Chili Cheese Dip + A Busted Bracket

We spent the majority of our weekend watching March Madness (while the girls watched Frozen)
We actually had the girls fill out brackets this year and we are also doing a Family bracket competition. Winner gets to choose which Frozen Yogurt place we get to go.
(We all like different Frozen Yogurt shops, so whoever's bracket wins gets to choose where to get Fro Yo. The girls are totally into it. It's cute)

Whenever we watch sports (which is often) I always like to make yummy snacks.
Sine yesterday was National Chip and Dip Day & we were watching Basketball all day, I knew I needed to make a yummy dip.
It is easy & delicious!
 Here is what you need:
- Can of Hormel Chili with beans (or without beans if you prefer)
- Block of Cream Cheese (I use 1/3 Less Fat. Don't use Fat Free, it won't melt correctly & the dip texture will be ruined!)
- 12-16 oz Jar of Salsa (I use Chi-Chi's meduim salsa)
- Bag of Chips (I use Scoops so that I can get more dip in there!)

Put the chili, cream cheese & salsa in a pot:
 Heat on low/medium heat and stir until cream cheese is melted.
 When everything is melted through, put it in a bowl & serve it!
***Or, you can keep it warm on your stove and serve it from there. OR if you have a mini crock pot, that would be perfect to serve it out of)
I like a little more kick to this dip and I LOVE jalapeno's, so I always add some sliced jalapeno's to this dip. You can add as many as you want. I add about 1/4 cup & stir them in and then add a few for the garnish on top.
Grab a chip & dig in!
 This dip is a total crowd pleaser and it perfect for watching Football or Basketball!

Here is my busted bracket. I am in the bottom 5 for my work bracket.
I have never done this poorly!

What really hurt me is I had Colorado going to the Sweet 16...they didn't even win in the 1st Round. 
Whenever they are in the tourney, I always take them farther than I should.
It's so hard for me to separate my head from my heart when I fill out my bracket.
I keep hoping that one of these years Colorado will be the Cinderella story of the tournament.

I also had Kansas winning the entire thing (just like last year) and they lost in the 2nd round. 
So bummed!
I'm going to go eat some dip & cry about my bracket.
How is your bracket doing? Is it as busted as mine is?


  1. Well, I picked Duke….so wah waaah.

    My son has taken great pleasure in heckling me about how poorly my bracket performed. Nine-year-old boys are kinda mean. :)

  2. My bracket, similar to yours, had too many teams going far and then losing in the first and second rounds! Such a bummer!! I have Florida winning the whole thing so we will see!!!

  3. Uggghhh, my bracket is SOOOO busted. Like Katie above, I had Duke going further than they got. I have Florida winning the whole thing like Morgan soooo, we'll see. Oddly enough, I love my Tennessee Vols and they are tearing it up! Did I pick them going further? Why, NO!! Why? Because I've been told to go with my head and not my heart. I should have gone with my heart this year!

  4. That dip looks delicious! That was a great idea to involve your whole family in March madness. My bracket isn't quite that busted yet... with how many crazy upsets there have been this year I am happy that I still have 6 of my 8 for the elite 8. I have Louisville winning the whole thing so we'll see....

    In the first photo, what program or whatever do you use to make the text with the banner behind it?

  5. I make a dip like this and we love it.
    Sports and yummy food...sounds like a great weekend to me.

  6. This post brought actual tears to my eyes because all I want right now is to eat this at your house and hang out! With coffee ice cream too of course :)

    My bracket is completely busted, but just because I'm an optimist and try and go for mainly upsets :) Oh well. Ellie is killing it in our family bracket though! Miss you tons and can't wait to see y'all in May!!

  7. That dip looks great for March Madness. Love that your girls are into it.

  8. My bracket is busted thanks to Duke! I know what you mean about Colorado. I went to Ucla and I always have them going to the finals even on years they aren't doing great. It's hard to think with your head and not your heart when it comes to your alma mater!

  9. That CU game was just atrocious, I could hardly even watch! CU doesn't play like that normally and then they go and have the worst game of the season on a national stage...ugh! So frustrating! Especially when we were down by a basket at halftime to #1 seed Arizona a few weeks ago. GAHHH! I just cannot get over this! I also picked with my heart in regards to CU. I had them winning in the round of 64 in 3 of my 4 brackets, but always losing to Florida. I should have listened to my head that they just aren't the same team they were before Dinwiddie's injury. Oh well, there's always next year! And I think this was the highest CU has ever been seeded, so there's that...

  10. Go Arizona Wildcats!! I really have no idea how the rest of my bracket is but my team is still in it! We love watching all of the games so in ready for tomorrow!

  11. Aww ye of little faith, how many times I gotta tell you to cheer for UK.... GO CATS, onto the Elute Eight!!!

  12. Aww ye of little faith, how many times I gotta tell you to cheer for UK.... GO CATS, onto the Elute Eight!!!

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