Christmas Card {2013}

One of my absolute favorite things about December is getting the mail.
I LOVE getting Christmas cards from our family & friends. 
Christmas cards are way more fun to open than bills :)

Here is our 2013 Christmas Card & linking up with Faith:
I designed the card in Photoshop & then had them printed through a professional lab.
Close up of the front:
{They actually messed up the coloring on the first batch, so this is the 2nd batch. I still sent out the 1st batch...I was running out of time!}

 Close up of the back:

Outfit details:
Kevin {Shirt} {Jeans} {Shoes}
Claire {Dress} {Leggings} {Shoes} {Headband}
Luke {Shirt} {Pants} {Shoes}

 Here is how I display our cards.....
 I string them up along our dining room window.
I just love seeing all or our family & friends displayed in our home during the month of December! 
Ahhhh....Christmas Cards...I love you.


  1. Seriously, it is the highlight of my day! :-) I adore Christmas cards! :-)

  2. beautiful family, beautiful Christmas card! I love the shape that the paper is cut!

  3. I did the same thing - mine are hanging on a ribbon with clips over our plantation shutters. Great minds think alike! Your photos is beautiful Mel, and I love how you did the rounded design versus the standard rectangle.

  4. Your Christmas cards are beautiful!! I absolutely love getting cards in the mail too! One of the best parts of December!

  5. Love your cards! I actually ordered something pretty similar only we have all red, white, and brown accents :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Beautiful card. You did a wonderful job.


  7. Sp precious, but I want the kids to stop growing!

  8. Love your card and love your card display! Christmas cards are the best!

  9. Beautiful card! And I Love how you display them...I may have to try something like that next year!

  10. My goodness you have a lot of Christmas cards!! I love looking at all the cute kiddos!

  11. That's how I hang my cards too...but in the kitchen! LOVE your card!!!

  12. Your cards are always fabulous and this year is no exception. Love the blue!

    Thanks for joining in the fun. I hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

  13. I love the cutout of your card.

    Thanks for sharing. Found your blog thru the card link-up.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  14. I LOVE you card, beautiful. Merry Christmas

  15. What a beautiful card! Merry Christmas!

  16. Now that it's post-Christmas I have time to catch up on this carousel :)

    I absolutely love the shape of your card. It's so unique.

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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