10 on 10 :: August 2012

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

This edition of 10 on 10 is brought to you from hotel hospital.
I seriously feel like I am on vacation right now. Ha!
It is 100 degrees outside & I am in a wonderful, air conditioned hospital and bonding with my son(!!!!!)
The nurses are amazing & I am enjoying this special time with Luke while we both recover from his birth. I am feeling great & this has been my easiest recovery so far!

Here is a snapshot of our day from Room 3504.
Good morning, sweet boy.
"Room Service" brought me my breakfast.
Kevin arrived a little later & brought me a Vanilla Latte and went to the beverage station at the hospital and got me cranberry juice with pellet ice....best ice ever!
Kevin hanging with Luke while I showered. Kevin stayed with the girls at our house last night so he was missing his son.
My husband & our son. BOOM! Heart explosion.
Kevin went out & got me my favorite turkey sandwich that I have been craving all pregnancy.
Turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce & avocado. So good. I avoid deli meat when pregnant, so this sandwich hit the spot!
Presents in our room...flowers & a balloon that the girls brought us yesterday and a Vera Bradley Diaper Bag that our hospital gives each new mom.
Looks like he got my long toes. Sorry dude.
Birth. It's not glamorous. And neither is the recovery.
Watching the Olympics while feeding Luke.
Synchronized Swimming is just bizarre. I am so intrigued by it.
My dad & older sister both stopped by after work to visit us.
Luke's middle name, James is because of my dad Jimmy! And, Elyse brought me dinner & a big huge Diet Coke. It hit the spot.
Check out his fingernails...can you believe how long they are? Yikes. They are trimmed now.
So, there you have it...a glimpse of our August 10th.
So fun to be able to document Luke's 2nd day of life.
As much as I will miss the hotel hospital, I am excited to go home tomorrow and start our life as a family of 5.

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  1. Luke is a handsome boy and Luke seems to fit him well best wishes to the 5 of you!!

  2. You have a son! I'm over the moon for you.

    PS- Can't wait for my hotel experience either. I've recently had two friends leave after 24 hours and I think they are CRAZY!

  3. Congrats on your sweet boy!!!

    That's kind of how I hope my little family works out. Down the line in a few years, have a little boy then be done :) haha.



    This all just felt like yesterday for me. The exact scenes as you. My hospital feels kine of hotel like and the food is SO GOOD. And oh, all the pads and ice packs. HAHAHA.

    Considering I'm still recovering a little....yea....GET THAT :)

    Enjoy him!! xox

  4. he's so beautiful! & my first meal of choice was a big turkey sandwich as well! that was the one thing I wanted during pregnancy & I couldn't have it!

  5. He is so Beautiful!!!! I almost want to have a baby just to get free Vera Bradley!!! lol~

  6. Congratulations!! A BOY! Yeah, for you! He's so, so beautiful.

  7. Glad it all went well Mel!! He is just perfect. Congrats to you all!!!

  8. Everyone thought I was crazy when I enjoyed my hospital stays after each baby. It was a nice break though. So glad it is all going well for you. My girls loved having a baby brother. Yours will too I'm sure. It's a whole different world but so wonderful. :-)

  9. Loved this 10 on 10 :) Particularly, the obvious...Luke! Loved the picture of him and Kevin...where are the pics of Mommy and Baby?! Now you have me super excited for: a) meeting our second boy b) my cranberry (and prune...you know my story...got's to have me some prune juice at the hospital!) juice and pellet ice! c) sandwiches and chocolate chip cookie from S.A.! and d) my next pretty Vera Bradley bag! You made me laugh at the Vera "Wang" bag, I knew what you meant ;)
    You have me not looking forward to the obvious...the giant underwear and the steri bottle...gots me 3 of those already! :/ Can't wait to meet your sweet, sweet boy! xo

  10. Perfect! Adore that beautiful picture of Daddy and newborn son...awwwww! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend home!

  11. this 10 on 10 wins all 10 on 10s in the history of 10 on 10s. :) what a magical way to spend your 10th.
    congrats on that little cutie. :) he is too much sweetness rolled up into one swaddle.

  12. I think this might be my fav edition!! He is BEAUTIFUL!! And YUM on the sandwich :) turkey cranberry is my fav, but avocado & cream cheese!!?
    So glad you're feeling good so far. My recovory after my
    third was the easiest too, and I had a section! Hospital ice is the BEST!

  13. So amazed and impressed that you are blogging from your hospital bed. Wow! What a perfect day to do a 10 on 10!

    Everything you posted about brought me right back to having Brady 7 1/2 months ago. I loved my hospital stay and felt like I was in a hotel as well. It was just MAJICAL and felt like an outer body experience (so sad that I will never get that again). And the cranberry juice and hospital ice. The best drink after giving birth...EVER!

    Enjoy your first week at home with you sweet little boy!!!!!


  14. LOVE! and what?! vera wang diaper bag from the hospital?!? Classy!

  15. love this post! 10 on 10 is such a cute idea! I keep meaning to 'steal' it but realize I forget after you post yours each month! Oh well, maybe next month!
    and I LOVE Vera Bradley!!! Sounds like your hospital rocks! Your family is precious! Love all that dark hair! Congrats.

  16. Congrats on your brand new bundle of joy!! He is beautiful!! Yeah for a Vera Bradley diaper bag, what an awesome hospital!! Oh, and that sandwich looks pretty dang amazing!

  17. He's so cute! Wish I could give him a squeeze! And a Vera Bradley bag? I want to have my children at that hospital! ;)

  18. Wow - Vera Bradley? Jealous! Enjoy your boy snuggles :)

  19. Best 10 on 10!! What a great diaper bag. Enjoy your new little guy. :)

  20. congratulations. by the way you carried i totally thought you were having a boy.

    "My husband & our son. BOOM! Heart explosion."

    i love it!!!

  21. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Congratulations. He is just perfect. I definitely have newborn envy!!

  22. He's so handsome!!
    What a great diaper bag gift from the hospital, super nice.
    I loved all these photos :)

  23. Oh how sweet!! He's precious!! (I just had my 5th boy last month, and I think the recoveries do get easier!) Love the glimpses into your day with him! (stopping by from ten on ten).

  24. He is handsome and I am just so excited you a boy! You are making me have baby fever though. And I was wondering if you would do the 10 on 10

  25. How fun to document your day from the "hotel"...I remember that feeling. He's so adorable and I love all of the love that you're getting from your loved ones (do you think I said love enough?). And um, the hospital gave you a VB bag...score! Enjoy that sweet bundle :)

  26. Congrats Mel! He is beautiful (you can still say that about a boy as long as he is under 1 yrs old)! I have two boys and they are so much fun! Enjoy the difference of all your children, those little girls are going to just dote on him!

  27. Holy Cow everyone gets a Vera Bradley diaper bag!! Man oh Man I would be in love!!! I have been eyeing those diaper bags since my little one was born, but they are a bit out of our price range....so I will just keep looking :)
    Congrats on that cute little boy! I am sure the girls are in love!

  28. I cannot even handle that you did 10 on 10, but I am SO glad you did! :) Duuude, those are some crazy long toes. Poor kid. Lol :)

    The smile lines on Kevin's eyes in that pic of him looking at Luke gave me tears. Love you guys!!!

  29. What an awesome 10 on 10. Congrats on your new blessing.

  30. I just came over here from when you linked to it :) I'm glad to find someone else who enjoys being at the hospital after having a baby like I do! A lot of my friends want to get out as soon as possible, but I loved being pampered Cranberry juice with the awesome ice was my go-to drink as well :)

    I didn't get a free Vera Bradley diaper bag, though! That's pretty sweet!



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