Pioneer Woman Potluck Party

Earlier this week I hosted a Pioneer Woman Potluck Party for some of my blogging friends who love the Pioneer Woman as much as I do.
I got the idea from my friend Julie, when she had one a few months ago!
Each person brought a PW dish & I had them email me what they were bringing so there were no duplicates.
Here is the menu close up:
I have made a TON of PW's recipes & amazingly, I hadn't had any of the ones that people were bringing, so I was so excited to try some recipes that I hadn't made before!
First up, drinks...served out of mason jars, of course!
I was in charge of drinks, which consisted of Chardonnay, Sparkling Water, Sparkling Lemonade & The PW's Watermelon Granita.

The Watermelon Granita was SO good. It tasted like a Watermelon snow cone. It is basically watermelon, lime juice & sugar blended up & frozen. The day of the party was hot, so this was a perfectly refreshing drink. (I also had Watermelon Rum on had in people wanted to add it to their Watermelon Granita)
Some of us added Sparkling Lemonade to the Watermelon Granita & that was also really yummy!
All of the appetizers were delicious!
Next was the salad course:

Again, all of them were amazing!
By this time, we were all totally stuffed, but there was still more food to be eaten!
From left to right: Rebecca, Tegan, Jessica, Keri, Heather
And, the other half of the table:
From left to right: Kim, Wendy, Heather, me, Becky
Finally we were ready for the "main course" which was Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork.
All the fixings:
These were so good!
And, we can't forget about the desserts...we had FIVE to eat!
I made these...Amazing. Brownies with caramel, pecans & chocolate chips. YES.
One word to describe all the food:
Group shot:
It was a fun night filled with good food & good people!
If you are a PW fan, I highly recommend having a PW Potluck Party!


  1. fantastic party Mel. thanks for inviting us. totally worth the trek. it was so fun.

    i was SO incredibly full afterwards. :)
    a great way to enjoy so many of p-dubb's goodies. :)

  2. What a cute idea! :-) I literally could live off of her cookbooks! :-) AND I love her watermelon granita!

  3. How fun!! I would love to go to or have a PW potluck! Such an awesome idea. I NEED cookbook #2! :)ooh just thought of a bday idea! FTW!

  4. What a fun party!! You have a lot of blogging friends and it looks like I follow some of them.

  5. You should have had everyone bring a portion to put in your freezer for when the baby comes! Such a fun idea.

  6. Best. Potluck. Ever.

    Thank you so much for hosting, preggo!

    Things I'm making again STAT: the watermelon granita (WITH the melon vodka... yummm...) and the lemon bars. Omgosh, so good.

  7. This is such a fun idea!!!! Love it!

  8. It was a fabulous night! Too bad the pulled pork didn't bring on labor!! :)

  9. I want to be your friend! :) Can I come next time? HOW FUN!!!!!!!

  10. Aw Mel HOW FUN!!!! What a great idea! I wish I lived in the Bay area to join ya for that fun PW party. P-Dub would be so proud! :)

  11. Seriously so much fun.
    Thank you for hosting such a great evening.
    You + your energy are amazing.
    And I was s-t-u-f-f-e-d!


  12. I first saw this on Julie's blog too and now with yours I'm inspired to have one too. Everything looks so good. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I'm sure I'll be referring back for when I host my own. Thanks for sharing. Oh, btw, I have made that pulled pork before but mine never shreds that easily. Do you think I'm doing something wrong, any tips or special techniques!?

  13. Such a fun night! Thank you for putting it all together. My Fitness Pal and I are no longer speaking. And I'm blaming you.

  14. looks like a wonderful time. hopefully next year my camera and i can make it!

    happy baby month!

  15. Awesome idea Mel. Once we get our new house up and running I am defiantly doing to host one of these! Happy waiting for #3.

  16. so many amazing women {and bloggers} under one roof. so much fun! i wish i lived in cali.

  17. i will have to come up next time. so bummed i missed it by one day.

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