I have lived here in California my entire life.
I was born here in the Bay Area and haven't left (except for the 4 years when I went to college at University of Colorado)
All these years of living here and I didn't know about the hidden gem of Seascape. 
It is less than 75 miles from my house! How did I not know about it?
I have been to Santa Cruz & Capitola more times than I can count, but never knew about Seascape which is nestled in right there.
We headed to Seascape this weekend with Kevin's entire family to celebrate my mother in laws 70th Birthday!
I love Capitola!
We started out Friday afternoon meeting in Capitola for a late lunch.
Yummy Cocktails:

Sandwiches...mahi mahi and also a seafood melt. Yum!

 All the cousins playing beach soccer. Luke was in heaven.
 Luke LOVES the sand. He would dig all day.

After walking around Capitola we headed to Seascape to check into our condos at the Seascape Resort. A lovely 5 minute drive along the ocean.
We had 3 condos right in a row (there were 18 of us)

 After we checked in, we headed down to the beach! 
Our Friday night plans were to have a bonfire at the beach, have appetizers, dinner & then S'mores!
 We practically had the entire beach to ourselves! I am telling you...Seascape is a hidden gem!
 We took a family pic since all of us were on the trip!
 Kevin, & his brother & sister and the spouses:
 All 18 of us:

5 of us:
 Playing in the sand as the sun was setting:

 So pretty!
S'mores on the beach:
After the beach we headed back to the condo since it was way past bedtime. What do you do when you are sandy & smell like smoke from the bonfire? Have the kids go swimming!
Kevin got us donuts for breakfast & we enjoyed them on our balcony.
 Here is the view from our balcony:

The weather was incredible on Saturday, so we hung at the pool all day
 At the pool, you could pick up a phone and have food & drinks delivered to you! YES!
 It was 88 degrees all day...we were at the pool for over 6 hours. Playing cribbage, playing in the pool & swimming with cousins. It was the perfect day.
That night, the power went out, so we ordered pizza & all had dinner by candle light and the sunset was amazing!
 We are spoiled here in California!
It was an awesome weekend with Kevin's side of the family celebrating my awesome mother in law!
We had so much fun, we are going to make this trip an annual tradition!

As we drove home, I was noticing the different landscapes we have on just an 1.5 hour drive home.
We had the ocean.
Then we had the mountains with pine trees...
As we headed out of mountains, we were in the foothills...
More hills....
 Then really green hills....

And, as we got home, more hills with yellow mustard everywhere:
 I love the diversity of California & the scenic drives we get.
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 Hope you have a great St. Patricks Day!
We are having Guiness Stew tonight.

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How about you? Any fun St. Patty's Day plans?


  1. You're right - we are so spoiled here in CA! Our family moved out to Mountain View from Connecticut this past summer and I love it so much that I could never imagine living anywhere else now. Thanks for sharing the info on Seascape. It looks like a great spot for a weekend getaway.
    - Lauren

  2. What a wonderful get-a-way! Sounds perfect!

  3. Aptos!! Love that place so much! Theres nothing better than s'mores on the beach... especially when they do the hard work for you!

  4. Aww... what a fun trip. Looks like you guys had a blast! :)

  5. Seascape looks like the cutest little town! That cocktail and those food pics.. delicious!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  6. What a beautiful and amazing trip! Your pics are awesome! The nachos look fantastic too :) So since you are from the bay area, are you a Golden State fan? We are from Ohio but my oldest (Brady-8) is OBSESSED with them. That was the theme of his bday party last weekend. We actually met Steph Curry at Myrtle Beach 2 years ago.
    PS-My blog is finally done! Please check it out if you get a moment!!! www.127things.blogspot.com
    PPS- loving my self-tanner so far!!!! No orangey streaks! xoxo

  7. I have never ever seen a sunset on the West Coast. Totally on my bucket list! My cousin lives in Santa Barbara and keeps inviting me out to visit!

  8. I've got you beat....I've been going to my in-law's beach house in Aptos for over 20 years and finally made it to Seascape this past Valentine's Day. We had a wonderful brunch up there. Good food and beautiful views and less than 10 minutes away from Aptos. Who knew? Looks like you had an awesome weekend there!



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