Let's chalk this up as one of my most embarrassing moments, like EVER.

 It was bound to happen. 
I thought I was in the clear. 
Only 29 days of school left, which means only 29 more times I have to pump at lunch in my classroom. 
My LOCKED classroom.
I successfully pumped at school after I had both girls.
Everyday during my lunch, it's the same routine. 
I close all the blinds in my classroom.
I lock my door. 
Then I double check to make sure my door is locked. 
I go back to my desk, hook up my pump and spend the next 10 minutes pumping.
I always have my pump on my desk next to my laptop as a shield, you know...just in case someone came in my room. 
But, that wouldn't happen because my door is ALWAYS locked.
 Several times this year I have had some close calls. 
I'll be pumping & a student will try and open my door because they forgot something in my room...PE clothes, pencil pouch, notebook, etc.  
It always startles me when I hear the door handle being pulled, but it's always locked, so the student just leaves. 
{My pumping "station" in my classroom}

Let's rewind to yesterday. 

The lunch bell rang, I did what I always do. 
Closed the blinds, locked the door, double checked the door, set up my pump & lap top and start pumping. 
A few minutes into lunch, I hear a student knock on my door & then try and open it. 
It's locked, so no big deal. I keep pumping. 
5 minutes later, I hear talking outside my door, someone trying to open the door and then....
Standing in the doorway is the custodian and one of my students.

I screamed. 
Then, shouted,

HOLY $#!%
NO. That did not just happen. NO.
Panicked, they shut the door and left. And took my dignity with them.
Flustered, I stopped my pump, buttoned up my shirt and ran outside to see why in the world they needed to come to my room.
My sweet student had left her lunch in my room and when the door was locked, went and got the custodian to unlock my door. 
She couldn't even LOOK me in the face as I handed her her lunch bag.
And, the poor custodian. He was mortified & said he was so sorry. 
I am "telling" myself that my pump and laptop were a good enough barricade and that no one saw anything. Yeah....that's what I'm telling myself. 
I don't know who is more traumatized.
Me, my student or the custodian. 

I called Kevin for moral support and he couldn't stop laughing. 
So, then I obviously texted my sister because she had a close call (same situation) earlier this year.

Ain't NOBODY got time for THAT kind of Embarrassment.
Ain't NOBODY got time to get walked in on while pumping. 
Ain't NOBODY got time for THAT.  

{You need to watch this video if you haven't seen it. Funniest 42 second of your day}

I've had my share of embarrassing moments in my life. 
Like in 5th grade when I peed my pants at soccer.
Or, in 6th grade when a sea gull POOPED on my head while on a school field trip to Alcatraz and I had poop on my head and shirt whole day.
And, in 7th grade when I was at the community pool and took off my shorts to jump in the pool and realized that I forgot to put on my bathing suit.
And, my senior year of high school when I found out I had LICE the day of Senior Prom (I need to blog that story, seriously)
Or, my 2nd day of teaching EVER and my coffee spilt ALL over my shirt 1st period, so all day long I had a huge coffee spill all down my shirt. (That prompted me to ALWAYS have a spare black cardigan in my desk drawer)
And, that time when I was pregnant with Claire with horrible morning sickness and puked in the Target parking lot (with several people watching)

So yeah. Embarrassing things happen to me. I'm cool with it.

But, what happened yesterday? 
Yep. Pretty sure that one takes the cake. 
With a glass of (breast)milk to go with it.

It's been 24 hours & I can laugh about it. Oh my.

Feel free make me feel better and share any of your embarrassing moments in the comments.
Or, leave a comment ASSURING me that my pump and laptop were a good enough barricade and that they didn't see anything. If I am told that enough times, I might start to believe it & get some of my dignity back.


  1. I am mortified for you! OMG! Worst nightmare for a pumping momma!

  2. Ummmmm...seeing how I've never pumped anything in my life, I don't exactly know how it all works...but my imagination leads me to believe you have made a permanent impression on that kid and custodian. And quite frankly, I'll have a hard time not thinking of you when I eat lunch from now on...


  3. At least the student was a 'her', right?!?!

    I also puked in the Target parking lot thanks to pregnancy. It embarrassed my husband so much more than it did me.

  4. Oh so sorry! A few weeks ago when I had a bad cold, I was walking back to my car after dropping my oldest off at school and started a coughing fit. Well, this pregnancy my gag reflex isn't good so I got coughing so hard that I puked next to my car. I pray that no one saw me.

  5. oh my goodness...I always had this same fear when I was pumping! I even had a private office in the back and also only work with super close family & friends, but I always so scared someone would walk in!

  6. I used to not only close the blinds, lock the door, double check the door, but I would sit on the floor UNDER my desk while I was pumping, with a hooter hider over my neck.....I understand the paranoia.

    I'm sure the laptop and bag was enough and you were hidden from view PLUS you were far enough away from the door too. They were weirded out by the noise they heard and not by what they didn't see.

  7. I am dying laughing!! You poor thing. I'm sure it was mortifying! And maybe even more so today when you saw them both again? Ha! I am the queen of falling down and I always fall down at the worst moment like when I'm at a couples banquet at church helping to serve food. I'm the only person walking across the front of the room while everyone listens to the speaker and I wipe out in front of everyone and carrying plates. Horrifying.

  8. Oh no! I have to say, I think taking off your pants and forgetting a bathing suit is way worse! I'm sure they didn't see anything-the pump covers anything important boy blocked by the bag and computer.

    I've been walked in on FIVE times. Seriously. With a sign and a locked door. People at the hospital have no respet for boundaries. I've learned to pump with my back to the door. It's bound to happen again.

    The first time is the worst. Sorry mama.

  9. Oh. My. Word. I'm with Kevin. Laughing sooooooooooo hard over here!

  10. Oh, Mel, I'm so sorry...but I'm also totally laughing! I had to pump when I worked full time at a Christian camp. I was always paranoid that the 19 year old boys on the worship team would walk in. I can only imagine what they would have thought I was doing...probably sinning ;)

  11. Oh I am so sorry!! But I also want to thank you for a good laugh...I really needed it!
    I always think back to my first week back at work after having my daughter. I went to lunch with some coworkers...all young without families and one of my breast pads fell out. Someone asked what was on the ground and I just ignored it...

  12. I think if you get a call from the parent of the student then you know your barricade didn't work. Otherwise you're in the clear! How funny! :)

  13. The exact same thing happened to me!! My heart still races when I think about it! I'm sure they didn't see anything---at least it was a girl student!

  14. Trying not to laugh, I can only imagine how mortified you were.
    My embarrassing story... nursing in public when my 1 year old decided mid feeding he didn't need a cover anymore and flashed all near by strangers. Ah!

  15. Oh no!! How awful! I just hope they didn't think something weird was going on in your room! Let's believe they couldn't see anything and just got startled when you yelled for them to shut the door. Can't wait to hear more of your embarrassing stories. I'd share one of mine, but I think I blocked them all out of my memory! P.S. I LOVE that video!! "Aint' Nobody Got Time for That" cracks me up every time!

  16. You aren't alone! Happened to me as well. My room was also the literacy library so I had to pump in a closet. Everyone had a key to it. So of course I had a huge do not enter sign. Right at eye level. One day another teacher totally walked in. When I heard the keys jingling I started yelling someone's pumping. Stop!!! It was so so awkward! Totally know how you felt. I to can laugh about it now like you. Pumping is just so awkward anyway!

  17. You are adorable! I am so proud of you that you are still pumping / nursing and working...some serious respect I have for you! And I was relieved to read that the student was a "she"...maybe she will be brave enough to nurse and pump one day because she had you show her the ropes! I love your list of moments...man, that's funny stuff!

  18. I see a new printable in your future-- something along the lines of "DO NOT ENTER", lol. So sorry this happened to you! I wish I could have heard the conversation at their dinner tables that night... :)

  19. Omg I pump at school daily and this has almost happened so many times!! At least you can laugh about it! A funny story!!


  20. My most embarrassing moment is something you might appreciate since you work with middle school students. I was in 8th grade. My mom LOVED to make our clothes when we were kids. We would pick out patterns and she would make us custom fit clothing.

    She had this cordouroy (sp?) she had stored in her cedar chest for a few years, aka fabric stash, and I asked her to make a rad skirt out of it. The first time I wore it, I got up from my desk in math class when the bell rang and it COMPLETELY ripped up the back. The fabric split the entire way, leaving my underwear showing.

    I had to sit in my chair until everyone left the classroom, tell the teacher, and have them help shield my butt while we walked to the office to call my mom and have her bring me new clothes. AND OF COURSE every kid the rest of the day asked why I was wearing pants now!!! Whenever I see bloggers talking about their fabric stashes, I want to scream, "USE THAT FABRIC!!"

    PS. As a twin mom, I lost count of the number of times I puked in public. I even puked and peed my pants at the same time in public. I have no shame over that. Hopefully some teenager saw me puke and decided to practice safe sex.

    PPS. it's pretty far from your desk to the door so even if they got a peek, you wouldn't be able to see much.

  21. Ah yes, this has happened to me 3 times this year! I even have a picture of a cow on my door with the words "GOT MILK" on it. In December, the DARE officer walked in on me, because yes, all Pleasanton police officers have keys to our classroom. In March it was our the maitainance guy from the DO to fix my stupid clock. Yesterday, was a substitute custodian, female, and when I asked her to please come back, she said "Don't worry, I will be quick" and proceeded to empty my trash cans while leaving my classroom door wide open. And yes, my blinds are closed, door is locked, a sign on both doors and I am wearing a hooter hider. Good times. My guess is that your pump and bag hid everything. Joys of pumping!

  22. OMG I am laughing so hard! I am so glad that never happened to me. With Easton I had to pump in the custodian's office because I didn't have my own office (I was out in a cubicle). At least the custodian was a lady though, so if she walked in it would be okay, luckily she never did though! I did always face the wall too just in case someone walked in.

  23. I am proud of you for pumping and nursing! :) I'm sorry it was so embarrassing!

  24. Oh My Word! How have I never seen that video before. Thanks for the laugh!

  25. I was relieved to read that the student was a "she"! They were both probably so startled that they didn't even see anything. Don't sweat it!

  26. I'm a pump-at-work mom too and always make sure my door is locked. One day, one of our comptrollers, a really sweet, shy older gentleman who doesn't work at our office, used his spare key to walk in what he thought was an empty office. He hasn't looked me in the face since!

  27. Oh my gosh...terrifying! It probably all happened so quickly that they didn't see anything at all. I applaud you for pumping at work...I don't think I could do it!

  28. thanks for the laugh...this is spectacular. ;)

  29. I'll be going back to the classroom in August and will be pumping. I love how discreet your bag is. Could I ask what brand it is?


  30. I have never read this post before but I have to admit I was both horrified and laughed out loud. Although I think the swimsuit bottomless pool story is more embarrassing. Especially because you were a young teen and everything is embarrassing at that age. Happy blogoversary, Mel.



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