Hives, Hail, a Deal & some Randomness

Last Friday started out as any other Friday. 
Last week all 3 kids had been sick at one point...Kate had an ear infection and Claire & Luke both had fevers and a nasty cough.
I was so excited that it was finally Friday because that meant the weekend was here and we could catch up on all the sleep we lost during the week being up with sick kids almost every night.
I was also excited for Friday because Kate's class was putting on their Cardboard Box Arade for the entire school. Each student in her class built an arcade game out of a cardboard box and they invited the entire school to come to their arcade.
This was based off of Caine's Arcade.
If you haven't heard about Cain's Arcade, watch THIS video! So inspiring!
 It was $1 to play 15 games and all the money raised was for a sister school that our school supports.
Kate has been looking forward to this day since she made her game in December.
Here she is, ready to go (they all wore "Staff" shirts)
Over 200 kids came to the arcade! So fun!About 30 minutes into the arcade, I noticed that Luke had some red bumps on his arms, then 5 minutes later, they had spread and they were all over his back & chest!
He was breaking out in hives! I had no idea why. He has no allergies that we know of.
There was a mom at the school who is a doctor and she said to take him to Urgent Care ASAP.
I called Kevin because I needed to have him come to the school since Kate & Claire were still there.
I am thankful for my friends & that I could leave the girls at school while I took Luke in.
Luke's hives:
The doctor had no idea what was causing the hives. He started getting them at 3:30, but then by 5:30 they had completely disappeared on their own.
We put him to bed at 7pm, he woke up at 9pm and had hives all over himself again. Then, an hour or so later the hives were gone again!
It was so bizarre. We had Luke sleep in our bed Friday night because we were so paranoid about the hives. I was texting all my nurse friends & chatted with our Doctor.
I had Kevin run to the store to get Benadryl at 10pm just in case we needed it.
The hives slightly came back on Satruday & he hasn't had them since Saturday night. 
We still have no idea what they were from and neither does our doctor.
I am thinking he got them as a leftover from his cough & fever that he had earlier in the week?
Has anyone's kids experienced something like this?

Also over the weekend, we had a random hail storm for about 15 minutes.
This was the first time my kids have seen hail!
They were like, "What is this stuff?"
It was so fun to see it our yard covered in hail, even if it melted after 5 minutes!
On Sunday we celebrated Boulder's 10th Birthday!!
I can't believe our first "baby" is 10.
Doesn't she look great for being 70 in dog years? 
 You can read more about Boulder {HERE}

Sunday night was also my mother in law's birthday....she turned the big 7-0!
We went to dinner at our favorite Mexican place to celebrate her!
 A margarita was definitley in order after having a weekend dealing with hives and lack of sleep.
Now for the DEAL!
I am excited to announce that it is is another exciting week for R+F! 
 First, Acute Care, our needle-free filler is now available to EVERYONE as a stand-alone product. See why FORBES named this products as one of 2014's Most Innovative Beauty Products. 
 Here are some awesome Before + Afters with Acute Care:
Let me know if you want to purchase Acute Care! 
I am excited to let you know about my March Special!
 $20 cash back, FREE Shipping AND 17% off your first order!
And....if you are interested in the business, you get 17% OFF your business kit!!!!

It's time to take a look with an open mind.
Rodan + Fields is a fantastic company and they unveiled a new incentive program that is AMAZING!!!
Get this: In addition to commission, you can now also earn 100% reimbursement for your business kit!
Starting your own business basically for free? Huge tax deductions? Residual Income? Fun flexible business on an amazing supportive team? Beautiful skin? YES PLEASE!!!
Plus, Kate Spade products, $1000 shopping spree + personal shopper at Nordstrom, free trip to Austin for convention, and cash bonuses. And that is all on top of our normal pay plan!
NEW CONSULTANTS starting now have it better than ever.
Want to join in the fun?
Want to build a huge $ business?
OR Just want to play around with a fun hobby and get product at wholesale? 
Either way there is a plan for you!
Last year I earned a trip to Napa for the weekend (read about it HERE) & I also earned an all expense paid trip to our Convention in Atlanta (Read about it HERE
This little part time gig has given me so many amazing opportunities and it's FUN!
I honestly spend about 15 minutes a day on my R+F business. 
And, you don't need a blog to be successful, you just need to know people who have skin :)
If I can do this, ANYONE can do this!
Send me an email if you want to learn more about R+F
And now for some Randomness....
We need to talk about #TheDress
 Big Debate in our house. I see it as white & gold. So does Kate & my mother in law. 
Kevin, Claire, my father in law, sister & brother in law see Black & Blue.

On Monday, this is what I wore to school:
I didn't think anything of it until several of my students 1st period asked me if my shirt was really blue & black. This continued all day! Middle School kids are funny.
And, yes, my shirt is in fact blue & black :)

One of my friends posted this on FB and I thought it was hysterical!
My neighbors would get a kick out of this!
I will see if Kevin will change the name & then I will wait & see if any of our neighbors mentions it. Ha!
I leave you with one more random photo...It's the awkward moment when  you to to take a photo and don't realize you accidently hit the selfie mode on your camera.
Hope you are having a good Wednesday!


  1. My daughter Jaina had unexplained hives twice before the age of 2. She eventually did get allergy testing, but we never found out why or how she got hives. Our allergist suspected a certain food, but since we weren't keeping a food diary and she never got them again, there was no way to tell what it was.

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  3. My 2 year old had hives exactly like that. They came and went over several days. Our dr said that kids can have an allergic reaction to a virus, and not to worry about it too much unless it lasts longer than like 10 days.

  4. Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud at that ecard! So funny! I love looking back at your week friend! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Did you Dr. test him for Strep throat? My daughter got hives once when she was about Luke's age (only time she ever had them) and it turns out she had strep. The doctor said it can be a lesser know symptom of strep.

  6. I would recommend keeping some Benadryl or Claritin in your purse and, if you can get one from your doctor, an epi-pen. It was probably a fluke thing, but if it was an allergic reaction to something, it could be worse if it happens again. Hope your kids stay healthy. :)

  7. Luke's hives looks JUST like the reaction my daughter had to amoxicillian. Hope it is better! Love your blog so much.

  8. LoL! That ecard is hilarious! I sent it to my neighbor and she loved it. What a great idea. So sorry hear to hear about Luke, Jillian would get some random hives when she was little. We chalked it up a reaction to a virus too. Hope he is better and that the hives are gone for good!



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