Valentine, You are Fun! {Free Valentine Printable}

It's no secret that I love making Valentine Printables!
 I get so excited in January when Target brings out the Valentine Candy.
The girls and I go check out the selection and they pick their favorites and then I make printables for them!
This year, Claire picked Fun Dip!
Dipping a sugar stick in sugar...can't believe my sugar loving girl picked Fun Dip ;)
 I love the bright fun colors rather than the traditional red, pink & white colors of Valentines Day, so I made a printable with matching bright colors.
I chose the phrase "You are fun Valentine" because Claire picked out Fun Dip to hand out to her class. I love doing a play on words :)
  I like adding a tag to the Valentines because for younger kids who are first learning to write (like Claire) their handwriting is bigger, so it's hard to squeeze their names on the labels on the candy.
You can use these printables with any candy since the phrase is pretty generic!
It is super simple to assemble these. 
Print out the printable on white paper or white cardstock.
Write names on them, cut them out & staple them to the candy.
So easy! 

Here is the printable:
{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

Here are some past Valentine's Printables that I have made over the years, some with candy, some without:

Ring Pop Valentine:

Goldfish Valentines:
They have these Valentine Goldfish packs at Target again this year.
I have 3 different versions of Printables that would work for Goldfish:

Valentine Peeps S'mores:


Valentines using pencils:
(2 versions of this printable. One says "Valentine you are just Write!" the other says "You've got the Write stuff, Valentine"


Valentine Cookies in a Jar:
I give these to my girls teachers & the School office staff, custodian, crossing guard, etc.


I was busy yesterday afternoon while Luke was napping. 
I have 4 MORE Valentine Printables coming your way this week & next!



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