Luke's New Room + A Winner

At the end of last year we finally got rid of Luke's crib and put him in a big boy bed.
If you remember, a year ago he had already been crawling in and out of his crib, trying to climb his furniture and destroying his room.
(Read about it HERE
I got a crib tent for him and that worked great for months...until it broke and zipper no longer worked, so it was time to get rid of the crib and get Luke a big boy bed.

 Here is what Luke's room looked like when it was nursery:
  He was 3 years, 3 months when we finally got rid of his crib, which is way older than the girls were when I put them in big girl beds.
I guess I was dreading it with Luke because he is our last...after he was in the big boy bed it meant no more crib in our house. It meant no more rocking chair in a nursery.
It was the end of an era.

We had that rocking chair in all 3 kids nursery's....9 years we had this rocker.
I spend countless hours nursing my babies in that chair.
Kevin has read our kids thousands of bedtime stories in that chair.
I am not going to lie...getting rid of that chair was harder than taking down the crib.
I totally cried.
So many memories with that chair.
But it was time.
Time to move on from having a nursery and time to give Luke a big boy room.
You can see the rest of his nursery HERE

The crib was used for all 3 of our kids & my mom bought it for us when I was pregnant with Kate & it's still in good shape, so it's set up in her house for her grandkids to sleep in.

Here is what his room looks like now:
We kept the same "theme" which is basically navy/red with a sports emphasis.
Those are Luke's favorite colors & he loves sports, so it worked perfectly to keep his room with the same theme. 
Bed {HERE} // Dresser {HERE} // Bedding {HERE} // Lamp {HERE} // Toy Bin {HERE}
 His crib & dresser where white, but I for his big boy bed, I wanted to switch to dark wood.
 We took down the rain gutter bookshelves because we needed more storage & we were putting his bed along that wall. I got THIS bookshelf {HERE} and  bins {HERE} to store trains & cars.
The "L", baseball piggy bank & lamp {HERE} were from his nursery.

I kept the same canvas prints up (HERE) but updated the one in the corner (Homegoods!)
He got THIS chair for Christmas last year. His nightlight is also from HERE.

 I also kept up his name canvas from his nursery.
 I got his sheets HERE. They are SO soft!
So, there you have it! Luke's new room.
He loves his big boy bed & the transition went really well.
Although, now that he is in a bed, he likes to sleep with one of his lights on, which is fine by us.

As you can tell from his room (and the rest of my house) my decor is very simple. 
Some might think it is boring, but I can't handle clutter....can I get an Amen?

I love Luke's room & bedding because it is classic & simple...I think it will work until he is in middle school/high school...if it holds up that long!

Now that Luke's room is updated to a big boy room, our next room project is re-painting Claire's room. She got new bedding for her birthday in September, but it doesn't match her wall paint.
Her wall paint is a pastel pink. We painted it 6 years ago when we moved in & it was her nursery.
When she went into a big girl bed, we gave her Kate's old quilt & got Kate a new one.
The paint is very light and over 6 years has a dirt & smudge marks on it!
We are in the process of picking out a new color.

Claire wants pink again, but a brighter pink.
We are deciding between bubble gum pink or pepto bismal pink ;)

If you are nosy like me & like to check out what other people's homes look like, you can click HERE  for the rest of our home tour!

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  1. I like simple decor and no clutter too. I've been told that our house "doesn't look lived in", but I'd go crazy if we had stuff everywhere!

  2. I love his room - all American boy theme! I'm big on collage walls but I really like the simplicity of his room!

  3. His room looks great! I will admit I got teary as I read your post as I will be facing getting rid of my daughter's crib and glider within the next year. I think your right the rocker will be the most difficult--so many sweet memories. Liz familyoffoley.wordpress.com

  4. I love it! so cute!


  5. I love the new look of Luke's room.


  6. Love the new room!! I totally teared up thinking about the rocker!!

  7. The new room turned out great! Love the bedding!

  8. Your son's room looks great. I love the red and navy together.

  9. Ugh, we're going to be doing the same thing soon and I can't bear the thought of getting rid of the chair either. Our son is almost five and he's STILL sleeping in the toddler bed because Momma just can't let go. Lol. Everything looks fantastic, though!



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