10 on 10 :: February 2015

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month! 

{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Happy 10th of February. This month is flying by!
Here is a sneak peek of our day. It was a pretty typical day.
It was REALLY foggy this morning when I got to school. 
It has been foggy in the morning & then it burns off by 10 am and is really sunny.
Today at school I gave a quiz to all my classes. We are working on rates & ratios.
After school I picked up Luke from my mom's. My parents have the best view.
 When we got home it was lunch time. I had the Kale Salad from Trader Joes. So yummy!
It was such a nice day out (72 degrees!) and Claire wanted to ride her bike in the front yard. While she did that, I cleaned out my car. My car was absouletly disgusting. I will spare you pictures of that....Luke had thrown an entire bag of goldfish crackers in the car, so there was smashed up fishies everywhere. Plus one of the girls water bottles leaked so my car had that lovely mildew smell. I vaccuumed it all out & left the windows and doors open for 2 hours while the nice sunny weather aired out my car.
 Can we talk about Claire riding her bike in a long maxi skirt? She is crazy :)
February means tulip season. I love tulips! I currently have pink ones on my kitchen table:
 Then it was time to go pick up Kate from school. Pretty much every day I have wake up Luke from his nap so we can pick up Kate. #3rdkidproblems 
He likes reading his books in the car.
After school we headed to Claire's gymnastics class. She has been begging to do gymnastics for over a year, so I finally enrolled her! This was her first official class.

 During gymnastics, we sat above and Kate did her homework while Luke played with the different toys up there. I think this will work out nicely each Tuesday.

After gymnastics we went back home for dinner.
This is also the witching hour....4 until 6 pm....Serenity now. 
Dinner was Baked Ravioli! So easy & so quick to make on busy weeknights!
After the kids were in bed Kevin & I watched New Girl and of course I had a little treat.
It's Girl Scout Cookie Season! Kate is a brownie, so we have lots of cookies at our house right now.
I always keep a box of Thin Mints in the freezer. 
I add a little scoop of vanilla ice cream in between 2 Thin Mints and Viola....a mini ice cream sandwich! 
It's the perfect little dessert when you feel like something sweet!
Stock up on those Thin Mints! :)

So, there you have it....a snapshot of our day. 
It was a pretty typical day of work, picking up the kids, doing homework and going to their activities!
I love doing 10 on 10 because I get to document ordinary things!
Hope you had a great 10th!


  1. Thanks to your blog I have been doing 10 on 10 for the past year : http://www.mamachitchat.com/2015/02/10-10-february-2015/

  2. Love seeing an ordinary day!! It's a refreshing reminder that we don't have to be doing amazing, adventurous things to be interesting! (although amazing, adventurous things are great too!) I might try this for March!

  3. My kids have always loved taking gymnastics or tumbling classes. I know she'll love it!

  4. Argh!!! I missed it again!! I love these posts and so want to join in but I always forget. Okay I'm telling Siri to remind me in March!! So fun and can you send a box of cookies my way!

  5. I can't stop thinking about that thin mint ice cream sandwich!! What a great idea....yum!

  6. The Think Mint ice cream sandwiches are just brilliant! I'm totally doing that too!

  7. Yum I haven't ever tried making an ice cream sandwich with thin mints! Great idea!

  8. Sounds fun! So do you only teach mornings then, or just on this day?



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