Fig, Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza

As you might know, pizza is my favorite food. 
I could eat it everyday.
Last month I got THIS pizza maker.
(It is also on sale HERE)
We have been making pizza for dinner at least 1 time a week since we got it! 
I have been experimenting with different pizza toppings/recipes and there have been some REALLY good ones!
Like I mentioned in January, once a month I am going to share a new pizza recipe with you.
You don't need the pizza maker (you can use your oven) but I am letting you know that using this pizza maker gives your pizza an authentic pizzeria taste! 

I am planning on sharing a new pizza recipe the last Friday of each month in honor of Friday Night Pizza Night that we have every Friday night at our house. 
Last month I shared my BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe {HERE}

Today, I am excited to share:
Fig Prosciutto Arugula Pizza
I got inspiration for this pizza 3 years ago at one of my Pioneer Woman Potluck parties.
My friend Becky brought a Fig Proscitto Pizza and I have been making it ever since.

Here is what you need:
- Pizza Dough (I use pre-made dough from Safeway. Trader Joes also has premade dough, but Safeway's is so much easier to work with & tastes better! You can make your own dough, but when the pre-made dough is only $1.50, this is a no brainer!)
- Fig Preserves (or if you don't want seeds you can use Trader Joe's Fig Butter)
- Fresh Mozzeralla
- Prosciuttto
- Shaved Parmesean 
- Arugula

Roll out your dough on a lightly floured surface. I make this a little thinner than I normally would.
***When I use the pizza maker, I split my dough in half & make 2 pizzas out of 1 dough.
If you use your oven, you can use the entire dough for 1 pizza if you want. You can make it a circular crust or a rectangle. It's totally up to you!***

Spread the fig preserves or fig butter on the dough.
(Fig preserves have seeds & has small chunks of fig. Fig Butter is smoother with some figs, but no chunks of fig)
Here is a comparison:
Slice your mozzarella:
Place on top of fig spread:
Bake in your pizza oven (or regular oven at 450 degrees) for 8-10 minutes.
Now, lay pieces of prosciutto on top of the melted cheese:
Add the shaved Parmesan cheese:
Sprinkle on the arugula:
I like to add a lot of arugula, but you can add less if you want!
Slice the pizza:
This pizza is full of fun flavors...it's salty & sweet.
The arugula gives it a good crunch & makes it taste fresh.
It is super simple to make, yet tastes fancy!

I hope you enjoy this pizza as much as I do!

Last month I shared my BBQ Chicken Pizza:
 Get the recipe {HERE}

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If you need me this  evening I will be binge watching Fuller House...have you watched it yet?!?!
I've watched the first 2 episodes so far...LOVING it!!!

TGIF & Happy Friday Night Pizza Night!


  1. Oh yum this sounds amazing! I will need to put this on our menu for next week. I agree trader joes pizza dough is hard to work with....I can't roll it out.
    Do you still have your pioneer woman potlucks?

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! I recently found out that I have a tomato allergy :( and have been missing pizza! I'm going to give this a shot tomorrow. THANkS

  3. I think you need to quit teaching and open up your own pizzeria :) This looks divine!!! I could totally make this lactose and gluten free (unfortunately for me), but I feel like that pizza maker is a necessity.

  4. I love figs so this is right up my alley. Yum. And I need to use some sunless tanner before I head to Mexico. Such white and dry legs for me.

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