Help Me Pick Out a Dress

Next month, I am reading scripture in a wedding. 
It's a special wedding, it's one of my former youth group girls.
(Did you know that before I was a teacher, my first job out of college was working at our church as the Assistant Director of Student Ministries? I worked there for almost 3 years)
Now a lot of our youth group kids are getting married, which is crazy because when I was working at our church, Kevin and I had just started dating, then 6 months later we got engaged & then 6 months after that we got married. Eleven years later, here we are going to their weddings. So fun! Time flies!

I am super excited about Brittany's wedding (She reads my blog...Hi, Britt!) because she was one of my favorite youth group girls and I am excited because her wedding is at Domaine Chandon in Napa (Hello, you know I love wine & Napa) AND, it is the first time since Luke was born that Kevin and I are having a weekend away! (Can I get a Woot, Woot!)

Her wedding is a formal black tie wedding, which means the guys need to wear a tux and all the ladies need to wear long dresses.  (I love any reason to dress up!)
 But, I don't have any long dresses, which means I get to go shopping & buy a new dress! (Yay!)

So, last week I loaded up all 3 kiddos and headed to the mall to go dress shopping.
First (and last) stop was Nordstrom.
What was I thinking taking 3 kids dress shopping. 
Am I crazy? (Don't answer that)
I only tried on 3 dresses and then I had to get my kids out of there. They were NOT interested in watching me try on dresses. The girls were trying to put on the dresses I had brought into the dressing room, Luke was screaming (so I let him out of the stroller), then he kept crawling around the dressing room & kept trying to crawl under the door to the other rooms. We were a freak show in there.
I am pretty sure I am on the black list at Nordstrom. 
They don't ever want to see me come in with my crazy kids again.
You can either laugh or cry during moments like this....I chose to laugh. 

I have decided to turn to the internet for my dress shopping. 
There is no way I am going to drag my 3 kids to the mall again. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Here is where you come in. 
Help me pick out which dresses to order! 
Most places have free shipping & free returns, so I am going to order some dresses online. 
Then I can try them on in the comfort of my home while my children are sleeping and decide which one to keep!
Here are the bridesmaids dresses for this wedding:

Bridesmaids dresses from {Here}  Aren't they pretty?
I also like this one from J.Crew, but way too pricey for me!

I don't want to be matchy-matchy with the bridesmaids, so here are some dresses that I have found. 
Bridesmaid dresses are dark navy, so I would like to avoid wearing the same color.
I would like to spend under $200.

 First round of dresses are from Macy's:

{1} {2} {3} {4}

Here are some I found at Nordstrom:

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6

Some from Mod Cloth: (which is more affordable)

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}

Which ones should I order? Should I do strapless? Off the shoulder? Spaghetti straps?
What color?  So many choices! AHHHH! Help me decide!

Let me know which ones you like in the comments! 
(Or let me know which ones you don't like!)
Also,  if you see any other dresses you like, leave the links in the comments.
I am going to order 3 or 4 dresses early next week!
I am so indecisive, so I turn to the internet to help me make a decision :)
Help a sister out!


  1. I really like #2 from Macy's, #5 from Nordy's, and #2,5,6 from Mod Cloth! :) So fun!

  2. I am a huge fan of the pink Ralph Lauren dress from Nordstrom! Love it.

  3. I'm voting the green one from Nordstrom! I think the color would look great on you!

  4. #5 from Modcloth is my fav! I like #2 & #3 from Macy's and #2 from Nordstrom, too!

  5. Modcloth red. With your hair and coloring I think it will be vavavavoom!

  6. #3 from Modcloth is my favorite! It's beautiful!

  7. You can't wear a white-ish lace dress to someone else's wedding...and some of the bright colors are going to be too bright with the navy bridesmaids dresses. I like 1 and 6 from Nordstrom and 6 from Modcloth.

    1. The lace one is actually pink (I read the reviews and everyone said the dress is definitely very pink, but looks white online)

  8. The 3 strapless dresses from Modcloth are VERY classy and trendy!!!

  9. Woot! Woot!

    This is fun!! Okay, here goes...
    #3 from Macys
    #6 from Nordys
    Love #2 from Mod Cloth (and in that color) but is it too close to bridesmaids style?
    #3 from Mod Cloth is nice too...but in a different color if available

    Can't wait to see what you do! Will you model what you order for us??? : )

  10. I love all of the ones from Mod Cloth, but my favorites from each store are #2 from Macy's, #5 from Nordstrom (although in that pale color, it might be too bridal), or #1 from Mod Cloth.

  11. #4 & #6 from Mod Cloth! Both colors would be beautiful on you!

  12. For black tie, I think #2 from Nordstrom (blue beaded chiffon) is best. I also really liked #5 from Nordstrom but agree with PP that the colour is too bridal.

  13. It seems I am the only one but I vote #1 from Macys. Can't wait to see what you pick! I haven't had the chance to buy a long dress since prom, other than my wedding dress!

  14. Can't believe I made the blog!!! Ah, mini- celebrity. We are so excited to have you speak at the wedding and I know you are going to look amazing in any of those dresses.

  15. Hi! In love that you are asking us. My favorites are Macy's #2 (the back is just as great as the front) and #6 from mod cloth - but a different color. Please let us know what you choose!!

  16. My favorites are #1 and #6 from Nordstrom!

  17. You'll be up in front of everyone reading...keep it simple. I like the darker colors the best!

  18. Oh my goodness, what is the model doing in the first dress from Macy's? Hilarious!

    Anyway, my favorites are Macy's #3, Nordstrom's #1, and Mod Cloth #2.

  19. I am with Becky, what is up with model #1 for Macy's? Lol! I like Nordstrom's #1 and #3.

  20. #6 ModCloth
    #2 Nordstrom
    #2 Macy's

    can't wait to see what you pick!

  21. #4 and #5 from Mod Cloth and #3 Macy's. I think with your height the off the shoulder would look great

  22. Nordstrom #4 Ralph Lauren Navy Lace & Sequin is best for black tie. The others are too prom like and not dressy enough for black tie. The Macy's one shoulder dress is very pretty in Charcoal. If your husband is in a tuxedo these dresses will look great with it. Good Luck!!

  23. Definitely #3 and 6 from mod cloth
    And 6 from Nordstrom

  24. At first I had several, and so many of them are sooo pretty! BUT, after narrowing it down and looking closer, it's a hands down for me for just one of them...Nordstrom #4. Since it's Black Tie/Long Dress Formal at Domaine Chandon, Nordstrom #4 is the clear winner in my book!

  25. PS...Flipping hysterical picture in the dressing room. I seriously think you need to frame that...for real.

  26. HILARIOUS. I'm sure all the Nordstroms wont tell on you ;)

    The blue one from modcloth with the, looks like, beaded detail is AWESOME. And the pink one from modcloth! So cute!

  27. I must have very different taste from everyone else but i really love #1 from Macy's. You have an amazing variety to choose from and I'm sure you'll be happy in any one of thses dresses. Happy shopping!

  28. My favorites are #2 from Macy's and #5 from modcloth.

    I'd be hesitant to get a strapless because I would want to be comfortable in a normal bra and not have to worry about my dress falling down.

  29. i love the light pink one from macys (the first choice!)

  30. I love #2 from Macy's and #5 from Modcloth--such gorgeous summer colors and really nice lines. :)

  31. I like: 4 - Macy's/5 - Nordsrom/ 6 - Mod cloth

  32. I like the second Macy's one (the turquoise one) and also the red one shoulder and the mustard strapless one.

  33. LOVE #6 from modcloth-the mustard will look AWESOME with the navy bridesmaid dresses!

  34. #6 from Mod Cloth. So pretty and not too bright.

  35. #1 and #2 from Macy's or #4 from ModCloth - that red would look beautiful on you! LOVED the photo from the dressing room... I have 3 under 3 1/2 and you are MUCH braver than me. I have yet to take all 3 of mine ANYWHERE in public by myself (and my twins are 18 months old!).

  36. I really like the one from Macys!
    Have you looked at Renttherunway.com?
    A friend of mine rented an awesome dress for a black tie wedding. They sent her 3 dresses(several different sizes for her to try)
    P.S. You are braver than I am- I could only imagine the horrors if I tried that with my kiddos!

  37. I like #6 Nordstrom! The color will look great with you dark hair. I suggest accessorizing with teal jewelry :)

  38. 1 and 3 from Macy's and 4 from ModCloth and my favorite!

  39. I like #3 from Nordstrom... the dark pink boatneck! I feel like it's not to "wedding-ish" so I think you could wear it for other things, too.

  40. My favorite is #4 from Nordstrom! Super sexy and elegant at the same time!

  41. Not sure any of these are fancy enough for a black tie wedding, but did you know Target sells these type of dresses online?


  42. I love that mustard-colored modcloth dress!! Love!

  43. I think the green Nordstrom dress would look gorgeous on you. I also really like the one you linked to today (Sunday)!!

  44. You can also rent a dress from Rent The Runway.com! :)

  45. Mod Cloth #3 and 5 and Macy's #2

    If you're still on the hunt, check out Rentherunway.com and Dillards.com!

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