The Tooth Fairy Came to Visit + A Tutorial!

Yesterday was a big day in our house. 
Kate lost her first tooth!

(It's the one on the bottom....she just has a big gap between her 2 front teeth)
The tooth has been hanging by a thread all week {*shudder* totally gives me the heebie jeebies} 
The tooth finally fell out at school which was exciting because she got a fun sticker from her teacher.
So proud of her first lost tooth.  
And, props to Kevin for putting a ziplock baggie in her bag just in case she lost it at school.
I was super excited about my new role as Tooth Fairy, so of course I went to Pinterest for Tooth Fairy ideas. 
This was our FIRST child losing her FIRST tooth, so I needed to decide what I was going to do. I hadn't really thought about it yet! It was crunch time. 
I didn't have anything for Kate to put her tooth in, so I called my mother in law (who is an excellent seamstress) We googled & looked on Pinterest. 
We found THIS tutorial.
Look what my mother in law whipped up yesterday afternoon:
Pin for the Win!
 Is that not the cutest tooth fairy pillow EVER? And, I love that you can hang it, you don't have to put it under the pillow. If you don't have bed posts, just hang it on their bedroom door. 
It makes it easier to leave money & not wake up your child!

My next decision was How much does the Tooth Fairy leave?
I went to Facebook and Instagram for suggestions.
I got a wide variety of amounts, ranging from $.50 to $20!
We decided to keep it simple. 
For the first tooth, they will get a Silver Dollar and $1 bill.
Every tooth after that, they will just get $1 (not sure if I will do a silver dollar or dollar bill for that)
 You may notice that my dollar bill is sparkly! While searching on Pinterest, I saw the idea to put glitter on the dollars that the Tooth Fairy leaves. SO EASY! 
There are a few ways you can do this. 
You can use glitter hair spray (which I didn't have & which is only carried in stores around Halloween) 
OR you can hair spray the dollar and then sprinkle glitter on it, 
OR you can use glitter glue,
OR you can spray the dollar with glitter spray paint.

 The next idea I saw on Pinterest was THIS idea. 
Making a receipt from the Tooth Fairy!!!! 
The link didn't have instructions, but here is what I did to make Kate's receipt:
 (I like the receipt idea because I am afraid Kate would recognize my handwriting)

First, I downloaded THIS font (It's free)
Then, I just typed up my receipt in a Word Document. 
To add a bar code, I went to THIS website which is a bar code generator. 
For the bar code, I put Kate's initials, then a 1 (first tooth) and then the date. 
After it generated my bar code, I did a screen shot of just the bar code and saved it as a .jpeg
On my Word document, I inserted it as an image to the bottom of my receipt.
I printed it out & then cut the paper to make it smaller. 
SO EASY! It took less than 10 minutes to make.
 Not sure if I will leave a receipt every time, but for sure for each kid's first tooth!
(And, it's a good way to document the dates when they loose their teeth)

So thankful for all these fun ideas I found on Pinterest!

How do you do the "Tooth Fairy" for your family? 
How much $ do you leave?
I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. So fun! Can you still get silver dollars at the bank? I thought you could only get the gold coins.

    Looks like your tooth fairy ID is your birthday. If so, we're almost the exact same age. I'm 5-27-1979!

    1. I have no idea about the silver dollars, we just had it at our house in a drawer....Hmmmmm....I guess we will switch to gold coins from now on. Thanks for the heads up!
      And yes, we are the same age! Happy early birthday!

  2. A friend of mine has her kids leave their tooth in a glass of water so she can get the tooth without waking them up then when they wake up in the morning their tooth has been replaced with a gold dollar. They love it!

    1. That's what my mom did, too! Except we got 50 cent pieces! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! That is all so fun! When our daughter lost her first tooth, I decided to make a Tooth Fairy Trail. I basically cut pieces of felt, glued them into a path, and decorated the trail with glitter glue and spray adhesive with glitter.

    It is seriously the most ghetto and obnoxious thing in the world, so of course they love it!

    I also kicked it up a notch the first time and sprinkled confetti on the trail. The girls were so excited and they walked on the trail, thus getting foil confetti all over their feet, which naturally led to crying.

    They love it anyway. But now, I put it out when I put the money in and roll it up before they can step foot on it.

    OK that was really long :)

    And we give them $1.

  4. Too. Adorable. And the tooth fairy pillow? Genius. Probably because I've always had this fear of kids swallowing the coins-which sounds crazy I know. Love the memories you're making!!!

  5. I absolutely love the tooth fairy receipt! Genius!

  6. We did glitter dollars, too! At our house you get $2 for your first tooth and $1 for every subsequent one. Luckily, we have a little ceramic box with a lid that is for teeth, so we just sit it on the nightstand. Yay, for Kate!

  7. Tyler uses Gregg's tooth fair "pillow" from when he was a kid. The one time I'm glad my MIL keeps EVERYTHING! I found a cute fairy one at a shop in Tahoe that I bought years ago (glad I did because she lost (knocked out) her first tooth two years before I'd planned). We give $1 a tooth as well except the first tooth gets $2 and I believe Nicole received $5 for her first tooth because it was knocked out and a fairly dramatic even :) Fun! Fun!

  8. Mel! This is all crazy cute!! You are so creative. Ashlyn got a quarter because I couldn't find anything else. And I almost forgot on top of that. Mom of the Year! And the RECEIPT - AMAZING. So, so cute. Thanks for linking up!!

  9. oh so exciting!! i love love the receipt idea. so clever!!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial love! Congratulations on the first lost tooth. My two let them hang by a thread too. You are not alone with the heebie jeebies on that one. Love that cute receipt! Great idea.

  11. Oh I love it. I like the idea if the reciept.

  12. The receipt is the cutest thing ever! What a great idea.

  13. LOVE the receipt idea! Our fairy leaves a note and a gold $2.00 coin. My kids love it!

  14. Ok, that receipt is such a great idea! We do $2 for first tooth, and $1 for all the rest. I have little pillows for my big kid's teeth. That's funny you said something about Kate recognizing your handwriting because Ellie Kate totally said something about that on the letter I wrote to her with her money. I tried to disguise it, but she doesn't miss much:). Thankfully, she is still innocent enough to believe anyway!

  15. So cute--both the pillow and the receipt.

  16. You and your family are too cute!! :) I should have a couple years until my first loses a tooth! But definitely need to PIN this. I think I may do glitter dollars for future birthday gifts!!! So Fun!

  17. Love it!! We're at Ben's Uncle's house in Carnel Valley and Maddie just lost her first tooth!! Because he's our dentist, Frank (the uncle) threw in a few extra bucks so Maddie is actually getting $4 for her first tooth. She made a tooth Baggie out of a Ziplock bag filled with rise petals. I simply grabbed one bag and replaced it with another. Our ghetto sleepover solution for the time being. ;)

  18. I love that your fairy ID # is your initials and what I'm assuming is your birthday? Great tooth fairy ideas!

  19. Love the receipt idea! It's too late for my daughter, she just lost her 5th tooth today, but I might do it for my son when he starts losing them!

  20. Wow you went all out so fun. My son is the only one who has lost teeth so far and he ALWAYS loses them (think school, friends house, and car)! He stills get money from the tooth fairy; we had him leave a note for the tooth fairy saying he "lost his tooth but couldn't find it." I love the pillow. We had a special tooth plate growing up. Anything to keep it out from under the pillow.
    Visiting from PinterTest Kitchen

  21. Love the idea of glitter paper money. Sadly our smallest note is a £5, which is about US$8...much more than the tooth fairy is prepared to pay in these parts!

    Have just made one of these pillows for my daughter. We're just waiting for the tooth to fall out!

  22. Love this! Thanks so much! I'm in Canada and our smallest bill is a $5. Would love to do the sparkle money, my daughter would love it!

  23. Awww! Kate sounds to be such a cute girl. Haha! I can just imagine the look on her face when she got the dollar. Kids are really adorable when they lose their first tooth, don’t they? It’s so nice that you went through all that effort to make the experience of losing her first tooth memorable.
    Javier Portocarrero

  24. I think that’s fairly convincing! The receipt idea is brilliant, and so far one of the coolest tooth idea I’ve ever heard of. How did the kids reacted to it? For sure they’re amazed, especially with that literally sparkling dollar bill.

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry

  25. Oh.my.goodness! LOVE the receipt idea! I needed you earlier tonight! My daughter had three teeth pulled today (UGH!) and when I went to put her money I found a note. My daughter was requesting info from the TF! She needed her FULL name, age, and then she requested a special treat for the pulling of the teeth! I'm going to play dumb and let the TF send her a little happy via Amazon! It's hard for her to carry extra stuff when she's flying from house to house! ;)

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