Friday Favorites {Kate is Eight Edition!}

Happy Friday!!!

Today I'm linking up with Friday Favorites!

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 My #1 favorite thing is that today is Kate's 8th Birthday!!!!!
Birthdays are my favorite and Kate is my favorite 8 year old! 
I can't EVEN.
So incredibly proud to be her mom, Kate is one of the sweetest girls I know.

Party Planning is my FAVORITE!
Kate's Pizzeria Party is tonight....I can't wait!

I have been busy this week party prepping....our kitchen is starting to look like an Italian Pizzeria!
To see all the parties I have thrown over the years, click on the Party Tab on my Navigation Bar or just click {HERE}

Our neighbors are my favorite!
I know I talk about it often, but we live on a very special court.
Last weekend our neighbors had friends from Australia visiting & some of the guys (including Kevin) went to the SJ Sharks hockey game with the Aussies and at 10:30 at night, they wanted to bring out the lights & the corn hole boards and play some corn hole!
I was folding laundry & watching HGTV, but of course I came outside to play because cornhole is my favorite and hanging out with my neighbors is my favorite!
This is my typical cornhole outfit because it keeps me warm!
Vest // Leggings // Uggs

Stitch Fix is my Favorite! 
 I just got an email from them letting me know my Fix has shipped and is on it's way!
It's like Christmas morning every month. This is my 9th month getting a Stitch Fix (you don't have to do them every month, but I love getting them, so I chose the monthly option. :)
You don't have to do it every month, you can customize it to how you want it...every other month, every 2 months, every 3 months, etc.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you link your Pinterest Boards to them so that know what styles you like. If you don't have Pinterest, that's okay because they also have a style questionaire for you to fill out & they have collages of outfits and you rate them on how you like them.
Each Fix comes with 5 different items & it comes with a prepaid mailing envelope, so you can easily return the items you don't want.
You aren't obligated to keep any of it! I have kept at least 1 item each time, sometimes I keep 2 or 3.
It's fun!
Click {HERE} to get started!
Target Dollar Spot/Valentines Spot is my favorite!
They have some good stuff right now!

Bouncy Balls:



Next week I plan on making more Valentine's printables for you guys that will pair up with some of these items!

Our school allows candy, but they PREFER you bring non-food items (especially in Kinder) When the girls were in Preschool they couldn't bring candy, I brought in Valentines from the Target Valentine Spot.
These go quickly, so stock up now :)

Making Printables & sharing them with you guys is my FAVORITE!
I can't wait to get started on this year's Valentine printables....have to get through Kate's party first....1 project at a time :)

Here are some past Valentine's Printables that I have made over the years, some with candy, some without:

Ring Pop Valentine:

Goldfish Valentines:
They have these Valentine Goldfish packs at Target again this year.
I have 3 different versions of Printables that would work for Goldfish:

Valentine Peeps S'mores:


Valentines using pencils:
(2 versions of this printable. One says "Valentine you are just Write!" the other says "You've got the Write stuff, Valentine"

Here are this year's pencils from the Target Valentine's Spot! Boy & Girl pencils!

 Valentine Cookies in a Jar:
I give these to my girls teachers & the School office staff, custodian, crossing guard, etc.

Even though Target is MY favorite....going to Target with 3 kids during their "witching hour" 4:00-5:00pm is NOT my favorite...especially when a certain 2 year old didn't get his nap!
Speaking of wine....Wine is my favorite (especially after Target trips like pictured above)
In the past 2 weeks, I have  had 2 different friends send these to me because it reminded them of me!
Yes, please!
So, yes....wine is my favorite :)

As if you didn't know, Rodan + Fields is my favorite skin care :)
I have loved being a consultant the past 14 months.
I use the Reverse line in the mornings (for sun damage/age spots/melasma) and I use Redefine at night (anti age & fine lines/wrinkles)
Here is Amy, a fellow consultant...look at her amazing results!
Getting FREE things is my Favorite....how about you?
For all new preferred customers you get $20 cash back, 10% off your order, FREE shipping AND a FREE Lip Micro Dermabrasion Chap Stick!!!

It is my FAVORITE for the winter weather that causes chapped lips.
Our Lip Micro-Dermabrasion is an effective and convenient exfoliation stick created specifically for one of the areas of your face most prone to showing early signs of aging: your lips. It removes dead skin cells and exfoliates flaky lip tissues in just a few swipes. This easy to use, conditioning treatment makes lips look and feel more defined and youthful by renewing the surface and reducing lipstick bleeding! I use it each morning and every night before bed. The stick lasts over 4 months!
I would LOVE to help you with your skin care needs!
You can also take this quick 6 question survey to find out what products are best for your skin {HERE}
Email me to place an order or if you have questions.

My Crock Pot is my Favorite. 
Especially in the winter months, I use it at least once a week.
Earlier this week, I made my Rosemary Beef Stew, I need to blog it!
To see all my other Slow Cooker Recipes, click the Recipe Box!
 I have Slow Cooker Soups {HERE} and Slow Cooker Entrees {HERE}
Next week I am  making THIS soup:

And my Slow Cooker Ribs:
So, there you have it EIGHT of my favorites in honor of Kate's 8th Birthday!
Have a wonderful weekend & check back here on Monday for Kate's Pizzeria Party Post!


  1. a) Happy Birthday, Kate! b) Love those Sprinkle jars, I just bought some a few weeks ago and am using them for my homemade cleaning products-Love! c) Thank you for saving my a$$ each year for Valentine's Day d) Yum to the crockpot recipe, thanks, again. d) It's supposed to be nice weather this weekend, if you guys play corn hole, I'm game! :) Happy Friday!

  2. that rosemary beef stew looks amazing! Happy Birthday to Kate!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Kate! Can't wait to see party pics!

  4. I need that Rosemary Beef Stew recipe...it will be perfect for us here in Boston this week since we are supposed to get over 2 feet of snow!!!!!
    Hope Kate had a great birthday!
    - Britt

  5. That party idea is so creative! I hope your daughter had a great birthday! :)

  6. Your court is so fun! Any houses for sale? LOL.
    Thanks for all your cute Valentine printables & ideas!

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