2013 Family Photo Shoot

One of the most important things for me to do each year is to have our family photos taken.
Because our kids are so young, they change so much from year to year.
This year, like last year, we had our family photos taken by Monika McSweeney Photography.
She has the patience of a saint...putting up with my crazy kids.
Seriously, what is up with my kids and photo shoots? Even though photo shoots can be stressful (we all want THE PERFECT SHOT) 
These photos are worth it to me, because this is our life right now with 3 young kids....it is crazy. They don't like to sit still and smile on demand, but I am so thankful that we take out time each year to document the crazy :)

 In case you missed it last month, I posted the video that Monika's daughter made during our photo shoot.
Watch the video here:
(Make sure you have the volume on so you can hear the music that goes with it!)

And, outfit details, since figuring out what everyone is wearing is half the battle!
Kevin {Shirt} {Jeans} {Shoes}
Claire {Dress} {Leggings} {Shoes} {Headband}
Luke {Shirt} {Pants} {Shoes}


  1. Gorgeous photos! I completely agree about the importance of annual family photos

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!!! I love the blue and the leaves!

  3. As much as I love the pictures, I absolutely ADORE the video!

  4. Great pictures!! The video is amazing too!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I agree it is so important to have family pictures taken every year.
    Love the video...

  6. Wow Mel! GORGEOUS pictures and GORGEOUS family! Just Precious! :)

  7. These are fabulous!!! Love the blue color you chose!!!

  8. aww I love these!! beautiful color choices and I can't get over how big Luke looks in these. Make time slow down!!!

  9. I love the backdrop for this shoot! And the video is just the sweetest icing on the cake! What precious moments caught for a lifetime!!

  10. Gorgeous! Love all the blue, it makes your eyes pop. :) I'm wearing the same necklace as you in our family photos this year, lol. I still can't handle how big the kids are getting. It's not okay!

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