You've Been Egged! {Free Printable}

I am SOOOOOO excited about this Printable & this fun Easter Activity for you to do with your kids.
I have been planning this printable for a year.
Last Easter season, some of our friends "Egged" us.
They left 12 eggs on our lawn (1 was empty) They left a handwritten note letting us know we got "Egged". 
I knew right then that I was going to make this into a printable so I could this with my kids and so you guys could do this!
 Here is what you need:
- Plastic Easter Eggs
- Easter Candy (We picked out our favorites!)
- Easter erasers
-Easter Stickers 
- You've been Egged Printable (download at the bottom of this post)

You can use whatever you want to fill up the eggs!
Got these items from the Target Dollar Spot:
My girls LOVED putting the eggs together. They had so much fun.
 We wanted to Egg 6 different families, so we were very calculated on how we filled our eggs.
We did 12 eggs at a time.
 We made sure we had 2 eggs of jelly beans, a 2 of m&ms, 2 chocolate eggs & 2 eggs of PB cups, 2 with erasers & 1 with stickers & 1 Empty Egg.
Then we put the 12 eggs in a bag:
 Then I added the "You've been Egged" printable to the bag & set it aside.
 It helped keep us nice an organized :)
Our bags ready to Egg our friends!
We headed out to egg our friends! While the girls hid the eggs, I taped the printable to the front door.
 So much fun! The girls were nervous about getting caught, so we hid the eggs quickly!
 Now, you can egg your friends also! This is a tradition we will do every year, SO fun!
{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}
Click {HERE} to download more of my Free Printables!

Have fun Egging your friends!


  1. Love this idea! Wonder if I can pull this off this week? You have such a fun neighborhood.

  2. I love this idea Mel!! Such cute printables too!!

  3. What a perfect way to celebrate Easter with our friends and neighbors! Love this idea!

  4. We are heading to target tonight to get the supplies! I LOVE this!!!! Brady is already saying he hopes that someone will Egg us!!! Thank you!

  5. Great ideas! I am going to do the jelly beans to lollipops idea to explain the Easter Story - LOVE! And who doesn't love Target - would love to dress up my living area with some new lamps and a nice big rug!



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