It's March. It's Monday. It's Miscellaneous.

Happy Monday! 
I cannot believe it is March!!!
Spring is basically here.
Crazy....we didn't really get a winter here in California!

Did you watch the Oscars last night?
I love watching the Oscars and I especially love seeing all the gorgeous gowns!
We never go to the movies (who has time for that with 3 young kids?!?)
But, of course, I have seen Frozen.
It is the first movie I have seen in the movie theater since I took the girls to see Tangled 3 years ago.
Have you seen any of the movies nominated?
I want to see some of them on Netflix or RedBox.
What do you suggest watching? Honestly, all the movies nominated for Best Picture, I had never even heard of before! I know, pathetic.
I am thinking I want to see Gravity and 12 Years of Slave.
Would love to hear your recommendations!

Sandra wins for my favorite dress of the night. So elegant & classic. LOVE her.

My 2nd favorite dress was Jennifer Lawrence's dress. She looked stunning.
And, can we just talk about Matthew McCaunaghey's speech last night?
"Something to look up to, Something to look forward to & Something to chase after."
 Love that. So good. 
I want to figure out a way that I can incorporate that into my teaching. 
Maybe have it as a first week of school activity where my students write a letter to themselves about it and then when the school year is over I will have them open it and see if it has changed.

I also loved the speech from the parents who wrote the Frozen. 
How cute was their acceptance speech/poem?
They made me tear up! 

I thought Ellen did a great job hosting. She was funny & upbeat as usual.
Gotta love the selfie that broke Twitter!

Speaking of Ellen, did you watch her daytime show last week? She had one of her beauty editors on it talking about getting ready for the Oscars & they featured the Rodan + Fields AMP MD Roller!
I have the AMP MD Roller and use it 6 nights a week.
I have gotten some questions about what it does.
So, I thought I would answer them.
What the roller does is it has a bunch of little needles (think acupuncture) on it so as it rolls over your skin it tricks your skin into thinking it is "wounded" (It doesn't hurt at all....your skin is not really wounded) this causes your skin to think it is wounded so it builds up more collagen and helps repair the lipid barrier in your skin. After you roll, you put on the night renewing serum (that comes with the roller) The roller helps the  skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance.
Shop the roller {HERE}
Email me if you have questions about it!

 The rest of our weekend was uneventful. We had a really mellow weekend at home.
Our sweet lab turned 9 on Saturday.
She is the only dog I have ever had. Still getting used to the dog hair after 9 years, but she really is the sweetest dog and so good with our kids.

We also started doing some Spring cleaning this weekend.
Claire is a hoarder. Her room was driving me insane.
Here is a before....so unorganized! I swear I clean out her room once a month!
The past few years, I have done 40 Bags in 40 Days for Lent and I will be doing it again this year.
Come back tomorrow for some tips on what I do when we get rid of junk!

Hope you have had a good Monday....will you be watching The Bachelor Women Tell All tonight?
This season has been boring. The only reason I sometimes watch it is so that I can talk about it in the teachers lounge during lunch! Ha!


  1. LOL-I used to do that with some shows so I could join in the conversation in the lunch room with my teacher friends. I haven't been watching the Bachelor this season. I love Frozen!

  2. CANNOT wait to Spring clean. Wish we were neighbors and could have watched the Oscars together!

  3. I try to see all the nominated movies each year and this year I just haven't seen Her. My absolute favorite nominee was Philomenia, which totally surprised me. 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street were good too for different reasons, but The Wolf of Wall Street is pretty graphic and extremely vulgar, I wouldn't recommend it to many people.

  4. Thank you for the 40 Bags in 40 Days idea. My husband and I have been talking about Lent and what to give up/do differently. We have also been talking about needing to organize our house. These two will go together very well. :)

  5. Ah! Yes...The Bachelor has been SOOOO boring this season. Nothing good at all...I don't even know why I watch it. Such a time waster. But I LOVED seeing Sean and Catherine on the Women Tell All episode! :)

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