....their rooms get picked up and then vacuumed :)
LOVE it!

// TEN //
I am loving these earrings....they just came out with some gorgeous new colors!

I have 3 of these earrings...I like this size because they aren't too big.

I am loving this blush color....aren't they perfect for Spring?

This month's Loving Lately had a pink theme....last month they were all grey/silver in color. Ha!
You know I love a theme ;)

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I LOVE number 3! Seriously I need a place to wear black/white and hot pink!

  2. We have a derby event every year as a school fundraiser and we have SO much fun dressing up each year. I love it!

  3. I love the striped dress, but you would probably get more wear out of the others. Love that the Roomba makes the kids keep their toys off the floor! Have a fun weekend, Mel!

  4. Your lashes look AMAZING!
    I am excited for my lash boost to arrive.
    I like the solid pink dress. That would look cute with a polka dot or striped hat. What a fun theme!

  5. I started using my lash boost night. And my new eye cream!! Hoping for positive results. Lately I am loving that my youngest daughter (who graduated from Fresno State last May) has a full time career job and has moved into her first apartment all by herself ...no college roomies! Vive la empty nesters! hehehe!

  6. Makeup Forever has a long wear lip color/gloss similar to the Mac one. I've used them both and love the Makeup Forever ones. My Sephora doesn't carry them in the store anymore but you can order them online.

  7. So many cute dress choices! You can't go wrong with any of them. Sprinkles make me happy and your chocolate dipped strawberries look delicious! Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm a Louisville gal so my one question is...will you be wearing a hat?? All of the dresses look very Derby-ish. Such a fun theme for an event!



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